FDA- Vaccines For Pregnant Women

Vaccines For Pregnant Women

Vaccination Without Representation

The FDA and is partners have been pushing for vaccines to be given to pregnant mothers in hopes it will help protect infants from infectious diseases once they are born. Two vaccines (flu and T-dap) are alreay approved for use in pregnant mothers and three more "may be considered".

This government "vaccinate pregnant women movement" has been approved by those who the FDA proclaim to be the "stakeholders".

Notice how the list of "stakeholders" does NOT include the most important one of all. YOU!

Notice though, that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an official "stakeholder".

Perhaps if YOU had a $50 BILLION dollar foundation, YOU, the most at risk stakeholder, could have some input?

No public/patient stakeholder participation in the FDA Vaccine Plan.

Selected Vaccines that may be considered for use in pregnancy

• Tdap

• Influenza

Vaccines in Development

• Respiratory Syncytial Virus

• Group B Streptococcus

• Cytomegalovirus

What is needed to approve a vaccine for use in pregnancy to protect the infant ?

• Demonstration that the vaccine is

• Safe

• Effective

• Shows protection in infants

• Clinical development program specifically designed for pregnant women and the infant

Source- National and Global Stakeholders


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

$50 BILLION in Assets

"We work with partners to provide effective vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics and to develop innovative approaches to deliver health services to those who need it most. And we invest heavily in developing new vaccines to prevent infectious diseases that impose the greatest burden."

Source- https://www.gatesfoundation.org

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