Bad Tests = Bad Vaccines

Putting The Cart in Front of the Horse?

Johns Hopkins published a study indicating tests for Lyme disease missed 75% of people who were infected. Many believe the percentages of missed cases are higher- up to 90%. When scientific studies are based on results of inaccurate tests, the study's conclusions will be flawed.  When the same flawed studies and flawed tests are used to develop a vaccine, the vaccine can't help but be seriously flawed.

Accurate Tests First 
Successful Cures Second
Then, If Needed, Vaccines Third

Quotes From Johns Hopkins Study 

"...when compared to a composite diagnostic definition comprising clinical and laboratory findings, no single test, including culture from plasma or skin, achieves a high rate of diagnostic sensitivity (10)."

"Although laboratory testing for diagnosis of Lyme disease is improving, the degree of sensitivity needed for a high level of assurance at the time of early Lyme disease is still not obtainable, even through combinations of various laboratory tests."

Source- Hopkins 2005 Blood Test Study Click Here