Global Vaccine Action Plan

World Health Organization- "The Global Vaccine Action Plan has two great ambitions. First, to deliver vaccination to all... Second, to unleash vaccines’ vast future potential... With these two great ambitions, the Global Vaccine Action Plan aims to make 2011-2020 the ‘Decade of Vaccines’."


TARGET: IN ALL 194 COUNTRIES BY 2015        



2014 Assessment Report- Global Vaccine Action Plan Quotes

"The Global Vaccine Action Plan is far off track."

"The Global Vaccine Action Plan envisaged a world in which everybody enjoys life free from vaccine-preventable diseases. It wants to extend the full benefits of vaccination to all people, regardless of where they are born, who they are, or where they live."  [In other words- mandatory vaccination.] 

"How often does it happen that a child is overdue for a vaccination, attends a healthcare facility for another reason, and is not offered the vaccination while he or she is there? A recent meta-analysis5 suggests that a full one-third of children who come to healthcare facilities are due a vaccine but are not offered it. Every time this happens, an easy opportunity is missed. People often talk about how difficult it is to ‘reach the last child’, but many of these children are passing right in front of our eyes and not being vaccinated." 


  • Countries conduct studies to understand how opportunities to vaccinate people are being missed by healthcare workers and their systems, and act to reduce their incidence.

  • WHO discuss and develop guidelines on how to fully integrate vaccination into the operation of all aspects of the healthcare system and to address missed opportunities to vaccinate.

Countries ensure that healthcare workers understand and follow WHO or national guidelines on what does, and does not, contraindicate vaccination, particularly in relation to childhood febrile illness, so that vaccines are not avoided unnecessarily."

"When armed conflict starts [war], vaccination coverage tends to plummet. Less than half of children in Central African Republic, Somalia and Syria received three doses of DTP vaccine in 2013. Unfortunately, the world is never free of war.  It forms part of the environment in which vaccines must be delivered. With an ambition to extend vaccination to all people, conflict cannot be an exception."

"The Global Vaccine Action Plan sets ambitious and important research and development goals. It aims, by the end of the decade, for at least two major new vaccines to have been developed, licensed and launched:

A universal flu vaccine. This would stop the need for annual re- vaccination to protect against the seasonal influenza epidemics in which up to half a million people currently die. It would also eventually protect against flu viruses with pandemic potential.

A vaccine for another disease of major public health relevance that is not currently vaccine-preventable. To assess progress towards this goal, the SAGE examines the current state of vaccine research for a sample of seven infectious diseases6. These seven were chosen because they represent a range of different infection types. Tracking them provides a reasonable assessment of how vaccine science is progressing overall. They are a sample, not a priority list." 

"Finally, across the sample of seven other diseases, a total of 37 candidate vaccines are currently in clinical trials. Three (one for each of dengue, cytomegalovirus and schistosomiasis) are in phase III trials. A wide range of approaches is being tried. In sum, this represents a promising volume of research. As stated above, this is only a sample of seven diseases. Notably, accelerated trials to develop an Ebola vaccine are also being undertaken."

"In the last year (May 2013-May 2014), 725 vaccine clinical trials were registered in 64 countries."

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