Maryland- Forced Vaccination

In 2015 the Maryland Legislature was faced with three different vaccine related bills. Fearing the Lyme vaccine could once again be mandated for State employees and/or all residents, actions were taken to prevent the State government (DHMH), via the CDC, from mandating vaccines. I personally believe health care matters should be discussed and decided between a person and their own doctor, and the State should not dictate what vaccines are injected into adults and their children.

To combat the vaccine bills the following 4 steps were taken. I share this information below due to the number of requests I have gotten to assist others in their States with vaccine issues. Please feel free to use any, all or none of this information in your State to get your message across. Good luck!


Before you do anything, research the topic and the proposed bills throughly. Inside and out! You may want to review what is contained in the individual vaccines and share that information with your contacts. Link here-

Please also see the glossary at the bottom of the vaccine ingredients webpage. For example- if MRC-5 is listed as an ingredient in a vaccine of concern, look up what that ingredient actually is in the glossary. You may be surprised.


Medical Research Council 5, human diploid cells (cells containing two sets of chromosomes) derived from the normal lung tissues of a 14-week-old male fetus aborted for "psychiatric reasons" in 1966 in the United Kingdom, Earle's Basal Medium in Earle's balanced salt solution with bovine serum.

Link Here-

First communication- was with Maryland legislators in the form of an email (from me alone). Since I have worked with many of them and their staff over the years, the wording was fairly brief and casual. (3/17/15)

Good morning!

A big NO (oppose) to all three vaccine related bills please. The Lyme vaccine, for example, that was highly promoted by Johns Hopkins at the time of release, proved to be really wicked, aside from not being reliable and causing serious side effects, and another based on the first one is being released soon. It is a sort of “recycled” vaccine that we oppose, especially for our children.

Maryland made the mistake of mandating the original Lyme vaccine for DNR employees back in 1999 if they wished to collect Workers Compensation if later bitten by ticks and contracting Lyme while working outdoors. When the Lyme vaccine was pulled from the market a couple of years later, after law suits were filed against the manufacturers for damages, Maryland had to repeal its bill. Those who were vaccinated and badly affected still live with the injuries the vaccine caused and have no treatment or cure available.

Please let the residents of Maryland chose what vaccines they feel are necessary for themselves and their families, along with their own doctors, and don’t make the State responsible for hurting more people with mandated vaccines.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget, do a tick check!

Lucy Barnes


Second Action- Email to all Lyme patients, doctors and groups in the area. Simple instructions, factual information and links to more information if desired. This email is longer than hoped, however, Maryland had three bills in the legislature instead of just one. (3/17/15)


Vaccine supporter or not, that is your own business. However, these bills in Maryland, if passed, will not allow you to refuse any vaccine that comes along, good or bad, stuffed with mercury, or Chinese egg noodles, or whatever, including the Lyme disease vaccine.

If you’ll remember, there were doctors who refused the flu vaccine in Maryland and were fired from their jobs as a result. If you are not in Maryland, please see YOUR states laws here-

Mandating vaccines is a dangerous practice, especially if the legislature does what it did in 1999, which is to require Maryland DNR (Department of Natural Resources) employees to get a Lyme vaccine before they could file a Workers Compensation claim and receive insurance benefits if they were to become sick or disabled from Lyme disease at some time in the future. (See HB311)


If you would normally have religious or health reasons for not receiving vaccines, that right can/will be striped away by HB687. If you are a health care worker, you can be forced to have vaccines or lose your job, etc.

The last bill listed below (3 currently in Maryland), will require your doctor to report any and all vaccinations you or your family recieves through an electronic tracking system.

This information in the hands of the State can later be used to prevent those who are unvaccinated from doing a variety of things- from entering school and the work force, to being ineligible for insurance coverage, etc. Could it eventually result in fines or other penalties if you don’t get vaccines, I do not know, but I wouldn’t put it past the Maryland DHMH/CDC.

In other words, if these bills pass the State will be in control of what vaccines you must receive, which will take that medical decision away from you and your doctor.

Currently children from infants up to age six are scheduled to have 28 vaccinations (plus 6 yearly flu shots), according to the CDC.

From age 7- 18 children are scheduled to have 15 more SERIES of vaccinations, plus 12 yearly flu shots, according to the CDC.

Adults are currently scheduled to have 31 additional vaccinations, plus yearly flu shots (50 or more flu shots in an adult lifetime). But if you are a man, it is 34 more vaccinations during adulthood plus the flu shots- to age 70, according to the CDC.

The extra vaccinations for men are for HPV (Gardisil), the same one that little girls and women were told they needed to prevent cervical cancer and when it didn’t sell (or work) as expected, men were told they needed it to prevent spreading HPV during sexual intercourse. More on HPV vaccines below.

Maryland bills currently in the legislature are summarized below. If you are not in Maryland- you can look up your State’s bills here-

Gardisil vaccine for HPV.

  • The U.S. government holds patents on Gardasil and also earns royalties from the sale of the vaccine. [THIS APPLIES TO THE LYME VACCINES ALSO.]
  • People injured or killed by the Gardasil vaccine cannot sue Merck, as all vaccine manufacturers have legal immunity from lawsuits in the U.S.
  • More than 10 young women have recently sued Sanofi, the distributor of Gardasil in France, for damages due to the vaccine, including lupus, Guillain-Barré, ADEM, idiopathic hypersomnia, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Japan halted recommendations for the HPV vaccine and has begun a full scale probe over its safety, due to the large amount of serious adverse reactions reported.

To read the individual Maryland bill info:


HB 687- The following section will be removed.

>>> [18–403.

(a) Unless the Secretary declares an emergency or disease epidemic [Lyme disease is an epidemic], the Department may not require the immunization of an individual if:

(1) The individual objects to immunization because it conflicts with the individual’s bona fide religious beliefs and practices; or

EXPLANATION: CAPITALS INDICATE MATTER ADDED TO EXISTING LAW. [Brackets] indicate matter deleted from existing law.

(2) The individual is a minor and the individual’s parent or guardian objects to immunization because it conflicts with the parent or guardian’s bona fide religious beliefs and practices.

4 (b) The Secretary shall adopt rules and regulations for religious exemptions

under this section.]


I suggest the decision to have or not have a vaccine is a personal one that should be discussed between a doctor and his/her patient and it should not be dictated, regulated, recorded and reviewed by anyone or everyone hoping to make a buck.

Here is a list of Maryland legislators. Please locate yours and give them a quick call or drop them an email that simply says-- NO to all vaccine bills. Certainly you can expand on that, but that will get the message across. It should take less than 2 minutes of your time.

If you are feeling strongly about the issue, you can also contact the Senate Committee and its members that sponsor two of the bills, prompted by the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. And the House sponsors too (listed below the Senate Committee list).

Appointed by Senate President:

Joan Carter Conway, Chair (410) 841-3145, (301) 858-3145

Paul G. Pinsky, Vice-Chair (410) 841-3155, (301) 858-3155

If the above links don’t work, the info is here-

House Vaccine Bill- Delegates B. Barnes, Campos, Frush, Jackson, and C. Wilson

Additional Articles Related to Vaccines

Healthcare Workers Fight Back- No Mandatory Vaccines

See for information on the last disastrous Lyme vaccine. If nothing else, please read the first page. And please share this information with everyone you know. Thank you!

Lucy Barnes


Third Action- Stay on top of the legislation and inform patients as needed of any progress made. (3/22/15)


Good so far! Two of three vaccine bills in Maryland have been killed! But, one remains and it is moving quickly.

If you are not in Maryland you can check your state info here-

The remaining Maryland bill, SB 597 (below), was amended in the Senate committee, passed and is now waiting action (any day) in the House committee. The bills are moving faster than normal once out of committee- zipped through the Floor before the public has a chance to do much of anything about them- so if you are going to act, please do so NOW! And thank you!

These are the members of the House Health & Government Operations Committee where the bill is currently. Please contact them, provide your name and address, and just say “I oppose the vaccine bill.” (Add more if you’d like.)

Please also contact YOUR House representative and tell them (nicely) to vote NO on the vaccine bill. You can find them here along with their contact info. Click on imbedded links saying Senators and Delegates.

The state has 47 districts represented by 47 Senators and 141 Delegates.

SCARY! This is a quote found in an infectious disease publication. It was made by a pediatrician bent on making vaccines mandatory for everyone and calling for serious penalties for parents/people who elect not to vaccinate and health care professionals who do not want to vaccinate for whatever reason. The article is ugly.

"There should be no exceptions, and it could be stronger by including fines and/or child protective social intervention. If an unvaccinated child becomes infected with a vaccine preventable disease, their family should be responsible for the cost of the public health responses…” "State medical boards must decide if the actions of healthcare practitioners who advocate against vaccination and undermine the public health efforts of their communities warrant investigation and intervention.”

Left in the hands of doctors such as the one above, your decision/right to not vaccinate for any particular disease (like Lyme) can be striped away and/or harshly punished.

Thank you for taking action to protect your rights and mine when it comes to what vaccines we will be forced to endure.

Lucy Barnes

Additional Reading...

More info on the last remaining bill.

Amendement was added (2 actually). See them here-

The Senate committee voted on the bill- see who voted and how they voted (7-4 to pass).

The Senate voted on the bill and it passed 37-9.

Current wording (difficult to weed through it):

Lucy Barnes


Fourth and Final Communication- to patients and residents (4/18/15)

Congratulations! YOU did it!

Maryland is now one of only 3 states that defeated the forced vaccination bills in their legislature! Thank you!!!

From the site:

These states have already successfully pushed back against legislation: WA, OR, MD

These states have pending legislation: HI, CA, NV, AR, NM, TX, OK, CO, MT, SD, NB, MN, MO, IL, IN, KY, SC, VA, PA, NJ, NY, CT, NH, VT, ME

These states allow no exemptions against vaccinations - ie, they've already lost: LA, WV

(Thanks to Robin for sharing this updated news.)

I wish you luck with your efforts!