Law Firm Did Well in Settling

Law firm did well in settling Lyme vaccine suit

As a nonprofit educational organization interested in public health and safety, we congratulate Steven Sheller's law firm on the successful settlement of its class-action lawsuit against the Lymerix vaccine manufacturer ("Glaxo settles Lyme disease vaccine suit," July 9).

We notice that GlaxoSmithKline is still insisting it withdrew the vaccine from the market for "commercial reasons." In fact, until recently, you could find recommendations for its use on the CDC Web site, presumably for doctors intending to use up supplies already in stock, notwithstanding its documented risks. Today the CDC only notes that the vaccine is no longer available.

The NIH Web site displays a historical outline at


1995: Lyme vaccine found safe and effective in persons with Lyme disease.

1995-1998: Vaccine found safe and effective in people without Lyme disease.

1998: FDA approves Lyme vaccine.

We have to wonder whether NIH will acknowledge this settlement with another line - 2003: Vaccine manufacturer settles class-action lawsuit over product safety.

Phyllis Mervine, president

Lyme Disease Resource Center

Affiliate of the Lyme Disease Association Inc.

Ukiah, Calif.

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POSTED: July 15, 2003