Truth About Vaccines

Truth About Vaccines
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Dr. Cheryl Ortel, MD, Retired OB/Gyn

From the Series:

The Truth About Vaccines

These are my incomplete notes.  Anyone can order the transcripts or the CD's from The Truth About Vaccines. See:  I highlighted some of the important points and add the abstracts they discussed. I also included personal comments noted by italics. I could not find all the studies referenced in the series  In a question and answer session, Ty Bollinger stated that he asked, but all people contacted that worked for the CDC or other government agencies declined to comment on camera to help support the pro-vaccination viewpoint.

Because I had heard of so many serious reports- I have discouraged people from getting the HPV vaccination.  I still stand by that recommendation.

The Truth About VACCINES

Episode 1  Introduction

Vaccines - Prime the immune system with an organism that has been killed.

Civil discussion does not take place regarding vaccines. Such as , ”Get your kid vaccinated now.” and “do not get your kid vaccinated.”

If you question that the vaccine safety- you are labeled a “Quack.”

INFORMED CONSENT- should include the risks and benefits of the medical procedure and other alternatives- such as not vaccinating or getting the vaccine at a slower schedule.

DR. PAUL THOMAS (Pediatrician)-  Had 4 children get autism associated with their vaccines.

Most doctors have not taken the time to learn the risks of the vaccines.  IATROGENIC – is what harm is being done by these.  (DEF:  iatrogenic illness- - Any complication related to diagnosis and treatment of disease, regardless of whether the condition occurs as a known risk of a procedure or through errors of omission or commission)

DR. NEIL MILLER:  In informed consent on the measles vaccine.  Don’t just tell them that the vaccine was responsible for lowering the incidence of measles.  Tell them that there are studies, that if you take this vaccine, that their child will be more likely to be hospitalized, you are more likely to have epileptic seizures, and allergies.  That is well documented. 

You are more likely later in life to develop cancers and heart disease as it has suppressed your protective immune system that you get when you are exposed to a disease naturally, as a child.  You have to have access to all of the information so that you can make an informed decision.  You have to be free to accept or reject vaccines.

BARBARA LOE FISHER:  Vaccine laws are state laws.  The Federal government has to protect the borders so they make laws about people crossing the border- whether they have infectious disease or whether they need vaccinations.

Exemptions and types of exemptions are up to the individual states.

DR LARRY PALVESKY,MD:   In medical school we are just taught  that vaccinations , save lives,  prevent disease  and the schedule you  need to use in your pediatric clinic for the kids. I started med school in 1983 and in 1993 someone said,- “did you know there was mercury in vaccines.”  NO, I didn’t. 

…That got me looking to see just what else is in vaccines.

Dr. Humphries:  I wasn’t concerned with vaccines through most of my career.  In med school during your pediatric rotation- you are given a piece of paper with the vaccine schedule on it and told to keep up with it.  I used to think it was just me- as an adult internist, when you look at the people like Larry Palevsky, MD and Toni Barks, MD who specialize in pediatrics and you hear the same thing from them, you realize medical schools are not providing this information and there is no incentive to look for it.

Dr. Paul THOMAS, Pediatrician: I have a daughter in Med school and a really good friend of mine. , + I have asked them because they are already being taught health of populations.  30 years ago that wasn’t being taught.  We were not taught what was in the vaccines- just that they were wonderful.

Dr. Sherri TENPENY, DO: When I went to med school in 1985,- we were taught MMR, DPT and polio chickenpox and Prevnar.  Now we have 46 doses of 16 vaccines. And they are given to children under the age of 5 years.  …….If you went to medical school since 1991- that‘s 25 years ago, they only thing they have been told is. “Here is the schedule and here’s how you give it.  And you really need to deal with those parents with “vaccine hesitancy.”

TY BOLLINGER( Person making this series and doing all the interviews):  I looked at what is taught at Harvard in medical school.  They take 13 courses- 1.  Introduction into the profession, 2. The molecular and Cellular Basis of Medicine 3. The Human Body,  4. Genetics 5. Introduction to Healthcare Policy 6. Scholarship in Medicine 7. Physician and Community- 8. Integrated physiology..  9.  Immunology, 10.  microbiology, 11. Pathology and  12.  Medical Ethics and 13.  Professionalism.  There is not much variation among medical schools.  Vaccines  are not taught in much depth.

VACCINE HESITANCY:  the delay in the acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccine services. 

DR. THOMAS-   I was taught Paternalism was the worst way to practice medicine-  Ie, Do what I say or leave my practice.  Now the Academy of Pediatrics days that this is OK. 

[DEF:  Broadly defined, paternalism is an action performed with the intent of promoting another's good but occurring against the other's will or without the other's consent [13]. In medicine, it refers to acts of authority by the physician in directing care and distribution of resources to patients.    Selective Paternalism - AMA Journal of Ethics - American Medical ...]


American Academy of Pediatrics has a pdf on how to teach doctors to deal with Vaccine Hesitancy- It is 4 pages

The study (Pediatrics. 2010 Jun;125(6):1134-41) quoted to prove vaccinations are safe and do not cause neurological defects is the following:     The children in this study were born in 1993 to 1997,  The actual vaccine schedule in 1995, prior to 18 months, a typical baby would receive-

3 doses of Hepatitis B, DPT, MMR, polio, HIB vaccines, A TOTAL OF 13 DOSES.

However, according to the CDC schedule in 2016: A typical child under the age of 18 months would receive 3 doses each of Hep B and rotavirus, 4 doses of DTaP and HIB, and Pneumococcal ,  3 doses of MMR, varicella, polio, influenza and 2 doses of Hep A for a TOTAL FOF 26 DOSES.  This is double the doses studied in their 2010 Pediatrics study.

This is the new schedule for 2017- I didn’t find the 2016 schedule

Pediatrics. 2010 Jun;125(6):1134-41. doi: 10.1542/peds.2009-2489. Epub 2010 May 24.

On-time vaccine receipt in the first year does not adversely affect neuropsychological outcomes.

Smith MJ1, Woods CR.

Author information



To determine whether children who received recommended vaccines on time during the first year of life had different neuropsychological outcomes at 7 to 10 years of age as compared with children with delayed receipt or nonreceipt of these vaccines.


Publicly available data, including age at vaccination, from a previous VaccineSafety Datalink study of thimerosal exposure and 42 neuropsychological outcomes were analyzed. Vaccinereceipt was defined as timely when each vaccine was received within 30 days of the recommended age. Associations between timeliness and each outcome were tested in univariate analyses. Multivariable regression models were constructed for further assessment of the impact of timeliness on neuropsychological outcomes after adjustment for potential confounders. Secondary analyses were performed on a subset of children with the highest and lowest vaccine exposures during the first 7 months of life.


Timely vaccination was associated with better performance on 12 outcomes in univariate testing and remained associated with better performance for 2 outcomes in multivariable analyses. No statistically significant differences favored delayed receipt. In secondary analyses, children with the greatest vaccine exposure during the first 7 months of life performed better than children with the least vaccine exposure on 15 outcomes in univariate testing; these differences did not persist in multivariable analyses. No statistically significant differences favored the less vaccinated children.


Timely vaccination during infancy has no adverse effect on neuropsychological outcomes 7 to 10 years later. These data may reassure parents who are concerned that children receive too many vaccines too soon.

PMID:  20498176     DOI:   10.1542/peds.2009-2489

TY:  How can the AAP have a study that had 13 doses and apply those results to children receiving double the doses of vaccines without any further study.  Let me ask you a question—Is it possible that some vaccines work and some vaccines don’t?  Is it possible that some vaccines cause severe side effects and some don’t?

DR. JENNIFER MARGULIS ( She coauthored the book with Dr. Paul Thomas, The Vaccine Friendly Plan):  ….Look at a vaccines on a vaccine by vaccine basis.  If both parents are Hep B negative and are in a monogamous relationship-maybe their child doesn’t need the Hep B vaccination.  Do not vilify the parents for asking questions.

DR.HUMPHRIES, MD/ Adult internist-:  …..You can’t paint all vaccines with the same brush.  Some have live virus, some have dead virus,  some have live bacteria, some have killed bacteria, some have pieces of bacteria or viruses.  So, we have to distinguish if we are talking about a live virus like the influenza vaccine.   Pertussis- is another killed virus, a subunit vaccine with particles  of the toxin or external bacteria.  Those vaccines do not stimulate immunity on their own, You have to add aluminum to them.  Where you don’t have to add the aluminum to the influenza vaccine.  Most of the killed vaccines have to have aluminum added.  When you add aluminum, to stimulate more of an antibody response, than a cell mediated response.  …Those are the people that are going to be more prone to allergies.   Immunity is rally short lived after those particular vaccines so you have to keep getting them- like Pertussis

TY:  …Some vaccines need adjuvants to create the antibody response or cell mediated response.  The POLIO, flu and DTaP have killed , inactivated viruses, while the MMR, (measles, mumps and rubella) is composed of a live virus.    

BARBARA LOE FISHER:  What we have now is 69 doses of 16 vaccines That the Federal govt is saying, everybody should get from day one of birth until 18.    There is a tripling of the number of vaccines that children are now getting.

…With the dramatic escalation of the vaccine schedule- what have we seen---have we seen children get healthier?—no, just the opposite.  .We have an epidemic of chronic disease and disability.  1 in 9 with asthma, 1 in 6 is learning disabled, 1 in 50 with autism, 1 in 400 with diabetes.  Millions with inflammatory bowel disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and epilepsy.   30% of young adults have been diagnosed with a mental illness, anxiety disorder, bipolar, schizophrenia.  It the worst public health report card in the history of this country.

SAYER JI:  Pediatricians are liable if kids do not get vaccinated and get an infection- they can be sued.  But if they follow the CDC quidelines and vaccinate- they cannot get sued.

ROBERT KENNEDY, JR-  ..Received polio and small pox vaccines.  His children received 69 doses of 16 vaccines.  …. I am pro vaccine, all my kids were vaccinated.  Vaccines have saved millions of lives.  I just accepted that they were safe.  I started looking at the science and calling people in agencies.  I called Paul Offit a big defender of vaccines, I called Kathleen Shraten at CDC.  They gave me the answers that they gave to the public:- that I was not informed about the science.  But I was informed about the science.   When I started to drill down about the science.  It was clear that not only the science they were quoting me was bogus, but that they knew it was weak and they were unwilling to defend it under informed criticism.    That shocked me!  This was not what I was used to from the environmental agencies becoming captured.  But a public health agency that is charged with protecting the health of our children,  to lie about science,  and to manipulate science. Which is what they are doing, just seemed criminal.

JENNIFER MARGULIS:  there was a study published in Pediatrics , that showed that parents who delay or forego vaccination were parents who make over $ 70,000 a year and had the most education.   Why are they choosing to delay some vaccines.?  There is nothing wrong with them, there is something wrong with the current CDC vaccine schedule.  I’ll tell you an industry kept secret---a lot of doctors in America are choosing not to vaccinate their children in the CDC schedule.  They choose alternate schedules, based on better health outcomes and science.  AND people working at the CDC are alternating the vaccine schedule for their children.  How do I know that—I’ve talked to them.  So, we have health officials screaming from the rooftops to vaccinate children on the vaccine schedule exactly as the CDC recommends it and they themselves in their own families decide not to follow it. … Especially the Hep B.

They are afraid of losing their jobs so I won’t give their names.

TY:  Why would CDC officials not follow the recommended CDC vaccine?   Why would pediatricians not follow the accepted vaccine schedule?   In Medical school,-physicians across the globe are taught that the CDC schedule has been proven safe and effective.

BABARA LOE FISHER:    in 2013, The institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Science looked at 49 doses in 14 vaccines and given between birth and 6 years old has not been adequately studied.  The committee has continued to call for study of the immunization schedule for safety

INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE:  “Key elements of the immunization schedule, for example number, frequency, time and order and age at the time of immunization have not been systematically  examined in research.”

They may have been studied separately,- but not giving 8-10 vaccinations in 1 day.  So that is something the Institute of Medicine has acknowledged.  The Federal govt disagrees.  I think everybody needs to understand that the vaccine schedule has not been adequately  studied.  Fewer than 40 studies have been done- that is not enough to establish safety or effectiveness

DR. LARRY PALEVSKY, MD:  Plus there haven‘t been any studies looking at the synergistic effects of the ingredients.   .  So, if you have 1 metal- what does it do to the body?  If you have one metal and another metal- what does that do to the body?  Then if you add antibiotics- what does that do to the body.  It is known that metal detoxification in the presence of antibiotics is diminished versus metal detoxification without antibiotics.   Then you have a metal + Metal + antibiotics + microorganism---What is the synergistic effect?  None of those amplification studies have been done.

NEIL Z. MILLER MD:  These 400 studies show that there are problems with vaccines
Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers    
Feb 1, 2016     by Neil Z. Miller  

I got tired of medical doctors saying that there are no studies showing vaccines are problematic.  What are you talking about- it is an outright lie.  THERE ARE 100’s if not 1000’s of studies  published in peer reviewed journals  documenting safety and efficacy problems.

DEL BIGTREE:  The consensus around vaccines, is just like the tobacco science.  First cigarettes were good for you, then—at least they were not bad for you...Then the industry was paying for tons and tons of science to be done supporting smoking.

DR. Paul THOMAS:  Back in the 50’s doctors supported the use of Camel brand cigarettes. “It will relax you”. “It is good for you.” Then it was a carcinogen.  Then we did huge studies and followed people for decades.  Now everyone knows tobacco is a leading killer.

TY:  A 2 year could be getting at the same time- tetanus, Hep B, Diptheria, pertussis, polio, haemophilus B, rotovirus, pneumococcal- -->Getting  8 different vaccines on the same day.  This has never been studied.

CDC recommends 8 in 1 combination vaccine series to be given to infants aged 2, 4 , 6 months, but this combination has never been studied for safety.

In addition the CDC report, The Mixed Exposure Research Agenda, that states exactly  the opposite and concluded that mixed chemical exposure including pharmaceuticals

CDC Contradicts safety claim:

CDC EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Report states “exposures to mixed:stressors can produce health consequences that are additive, synergistic or antagonistic or can potentiate the response expected of individual  components exposures.

“TY:  Stress factors may produce unexpected deleterious health results.

TONY MUHAMMED:  The vaccine makers have been protected by Congress under the Vaccine Injury Act…paraphrased--People are out raged that they cannot sue vaccine makers

IAN CLARK:  The studies were never set up properly.  The principle that you put a tiny bit of disease in the body to stimulate antibodies to the disease is a good principle or theory.  But when it came to making money and having everyone vaccinated for everything-  IT BECAME A MONEY SCHEME

The manufacturers said they could not afford to make the vaccines any longer- because there was so much litigation.   So, CONGRESS passed the Vaccine Compensation Program.

MIKE ADAMS-  The vaccine maker has absolute legal immunity.   They take no risk whatsoever.  It means they have no reason for quality control. 

See the link below about vaccine compensation:

DR. THOMAS-  Doesn’t think doctors know what to look for as adverse reactions-  Usually a little redness at the site.  Kids will have seizures after the vaccination.  We say that is normal as you can have febrile seizures.  We are taught that that is normal- Let’s look at the vaccinated and unvaccinated.  Let’s follow both groups and see.  SIDS- I’m trained to think SIDS is normal IS it.?  Let’s look at the vaccinated and unvaccinated for Autism, neurological disorders, anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism spectrum, auto immune issues.  Diabetes, eczema, peanut allergies.

DR. LARRY PALEVSKY, MD:  A child not waking up for 2 days after a vaccination is brain injured.  Doctors have to learn how to recognize vaccine injury.  That is brain inflammation.

ROBERT KENNEDY, Jr.:  1989 is the year all these childhood illness epidemics  began.  Autism, ADD, ADHD, speech delays, misery disorder.  Tics/Tourette syndrome, SIDS, narcolepsy, allergies, asthma,.  There is science out there linking those things to thimerosal or adjuvants like aluminum or squalene. 

DR. LARRY  PALEVSKY, MD:  …. The sequence of brain development is disrupted.  Why are we seeing 1/20 children  under the age of 5 with a seizure disorder.

SAYER JI(founder of, the world's leading open access, evidence-based resource supporting natural and integrative health modalities.):  There are over 200 health effects caused by vaccines documented by studies on his website. 

TONI BARK,MD—Supreme Court has said in 2011 that you cannot sue the manufacturers of vaccines because they are “unavoidably unsafe”  When she has to go to State court and says this, the judges say what did you just say?....  They are legally classified as” unavoidably unsafe” Your Honor.  

BARBARA LOE FISHER:  The only person liable  for a vaccine injured child is the parent. 

LAURA HAYES:   Autism is catastrophic brain injury, brain encephalopathy.

The Poling case:  govt conceded that the vaccine caused autism-- >by a vaccination

I have put the link and article below:

in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award

The first court award in a vaccine-autism claim is a big one. CBS News has learned the family of Hannah Poling will receive more than $1.5 million dollars for her life care; lost earnings; and pain and suffering for the first year alone. 
In addition to the first year, the family will receive more than $500,000 per year to pay for Hannah's care. Those familiar with the case believe the compensation could easily amount to $20 million over the child's lifetime.

Hannah was described as normal, happy and precocious in her first 18 months. 

Then, in July 2000, she was vaccinated against nine diseases in one doctor's visit: measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and Haemophilus influenzae. 

Afterward, her health declined rapidly. She developed high fevers, stopped eating, didn't respond when spoken to, began showing signs of autism, and began having screaming fits. In 2002, Hannah's parents filed an autism claim in federal vaccine court. Five years later, the government settled the case before trial and had it sealed. It's taken more than two years for both sides to agree on how much Hannah will be compensated for her injuries………….

Money was paid out by the VACCINE TRUST FUND has paid out over 3 billion dollars to injured children.

MIKE ADAMS:  there is no such thing as a completely safe vaccine.  Every medical intervention has risk.  Drugs, chemo, etc.   ie., there is a risk benefit ratio.

I have included the link below:

Download and the table is there on page 8 . 

ANDREW WAKEFIELD:  Because polio and small pox had success as vaccines – people think that you can translate that to measles, MMR or thimerasol for example.  Benefits and safety are 2completely different topics.

DR. THOMAS:  Rates of autism have skyrocketed.  You cannot miss these kids. 

ANDREW WAKEFIELD:  If there are any red flags with a vaccine-  this should be important as you are going to be giving this to millions of healthy children.  You should stop until the vaccine is safe.

TY:  Why can well founded doubts not be allowed to be discussed.  We are here to explore uncomfortable topics to protect our children.

SCOTT- Milk maids did not get smallpox.  Jenner put pus in the skin.(Jenner’s son and the neighbor’s son were dead by their 20’s).- It was actually a disaster.  Smallpox was a terrible disease.  Epidemics were started that way.  It spread. 

ANDREW WAKEFIELD:  Cowpox is similar.  Jenner gave both his son and his son’s friend the cow pox.  They both died in their early 20’s.  They were inoculated several times.  They both got TB and now we know that this happens.

TY:  After smallpox vaccination mandates- there were outbreaks of smallpox. Afterward in US, UK, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, JAPAN  etc.  As vaccination increased so did the incidence and deaths from smallpox. 

HUMPHRIES: it turned out that the best  way to deal with small pox was not vaccination- it was to have people already immune take care of them and to sanitize everything.  Deaths rates plummeted and outbreak decreased in Leicter in 1871.  Her BOOK:  Dissolving Illusions     Dec 12, 2013

by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk

There has been a steady decrease in infectious disease regardless of how many immunizations were given.

?Studies do not describe the do roe have given another vaccine to the control group.

MIKE ADAMS:   Not against the theory of immunization.  It is an adaptive response to viruses surrounding you.   Exposure.    Vaccines makes your system healthy-  you used it and adapted. You get, LIFELONG immunity.

Dr. TONI BARK:  They use the same play book that they use for GMOs .  The CDC looks for mommy bloggers.   People to pay with Federal dollars to promote vaccines.  (Shills to write their story)’Harness the power of social networks, mommy bloggers and Google by Jill B Roark. MPH   sept 2011

Now you need boosters.

DEL BIG TREE:  Do you understand that there are no safety studies on vaccines.  There are on drugs.  This is not religion, this is science. 


Episode 2: What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? ... and ... What About Polio?

MARGULIS:  Each family should decide if they should be vaccinated.  If you want your child not to be immunized, that does not effect my child.

Was the polio vaccine effective at eradicating polio/

TENPENNY: Polio is not synonymous with paralysis.  Polio is a gastrointestinal virus. That looked like the stomach flu.  What people do not realize is that there are 7-8 other families of viruses that can cause paralysis.  Poliomyelitis is a description of what happens in the body.

Dr. Humphries:  95% no symptoms. 2-4 Get ill and 1% could have some paralysis, Coxsackie virus, DDT and Arsenic can mimic polio paralytic

Dr. BUTTAR:  They used to say, “ DDT is good for me.”  “A cigarette a day keeps the doctor. away.” As DDT peaked 6 months later polio peaked.

DDT and incidence of polio-follow each other. 

  In 1955, there were 28,985 cases of polio.  Is it possible that DDT poisoning cases were labeled as polio?  When they came out with the polio vaccine- they made it harder to diagnose polio.  Needed 2 exams 24 hours apart. Then you needed 2 exams done 60 days apart.  The majority of paralytic polio resolved by 60 days.  Aseptic meningitis came off the books as polio.  Then they started to check for the virus.

SALK-= KILLED virus vaccine.  1955.

SABIN-= Live vaccine was introduced in 1960

Sample Months                                   Reported cases of Polio         Reported cases of aseptic meningitis   

July 1955 Before polio case definition changed



July 1961 After polio case def changed



September 1966 after new definition of polio




TY:  Is it possible that it only appeared that they eradicated polio because they changed the case  definition for diagnosing polio and thus, the cases of aseptic meningitis spiked.

SUZANNE HUMPHRIES, MD-Internist:   The fact of the matter is that these (polio vaccines) actually had live virus in them and were causing more paralysis then they were preventing.  That is very well demonstrated in graphics from 1954 to 1958 in her book.  The spike in paralysis was occurring in largely vaccinated populations.  The only reason that that vaccination did not cause more problems than it did was because that the majority of the population was already immune to polio.  It would have been a disaster if the “Virgin population,” where nobody was exposed to polio. It would have been an absolute medical disaster.

The Cutter Incident was a medical disaster where there was a very highly packed vaccine with live virus was given to the public.  Cutter took the rap for that problem and had to close their doors.  The truth is Wyeth was also releasing a similar vaccine.  The New England Journal of Medicine- didn’t find it.

I have put the some of studies with the citations below:

Am J Epidemiol. 1995 Jul 15;142(2):109-40; discussion 107-8.

The Cutter incident. Poliomyelitis following formaldehyde-inactivated poliovirus vaccination in the United States during the Spring of 1955. II. Relationship of poliomyelitis to Cutter vaccine. 1963.

Nathanson N, Langmuir AD.

PMID: 7598112

[BOOK] The Cutter Incident: How America's first polio vaccine led to the growing vaccine crisis

PA Offit - 2005 -

This remarkable book recounts for the first time a devastating episode in 1955 at Cutter 
Laboratories in Berkeley, California, that has led many pharmaceutical companies to 
abandon vaccine manufacture. Drawing on interviews with public health officials, 

Liability for vaccine related injuries: public health considerations and some reflections on the swine flu experience

TE Baynes Jr - . Louis ULJ, 1977 - HeinOnline

... Note, The Cutter Polio Vaccine Incident: A Case Study of Manufacturers' Liability Without Fault
in Tort 
... Multiple Antigen for Immunization Against Poliomyelitis, Diptheria, Pertussis and Tetanus,
JAMA 1103 (1958 ... First, a defect is present where the user has been injured as a ...

TY:  The Cutter released an incompletely killed Salk polio virus vaccine that caused polio.  40,000 children were infected.  Many were paralyzed and some died.  In 1977, Jonas Salk testified that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most cases of polio across the US before 1961.  There are instances of the polio vaccine causing other problems like cancer.

BARBARA LOE FISHER:  We know that the original inactivated Salk polio vaccines that were given to over 100 million children, were contaminated with Simian Virus 40, because these vaccines used rhesus monkeys-kidney cell tissue to reproduce the virus for vaccine.   In 1960, an NIH scientist, Dr. Bernice Eddy,  said that injecting the Rhesus monkey cells into hamsters caused cancer

JAYER SI- Even though I did not receive this vaccination, I likely received this virus from my mother as it is passed down transgenetically. It stays in our body and is passed down to future generations forever- It is a Pandora’s Box.

BARBARA LOE FISHER:  Fast forward to the 1990’s= researchers began to culture out SV 40 DNA from the tumors of adults and children with Bone, Brain and lung cancer.  They made an association between the contaminated polio vaccines and SV 40  DNA.  Independent labs around the world confirmed SV 40 DNA in these cancers.

 THE FEDERAL GOVT SAID_”NO ASSOCIATION” between these tumors and cancers.  It continues to be an ongoing debate.

TY:  in 2002 the British Medical Journal, Lancet, published compelling information linking the polio vaccines contaminated with SV 20 to cancer.  ½ of 55,000 cases of non-Hodgkins lymphoma annually had association with SV 40.  Dr. Maurice Hilleman was the developer of Merck’s vaccine program.  He developed over 3 dozen vaccines, more than any scientist in history.  He was one of the first to warn that simian viruses might contaminate vaccines.

Over 60 lab studies link Simian Virus 40 from the Salk polio vaccine to cancer which Hilleman admits was the responsibility of Merck.

The oral polio vaccine actually sheds polio.

I have included several citations below:

Is there an association between SV40 contaminated polio vaccine and lymphoproliferative disorders? An age-period-cohort analysis on Norwegian data from 1953 to 1997.

Thu GO, Hem LY, Hansen S, Møller B, Norstein J, Nøkleby H, Grotmol T.

Int J Cancer. 2006 Apr 15;118(8):2035-9.

PMID:  16287082      Free Article       Similar articles          Select item 152025232.

Association between SV40 and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Butel JS, Vilchez RA, Jorgensen JL, Kozinetz CA.

Leuk Lymphoma. 2003;44 Suppl 3:S33-9. Review.

PMID:  15202523      Similar articles

Polio vaccines, Simian Virus 40, and human cancer: the epidemiologic evidence for a causalassociation.

Dang-Tan T, Mahmud SM, Puntoni R, Franco EL.

Oncogene. 2004 Aug 23;23(38):6535-40. Review.

PMID:  15322523   Similar articles

Polio vaccines, Simian Virus 40, and human cancer: the epidemiologic evidence for a causal association.

Dang-Tan T, Mahmud SM, Puntoni R, Franco EL.

Oncogene. 2004 Aug 23;23(38):6535-40. Review.

PMID:  15322523     Similar articles  

DR SHAWN CENTERS, DO:  Oral Polio vaccine has several issues: 

In 1990’s hundred of children a year, receiving the live oral vaccine had polio from the vaccine, Around 1999-2000 they decided to stop giving the oral polio vaccine.

They now have an inactivated form which is safer –but not necessarily effective.

There are 3 wild types of polio:  Type I, Type 2, Type 3.  Type 1 and 3 were highly protective in the oral polio vaccine. 

Type 2 which is used in the inactivated vaccine, is not very effective.  So you have millions of parents that think their child is protected-- and they are not.

Dr BARK:  every case of polio from the 1960’s was due to shedding from vaccinated people receiving the live oral polio vaccine.   It is still used in Third world countries because it is cheap.  We are getting polio outbreaks there and people say---“We need to vaccinate, we need to vaccinate.”

The Gates Foundation came to the Uttar Predesh, India in 2010 or 2011, because there was 9-10 wild polio cases every year out of millions of people. The had a polio vaccine campaign with the OPV (oral Polio Vaccine).    Within 2years, there were 47.500 cases of flaccid paralysis or polio.

See the citation below:

Trends in Nonpolio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Incidence in India 2000 to 2013

N Vashisht, J Puliyel, V Sreenivas - Pediatrics, 2015 - Am Acad Pediatrics

BACKGROUND: Although the incidence of polio acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) has 
decreased in India, the nonpolio AFP (NPAFP) rate has increased. Nationwide, the NPAFP 
rate is 11.82 per 100 000 population, whereas the expected rate is 1 to 2 per 100 000 
population. We examined the correlates of NPAFP to discern explanations for the increase. 
The incidence of polio AFP in India has decreased. However, the nonpolio AFP rate has ...

All 2 versions Cite Save


February 2015, VOLUME 135 / ISSUE Supplement 1

Trends in Nonpolio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Incidence in India 2000 to 2013

Neetu Vashisht, Jacob Puliyel, Vishnubhatla Sreenivas

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Although the incidence of polio acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) has decreased in India, the nonpolio AFP (NPAFP) rate has increased. Nationwide, the NPAFP rate is 11.82 per 100 000 population, whereas the expected rate is 1 to 2 per 100 000 population. We examined the correlates of NPAFP to discern explanations for the increase. The incidence of polio AFP in India has decreased. However, the nonpolio AFP rate has increased since 2000. Follow-up of these cases of nonpolio AFP is not done routinely. However, one-fifth of these cases of nonpolio AFP in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) were followed up after 60 days in 2005; 35.2% of patients were found to have residual paralysis, and 8.5% had died. This suggests that the pathology in children being registered as having nonpolio AFP cannot be considered trivial. Therefore, there is a compelling reason to try to determine the underlying causes for the surge in nonpolio paralysis numbers.


The data on AFP, polio and nonpolio AFP, and number of polio rounds were examined in each state in each year from 2000 to 2013. Multiple linear regression analysis adjusting for region or state, total and female literacy rate, population density, and per-capita gross domestic product was performed. Differences between states and changes over time were analyzed.


NPAFP increased with the number of oral polio vaccine (OPV) doses used (R2 = 25.02%; P < .001). When effect of cumulative doses over the previous years was examined, the NPAFP rate in 2013 best correlated with the cumulative doses received in the previous 7 years (R2 = 57.16%), with 2012 excluded because data for this year were incomplete. This correlation was highly significant (P < .001). On multiple regression analysis, the number of OPV doses was the only factor that showed a positive correlation with the NPAFP rate. The average increase in the NPAFP rate was 1.31 per 100 000 population (P < .001; 95% confidence interval, 1.11–1.52) with each dose of OPV. The NPAFP rate in UP and Bihar, which had consistently increased each year until 2011, decreased in the 2 states in 2012, coinciding with a reduction in doses of OPV administered.


The incidence of NPAFP was strongly associated with the number of OPV doses delivered to the area. A dose–response relationship with cumulative doses over the years was also observed, which strengthens the hypothetical relationship between polio vaccine and NPAFP. The fall in the NPAFP rate in Bihar and UP for the first time in 2012, with a decrease in the number of OPV doses delivered, is evidence of a causative association between OPV doses and the NPAFP rate.

· Copyright © 2015 by the American Academy of Pediatrics

DR BARK:  The Huffington Post wrote:  The Bill Gates Foundation eradicated wild polio in the Uttar Pradesh Province in India.  He couldn’t say polio- had to say “wild”, because the vaccine strain is causing outbreaks.  …You cannot use a live vaccine where there is no sewage or clean water

MIKE ADAMS, HEALTH RANGER: Allopathic Medicine takes a contrarian approach to viruses.  They want to attack every bacteria or virus with a chemical.  And look at what happened.  … A century later we have drug resistant superbugs that now threaten humanity.  The WHO has said we have reached the end of antibiotics.  We have reached a time where you could die from a scratch received + infected with a superbug. --Where you go to the hospital and are treated by health care professionals that do not follow  sanitary practices. And are actually spreading disease.

Often times the flu shot is completely ineffective because they chose the wrong strain. If you have natural immunity in your body-  you have more broad spectrum immunity against more variant mutant strains of the virus.    The strain of last year’s flu has already mutated so usually the flu strain has already changed and the vaccine will not help you.  Your immune system will constantly work for you.

Dr. MARGULIS:  There is some benefit from catching a illness and getting natural immunity from it.    We know it helps to prevent autoimmune disease. 

Parents who choose not to vaccinate are making an evidence based decision weighing the risks of vaccination to the risk of contracting an infectious disease.  There is no anti or pro—it is just making a…



Episode 3: “In Depth Analysis Of The MMR And DTaP Vaccines And Vaccinating For The Greater Good”

MMR II Ingredients:  Vitamins, amino acids, bovine fetal serum, sucrose, glutamate, WI 38 human diploid lung fibroblasts.  Nonrecombinate human albumin

It can be combined with varicella= MMRV, ProQuad.  Ingredients as above and MRC-5 cells.  Both the cells lines are from aborted fetal lung tissue.

VACCINES WITH ABORTED fetal tissue cell lines:  Adenovirus, Hep A, HEP B, DTaP, MMR, MMRV,  rabies, varicella and zoster.

NEIL MILLER MD:  Outbreak of measles and pertussis/Whooping cough occur in 85-100% in vaccinated populations. 

1.     The mumps portion of the MMR is woefully ineffective.  The Harvard mumps outbreak was in VACCINATED individuals. Harvard Mumps Outbreak Continues, But Commencement Will Go ... 17, 2016 ... The show will be going on at Harvard. ... May 17 2016, 2:39 pm ET ... Harvard Commencement at Risk as Mumps Outbreak Grows 1:46.

2.     No, Harvard's Mumps Outbreak Doesn't Mean Vaccines Are Bunk ... 29, 2016 ... Beside of widespread immunization, mumps isn't common but once it gets into a population, it's quite contagious.

3.     Harvard Mumps Outbreak: The Real Story Mainstream Media Won't ...'s recent mumps outbreak has brought all the usual media suspects to the forefront ... Most — if not all — major reporting on the Harvard mumps outbreak forbid discussion of recent history casting .... Published on May 6, 2016.

4.     Mumps | Cases and Outbreaks | CDC 6, 2017 ... For example in 2016, there were approximately 5,748 cases reported to ... For more information about mumps outbreaks see Mumps Outbreak ...

5.     Mumps Outbreak at Harvard: Why Do Vaccinated People Get Sick? 29, 2016 ... By Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer | April 29, 2016 04:42pm ET ... An outbreak of mumps at Harvard University continues to grow, and experts 

TY: We have also seen mumps outbreaks in fully vaccinated college populations at Univ. of Richmond, Loyola Univ., Fordham Univ. in 2013.  In 2013 Merck was sued for selling a vaccine that actually caused mumps and measles outbreaks.   Scientists filed a false claim suit- Merck made them spike blood samples with antibodies from animals.  So, it would pass FDA scrutiny and be accepted as effective mumps vaccine. 

BARK:  What is the price we are paying for an effective vaccine?

DR HUMPHRIES-Internist:  Live measles virus stimulates the TH-1 arm of cell mediated immunity… which has longer lasting immunity.  1-2 shots give 20-30 years of immunity if you are I of the 90% RESPONDERS.  About 1-10% DO NOT RESPOND AT ALL.  

SAYER JI:  If you look at the work of Dr. Humphries who reviewed all the epidemiological data from Government databases-  the measles, polio, etc., were already at the end of their epidemic cycles due to the introduction of refrigeration, clean water, sewage control, etc.

DR. LARRY PALVESKY-  >>>Measles is not  a deadly disease more than 99% of the time –

ANY Virus can be deadly where there is poverty, poor sanitation, poor nutrition, +dirty water.

TY:  1st measles vaccine was introduced in 1963. For 2 decades prior, there were only 1-2 deaths per year from measles.  In 1963 there were 250 cases of measles per 100,000 people.  5 years after the measles vaccine the # of cases had dropped to <10 per 100,000.

NEIL MILLER, MD:   Dozens of studies show that when you contract measles, rubella and chicken pox  compared to the vaccinated group-  you prime the immune system against all sorts of cancers + coronary artery disease.

SAYER JI:  …. And a decrease in atopic disorders and autoimmune conditions related to dermatitis  

If you no longer have natural immune challenges-  the TH-2 adaptive pole  of the immune system- has not been challenged by natural means …in the microbiome- bacteria, fungi and viruses. When we do not have them helping to educate your immune system- you start blowing back on yourself and develop autoimmune disorders. 

Citations below, note I found some saying measles could be used to fight cancer:

Why We Need Germs - The Saturday Evening Post 26, 2013 ... We are vastly, ridiculously, hopelessly, humblingly outnumbered: For every one human cell, there are an estimated 10 single-cell microbes in ...

1.     Mayo Clinic trial: Massive blast of measles vaccine wipes out cancer 18, 2014 ... Mayo Clinic trial: Massive blast of measles vaccine wipes out cancer ... Stacy Erholtz was out of conventional treatment options for blood cancer last ... can also be modified to carry radioactive molecules to help destroy cancer ...

2.     Measles virus for cancer therapy. - NCBI Clinic, Department of Molecular Medicine, 200 1st Street SW, ... that these problems can be addressed by delivering the virus inside measles-infected  ...

3.     Measles Vaccine Cures Woman Of Cancer - Time 16, 2014 ... A clinical trial at Mayo Clinic cured one woman of cancer using a massive dose ... may be effective when it comes to some types of cancers, says study ... them but also helps alert the patient's immune system to their presence, ...

CDC still says that anyone born before 1957 has “presumptive evidence” against measles  due to lasting immunity against measles. 

PALEVSKY:  No person ever gets 2 diseases at the same time.  So if you give diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus vaccine.  YOU ARE GIVING 3 diseases in to the body at the same time.  If you are giving the polio vaccine- you are giving 3 viruses at the same time.  If you are giving the Prevnar 13 vaccine , you are giving 13 bacteria to the body.  AGAIN, without recognizing if those bacteria are in the body and are lying dormant…..but also understanding that those never happen at this same time with each other.  Scott Montgomery had a presentation at a conference that showed that if you had a live measles illness followed by a live mumps illness,    When people had these close together in real life …

People had measles infection live and mumps infection live  FAR APART.  It raises the question-  if MMR are given –Measles, mumps and rubella are given at the same time and develop bowel dysfunction.—It is not even looked at.      

DR. WAKEFIELD:   I’ll give you one example, If Measles, mumps and rubella are given at the same time in a vaccine.  In Japan they took the mumps vaccine—Urabi AM9?  was given to 5 million.   Doses were given as a single vaccine at one time.   There were few if any meningitis cases associated with it.    When they combined it with the measles and rubella- there were many cases of meningitis and a dramatic increase in adverse effects that they initially tried to cover it up and protect the vaccine manufacturers.  Then they withdrew the vaccine.     THE IMPLICATIONS FOR SAFETY THAT BROUGHT UP WERE COMPLETELY IGNORED.  There was a RED FLAG… When you combine 3 live viruses into one- there is a problem.  The idea that vaccines are safe are put out by public health relations- >a rhetorical mantra. It is not true.  If you get from pediatricians that vaccines are safe- and ask them where they get that- they say–“from the CDC”  The CDC is deeply compromised.  … We know from CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, that they have been lying about the safety of the the context of autism for ~ 13 years.  

Dr. PALEVSKY: so, you have someone (Dr. Andrew Wakefield) that noticed a cluster of children with the diagnosis of autism have the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease. When the measles and mumps infection happened close together.  The measles and mumps vaccination close together could increase inflammatory bowel disease.   That’s all he said.  Then he became the poster child for vaccines cause autism.

Link for autism and inflammatory bowel disease is below:

 Another autism-GI link: Inflammatory bowel disease - Autism Speaks 7, 2015 ... The new findings go further in establishing a link to extremely serious GI disorders unlikely to be caused by autism-related behavioral issues ...

NEIL MILLER, MD:  Then within 6 months, the health officials and govt colluded with the pharmaceutical companies to take away that right.  Remember--  You have to make an individual measles vaccine.  You have to make an individual mumps vaccine.  You have to make an individual rubella vaccine.   THEN YOU COMBINE THEM INTO ONE VIAL.   So, they took away a parents option for individual vaccines.  So vaccination rates DROPPED.  They blamed Dr. Wakefield. 

Dr. PAUL THOMAS, MD-  Dr. Wakefield is “nuclear,”.. brilliant…Don’t mention his name or you are accused of fraud by association.   He has published tons of articles that are not retracted.

Wakefield found ileal-lymphoid dysplasia in the gut of autistic children who had been vaccinated with the MMR.  THAT’s BEEN REPRODUCED.    CASE STUDY- is a single case.  Parents said the children progressed normally, had the MMR and no longer did well .  I had multiple cases of parents telling me this.   So, you think, is this real.  Then Congress commissioned the CDC to do a study and it was reported in PEDIATRICS that there was NO LINK.    Then I read the article by Brian Hooker , Published in Translational Neurodegeneration   (Now, apparently retracted)

Dr. Wakefield’s  retracted article is below, followed by one that was not retracted: Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children. Dr AJ Wakefield. x. AJ Wakefield.

Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2005 Aug;17(8):827-36.

The significance of ileo-colonic lymphoid nodular hyperplasia in children with autistic spectrum disorder.

Wakefield AJ1, Ashwood P, Limb K, Anthony A.

Links below to measles timing and found Brian Hookers article was retracted:

Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among ... 27, 2014 ... Brian S Hooker Email author. Translational Neurodegeneration20143:16. DOI: 10.1186/2047-9158-3-16. © Hooker ... used for the Destefano et al. 2004 publication on the timing of the first MMR vaccine and autism diagnoses.

Links related to Brian Hooker:

1.     Retraction Note: Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and ... 3, 2014 ... Brian S Hooker Email author. Translational Neurodegeneration20143:22 ... The Editor and Publisher regretfully retract the article [1] as there ...

2.     It's official! Brian Hooker's “reanalysis” of MMR data is retracted ... 6, 2014 ... Take a look at Hooker's recent publication record. ... All of them except for his retracted Translational Neurodegeneration paper are co-authored ...

PubMed Citations for Brian S Hooker:

1.     Influenza Vaccination in the First Trimester of Pregnancy and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Whistleblower William Thompson was actuality the lead researcher on the 2004 CDC study in Pediatrics.  That DeStanfano had published.   It showed no link between autism and MMR.  Then he got ahold of data intentionally excluded- inappropriately.  You do not change the study design after the study is done – like they did. 

THE ACTUAL DATA SHOWED:  a 300% increase in autism in African American Males.

A finding of isolated increase risk of autism in EVERYONE. 

This was like a smoking gun for MMR and autism.

Link for CDC sponsored study:

Pediatrics  February 2004, VOLUME 113 / ISSUE 2

Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta

Frank DeStefano, Tanya Karapurkar Bhasin, William W. Thompson, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Coleen Boyle    Download PDF

-STEFANIE SENEFF, Lead researcher---I was puzzled by this as it did not have the mercury or aluminum , But it did have GLUTATMATE and a LIVE virus.  MMR has live measles, mumps and rubella viruses.  Measles is the virus that is most problematic according to Wakefield.  The sad thing is that he knew about it in 1998.  He published a great paper.  He was on to so many things about autism 2 decades ago.  It is a crime that a person giving us the answers is vilified.  They took away his license and retracted his paper.   Lancet. 2010 Feb 6;375(9713):445. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(10)60175-4.

Retraction--Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis,and pervasive developmental disorder in children.

TY:  I think it was interesting that in the 1990’s all Dr. Wakefield wanted to know was if better to spread out the mumps and measles vaccines.  In his report, he said there might be a link between MMR and gastrointestinal disorders.  His research led him to write a 250 page report. That he could not support the use of the 3 in 1 MMR vaccine, simply because it was not proven to be safe.  28 other studies – support his findings in many different countries including Switzerland.

180 Swiss physicians analyzed 320 studies from around the world. They concluded that there is no medical reason for combining MMR in 1 vaccine.

NEIL Z MILLER, MD:  NO.  Andy Wakefield says that there might be some evidence that combining vaccines might be potentially more harmful than not combining.  He said-  I still recommend vaccination, just not combining.  Over 300 medical scientists signed a petition that said there is no reason to combine these vaccines. 

TY:  In fact, it takes extra work to combine these. 

MILLER:  Yes, When Andy made that recommendation- within 6 months-They took away that option. 

The data showed 11 boys + 1 girl had bowel abnormalities and serious developmental regression (AUTISM)     In 8 children , parents reported regression after the MMR.  BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL

In the conclusion, they said that this deserves further study.  They had not proven that MMR caused autism or inflammatory bowel problem   They simply said they had noted an association. 

Dr. Wakefield was asked at a conference- What should parents do?   He said well, they should ask for separate vaccines.   THAT CAUSED AN UPROAR> 

1.  You cannot get separate MMR vaccines anymore. 

2.  You can’t get separate Diptheria, tetanus or pertussis separate anymore.  Its DTaP. You can get DT- but now they want to give combination vaccines.

3. Their market for combination vaccines was threatened by parents asking for separate vaccines.

DR. PAUL THOMAS:  In The Vaccine Friendly Plan—I made the arbitrary decision to wait until age 3 for MMR. As I had never seen a child regress after age 3 – that was in 2008.  Now I have 13,000 patients

I do informed consent.  There have not been any new cases of autism in over 1000 patients.  One child that was outside his practice and vaccinated at age 3- regressed.  They had a family history of autism.

If you are going to do The Vaccine Friendly Plan  - make sure that you do not have a family history of autism, severe neurological disease or autoimmune disorders.

I think if we went to no more measles vaccines- it would be OK.   There might be deaths.  Some people can’t see any problems with the adverse side effects of vaccines.  But when you see both sides- there are risks and benefits.

MIKE ADAMS-  ….they are using fear to try to take away medical choice.

TY:  VACCINE SHEDDING- it is what happens when you give a live virus to someone.   The virus can affect other people who come into contact with the vaccinated person.  Shedding has been proven to occur up to 37 days after the vaccination.

O’SHEA:  Now measles is on the rise again- Is this the reason?  It is a NEW measles type from the vaccinated people.   That’s from the attenuated version of the vaccine- measles.  So, you may not be immune to this new measles. 

TY:  What about RUBELLA-  The R in MMR

OBUKHANYCH:  Children have been vaccinated with the MMR since 1978.   Some parents might decide to do the measles, perhaps not rubella.  But you are forced to get it as it is in the MMR vaccine.

Rubella is dangerous if you get it during pregnancy.  It’s a very mild disease.  Males have no benefit from rubella vaccination.

DR. CENTERS, DO: That’s marketing + money- you get more money if you sell 3 vaccines instead of 2.

TY: MMR side effects-are neurological effects, sensory delay, asthma, bowel disorders, etc.

DTaP- is also associated with problems.

Documentary- DPT- vaccine roulette-  Vaccines can brain injure a child. 

Barbara Loe Fisher:  Had a DPT injured child. So she wrote a book, “ A Shot in the Dark”

·     Product Details

Vaccines, Autism & Chronic Inflammation: The New Epidemic  2008

by Barbara Loe Fisher

Product Details

Micheal HUGO, Esq,: 1500 immunizations- caused 5 seizures, they expected to see 1/15,000.  Then a person from the company went to UCLA and there were no longer as many seizures.   During deposition of a person for the brain injured person- A person from the company admitted they had sent a different lot.  The lots all vary.  They sent a less potent LOT so they would have less side effects.

Therefore, he argued that they had manipulated scientific data and the study was invalid.  Now they are starting to lie.  ~1985-6.  A judge in NJ ordered a company to produce their papers.  “You have 48 hrs to get boxes to Boston.”-  Documents showed that they intended to deceive parent, CDC,  They were getting sued,  Using a break even – 28 cents a shot – after that study went to $ 174  a shot. They figured a million dollars a brain injured baby.

1979-  a single lot of DPT had killed -11 babies-  Tennessee Cluster- HOT lot.  All were distributed to different doctors.  They decided to send the lots to different distribution centers and not tell the public.

OBUKHANYCH:  DPT was wholesale- all the Pertussis virus was included  this was very detrimental.  DTaP uses a piece of the virus and toxin .   aP stands for acelluar Pertussis- made in Japan.   After 2 cases of death with DTP, Japan made DtaP.  In the 1980’s.

HUGO- they do not have these disorders-  did a patent search- to make it safer acelluar and is more pure. Since 1937-  it cost ½ cent more to make a safer vaccine. AND THEY DID NOT DO IT TO SAVE ½ cent per dose.  Family was awarded $15 MILLION FROM Wyeth in 1986.  (GRAHAM VS WYETH)DPT caused permanent neurological damage.

TY:  Therefore we changed from DTP to DTaP)

THOMAS:  There are some deaths from Whooping cough.  We have seen the worst cases.  It would reduce your risk for Pertussis.  For pregnancy- need it every year as it is not effective.  Deaths from Whooping cough 5-10 deaths in infants 3 months or younger.  Toxin side – aluminum is guaranteed poisoning in 4 million births.  Literally 1 in a million risk of death of whooping cough.  It is tragic to loose your baby- VERSUS the guaranteed risk from aluminum toxicity.  The older babies get –with the and windpipe bigger after 3 months- the cough is better, they can breathe with larger windpipe.   We see parapertussis and the Pertussis does not effect.  80% of people

MILLLER:- We are told we need to vaccinate. – 3 dozen studies confirm that the Pertussis vaccine causes evolutionary adaptation – so that the strains targeted are no longer the strains that guard against the disease. Measles vaccinated people are spreading the measles-  Silent carriers of measles and pertussis are spreading the disease.  The person vaccinated may not get symptoms- but will spread the contagious pertussis-  Whooping Wally…….. the DPT no longer works against the Pertussis that is whooping cough NOW infecting people- it has changed to another strain—remember the flu strains that didn’t work in the recent vaccines.  (so you are giving toxins without benefit)

Whooping Cough Study May Offer Clue on Surge - The New York ... 25, 2013 ... The surprising new finding has not been replicated in people, but scientists ... but not for the population,” said Tod J. Merkel, the lead author of the study, ... vaccinated may be continuing to spread the infection without getting sick. ... A version of this article appears in print on November 26, 2013, on Page ...

TY:  Silent carriers- may be the reason for the increase in pertussis in recent years. The vaccine may not prevent you from getting the new pertussis and may actually be spreading Pertussis

Japan’s DTaP-  TRIPEDIA Listed side effects of SIDS, autism and anaphylactic shock.  It was removed from market from 2011?

DR HUMPHRIES:  What surprised me was that this was put out in the open---- A tetanus toxoid was laced with HCG and was causing miscarriages in pregnant women it was given to.  So, they were giving these vaccines far more frequently than they needed to in India in areas of overpopulation and poverty to work like birth control.  What surprised me the most was that people thought that this was OK to do to people.   They made antibodies to HCG.

Dr. BARK: They were giving young girls 5 shoots in a short period of time-  Why so many boosters- They tested the batches and every batch had HCG in it. This happened in the Philippines and AFRICA.

-------Just think that they give this to young girls- they grow up and they cannot have children. It is so wrong, so inhuman.   It upsets me very, very much.

TY:  This may not be upsetting to you as it is to me, but it follows the utilitarian philosophy- What’s better for the greater good.  And that is wrong.  This philosophy was used in the Supreme Court case over 100 years ago. ( DEF: Utilitarianism is the idea that the moral worth of an action is solely determined by its contribution to overall utility in maximizing happiness or pleasure as summed among all people. It is, then, the total utility of individuals which is important here, the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people.)

BARBAR LOE FISHER:  1905, the Supreme Court in Jacobson versus Massachusetts.> The states have the constitutional power to use force to mandate the smallpox vaccination   Jacobson was a Lutheran pastor. Said that he believed some people had genetic susceptibility to the smallpox vaccination- even way back then.  Both he and his son has had bad reactions to a previous smallpox vaccination.  That was a very Utilitarian decision.   Again- that was not the principle that this country was founded on- it was very different principles.  Utilitarian means the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people.   When you use utilitarianism to buttress public health policy- you can create

what is known as “the tyranny of the majority”.  Where minority and individuals who are susceptible to vaccines-for biologic and genetic and other reasons are basically considered expendable.  Sacrificed for the happiness off the rest.

LAURA HAYES:  He was ordered to pay a $5 fee in lieu of getting the smallpox vaccine. That was the start.  Many of these court cases will go back to there was the start.  The decision was erroneous and I cannot believe that it has not been turned over.  There should be no forced medicine . The 1947 NUREMBERG code = the voluntary consent of the medical subject is absolutely essential

The Nuremberg code should have most certainly nullified and made void the 1905 decision

We have had other treaties that we have signed.  The 2005 UNESCO agreement that we sign upholds the right of prior informed and voluntary consent prior to any medical interventions including vaccinations.

BARBARA LOE FISHER:  THE 1905 decision of Jabcobson vs. Mass paved the way for the 1927 Buck vs Bell.  Oliver Wendall Holmes was the Supreme Court Justice that articulated the majority position ,  which said , it is OK for the states to pass eugenics laws.  They incorrectly Judged Carrie Buck and her daughter and her child to be mentally retarded  (VA?).  Holmes said 3 generations of imbeciles are enough.  The principles that allowed enforced vaccinations was broad enough to allow forced sterilizations.   They were allowed to cut her Fallopian tubes so she could not have another child.  It gave the green light to VA and other states to pass eugenics laws.  They forcibly sterilized over 60,000 Americans between 1927 and the 1940’s, when finally, it stopped.  When you adopt a utilitarian rationale to forward public policy to mandate vaccination, it’s a slippery slope… ………Who is to say 1 child is expendable to another.

EUGENICS-  The science of improving the human population by controlled breeding and eliminating undesirables. 

SAYER JI:  I was very ill with bronchial asthma.  I recall that that has been very formative in who I have become today and why I am so into educating people about another way. - I have 2 daughters- and when that happened, something shifted in me.   It is likely at some point that the states is going to mandate what is put into their bodies- that redefines us as chattel or property. So that means we do not have the basic right to bodily self possession.  We are identifying ourselves as slaves or Objects 

We will all be faced with the decision- Do I vaccinate according to the schedule?   Can I trust my pediatrician who is telling me to do this. They don’t fully understand that the moral right is behind them.   They have the right to decide what is nest for their children no matter what the state says.  Is their power over them.

EUGENICS-  The science of improving the human population by controlled breeding and eliminating undesirables. 

I mean when these govt regulations are imposed, they are forgetting, that there are different ways to thinking about your health.  There are many approaches-  Pharmaceutical approach is just 1 way, but there is a whole vitalist approach that people are using to make their decisions for their families.  …

 TY: And we should have that right.

--In the State of Vermont, we had our philosophical right taken away. People were surprised- What? = they took that away.  They were complacent.  You need to contact your lawmakers. In 2012, we had our 1st encounter with trying to make the Philosophical Exemption away.  We talked to the lawmakers about this freely. But last year, when the same thing came up, something had changed where now it was not OK to talk about not vaccinating your child.  So, something has happened in our culture that demonizes people who just want to take care of their families as they see fit.   Informed consent has always been a part of any medical decision, and now there is no informed consent if your rights are being taken away on whether you can make that choice Or not.

TY:  We all need to stand up for the right of freedom of choice for medical interventions like vaccines.

If we do not have that right then what rights do we really have left.

ALLISON FOLMAR, JD:  You have a fundamental right to act in the best interests of your child, raising and rearing that child, deciding what school that child goes to, what religion you want to belong to, and medical choices.  There are some families that choose a holistic path and some families do not.  But whatever that parent feels is best for that child and there is no level of immediate risk of harm to that child-, that parent, the law says will be given deference to their treatment. And that’s not happening.

TY:  So you have seen personal cases where that preference to the parents are not given.

ALLISON FOLMAR, JD:  Its done over and over again.   Unfortunately, what is happening is the exact opposite.   You can have someone make an anonymous call that puts Child Protective Services at your door.  They can say anything-  Like, “that parent is giving a “whack” treatment for that child.  I don’t think it’s right.”

Now Child Protective Services is knocking at your door, investigating how you parent, how you live.  The burden has to shift.  It’s a burden of evidence, a preponderance of evidence that the state has to show. And a compelling state interest.  What if,… is there any immediate risk of harm. And what happens now is that things just spiral out of control so that there is a presumption against the parents before they have any due process.  Before they can ever hire a skilled lawyer, before they can ever walk into court.  You shouldn’t have to hire a skilled lawyer to protect a fundamental right of interest when you are being accused. Because the burden is not on you. The burden is on the state.

PERSON A --that person who has strong immune system- is healthy- does not need vaccine. 

PERSON  Z ---has a poor immune system—the -vaccine will not help them prevent getting the disease.

MSG-( Monosodium glutamate) is excitatory. Causes Seizures and neurological damage.

Glyphosate, a carcinogen,  is contaminating the vaccines.  It opens up the BBB and causes leaking gut.

POLYSORBBATE 80 - opens junctions.  Absorbs the vaccine.  Drugs are NOT supposed to get into the brain.----PS 80 absorbs tightly to drugs, bacteria and virus, Aluminum.  And now THEY can get into the brain across THE blood brain barrier.  20  times more absorbed…

Surfactant --helps 2 substances dissolve in each other like oil and water.

POLYSORBATE 80 may cause reproductive problems, cancer and other toxicities.

Effects of foreign substances entering the brain:

1.     1 in 6 get Nerve development disability

2.     1 in 50 get autism

3.     1 in 10 get ADHD

4.     1 in 20 below 5 gets seizures

54% of children have a chronic disease

Children get 49 doses of vaccines by age of six

Supreme Court says—Legal definition- vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”

Aluminum is present in the pneumonia, Hep A + B, HIB, HPV, Dtap, tDaP.  It is used to boost the immune response.  It is toxic to the body so you make antibodies to it.   It interacts with fluoride . + goes into the brain. It causes food allergies, autoimmunity, MS, lupus, ALZ,    This aluminum is not the same as what we eat.  Aluminum is bound tightly and goes to brain.

Formaldehyde causes cancer.

DOSE- CDC says MAX dose is not to exceed 5 micrograms per kg a day or Leads to neurological problems and bone deposition.  Parental ( not oral but put in the body) aluminum is a shot or in IV.  Vaccines are given at 2 months, 4 months and 6 months.

FDA says not more than 25 micrograms/day—It would need a special warning. (mcg=microgram)

VACCINES CONTAINING ALUMINUMà    Pneumo 125 mcg, Hep A 250 mcg  ,Hepatitis B 250, mcg , dip, tetanus, pertussis, HIB 225 mcg of AL DTap-160-795 micrograms of AL, HPV 225 mcg, Pentacel 330 mcg,  Pediarix 850mcg -see link below:

99% of newborns get Hep B- which has 14 times the recommended amount of aluminum.  2, 4 and 6 month  vaccinations- 8= >TOTAL of 1000 mcg of Aluminum.  That amount is not even safe for a 350 pound adult.


If a liquid has 200 ppb it is considered toxic HAZHARD.  1 ppb is toxic to nerve cells.  If given in pregnancy, it is toxic to a developing brain.


Children at birth receive 20 times the allowed amount.

 Average weight of boys


3 month


27 months


6 -7 years old

Average adult

Morbidly obese adult

MAX ALLOWED Aluminum in mcg















 POLIO- out of 1000 people infected with polio virus- 950 have NO symptoms, 40 have stomach flu like symptoms, 4 have temporary paralysis, 1 has permanent paralysis

Oral polio vaccine causes the shedding of polio virus.  Types 1 and 2 of the virus.  Type 2 that is now inactivated is not very effective.  There is also a type 3 polio virus.  We stopped using the oral vaccine in the 1960’s as all cases of polio were from the vaccine.

VACCINES contain SV40/ causes cancer and is passes down to children.  1990’s found SV40 DNA in cancerous tumors  in adults and children with brain, bone and lung cancer. ½ Nonhodgkins lymphoma are caused by SV40. (On PubMed-looks like Large B cell lymphomas, osteosarcomas, mesotheliomas can have SV40)

DDT + Arsenic poisoning have the same effect as polio.  Polio cases definition changed so many polio cases were labeled as aseptic meningitis.

MMR- contains:  vitamins, amino acids, fetal bovine serum, sucrose, glutamate, 

If giving 2 viruses at the same time, you increase the autoimmune intestinal dysfunction.

Measles is not a deadly disease.  MMR linked to autism as it has glutamate and live virus.  Getting 2 infections at the same time causes problems.  Need to have 1 at a time.  As soon as Dr. Andy Wakefield recommended that--- they removed this option and went after Dr. Wakefield.  WAIT UNTIL AFTER 3years old for MMR.

84% of those infected with measles were up to date on their MMR.  Now, most of the cases of measles are the atypical variety from vaccinations.

RUBELLA- causes problems during pregnancy.  Males have no benefit from the Rubella vaccination.

Side effects- Severe neurological disorders, blood disorders, severe allergic reactions, bowel disease. Sensory impairments, immune system disease, atypical measles.

  It costs ½ cent more to make a safer vaccine for DTaP/Whooping Cough

DPT- causes seizures to hypotonic collapses.  Caused death so the company sent divided lots all over the country so you couldn’t tell if there was a HOT lot.   In Japan, there are not these injuries.  Japan uses a different vaccine.  DTaP- acellular is more pure and more safe.  IT IS NOT EFFECTIVE.   5-10 deaths within 3 years of life.  It will poison baby. 1/million to die of pertussis.  Guaranteed risk of toxicity as you are injecting aluminum into a very small baby versus risk of death of 1 in a million.   The pertussis vaccines do not work anymore- we do not know why.  We are seeing more of parapertussis which the vaccine doesn’t cover.  80% of people contracting pertussis have been fully vaccinated.   The germ of pertussis has evolved and is no longer covered by the vaccine.

People vaccinated against measles  are now carriers of the disease.  People vaccinated against pertussis are now silent carriers of pertussis.   Like Typhoid Mary – they are contagious—Whooping Wally

In the Phillipines- Tetanus vaccine had HCG in it and caused miscarriages



Episode4:  Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity

FLU VACCINE:   700 to 2,000  deaths a year from flu    CDC had been combining the deaths from pneumonia with the flu to inflate the numbers.

Flu Nasal mist removed from the market as it was only 3% effective and was spreading influenza.

Injection with a trivalent  flu  --is hot +will stir up the immune system – to create massive amounts of antibody to those strains.  Usually the antibody arm of immunity and cell mediated immunity arm work together in a synergistic fashion.

 But what actually happens is that the humoral or antibody arm stops the body from making cell mediated immunity.  That arm is paralyzed from remembering and making cell mediated immunity. 

COCHRANE reviews did not find the flu vaccination safe or effective.  Reduced flu in under age 2 children by only 3.6%..  In 2012 study of 100 flu vaccinated versus 100 placebo injected with saline--- 4-5 times higher  chance of getting a viral infection (noninfluenza) if you were vaccinated with the flu vaccine.  Some of these were very nasty viruses that would have been called polio- years ago.

Thimerosal causes mutations in somatic mammalian germ cells. (EGGS)  It causes mutations in the embryo.  Thimerosal was removed from 3 childhood vaccines in 2003. That same year the CDC mandated the flu vaccine for pregnant women and little children.  At that time, almost all the flu vaccines contained mega doses of Thimerosal.  So, the children and pregnant women were still getting high doses of thimerosal at a much more vulnerable period.  It was removed from some vaccines and added to others.  Mercury was put into the multidose-10 dose vial for its antimicrobial effect.  That saves about 15 cents per dose.  Is your child worth 15 cents to get the single dose vial.

Vaccinated pregnant women have much higher circulating inflammatory markers and these also circulate in the fetus. 2012 study showed increased Schizophrenia, psychiatric disorders and autism. 

CRP.  The fetus could be getting a million times what the EPA says is safe.  If a multi-dose vial with mercury is dropped on the floor and breaks- the entire building has to be evacuated in some states –until a hazmat crew can clean it up. 

Autism is an inflammatory condition of the brain.

THE MULTI-DOSE VIAL OF THIMEROSAL HS 25 micrograms of thimerosal. 

The injection is 0.5 milliliters.                       1mcg = 1 ppb  so shot hasà>> 50,000 ppb of Thimerosal

2 ppb is the limit for drinking water

TOXIC HAZARD is 200 PPB (parts per billion)

THEREFORE:  1 shot from a multi-dose vial is 250 times the toxic  hazard limit.

In 2009-  people got the swine flu vaccine and the flu vaccine and many lost renal function. If you get the flu vaccine- you are more likely to get the pandemic flu the next year.

Science 2016- The first flu the child gets effects how their life long immunity builds up.  There is an imprinting process that happens.  Older individuals are less likely to get the flu.

It makes no sense to get the flu vaccination based on science.  To get the flu vaccine- the body got poisoned and the response to the poisoning is the body to get sick. 

HEP B Vaccine—avoid in the newborn.

HIB has formaldehyde- No aluminum or mercury- did decrease meningitis.  Only causes a handful of disease a year-  There are others-  No strain.  1 in a million chance of getting now.

Japan does not vaccinate children until they are over 2 years old. 

HIB and pneumoccal vaccine

Prevnar 7   to combat 7 of 90 strains of pneumonia) did stop those 7 strains – But new strains became more prevalent and more virulent.  Now there is Prevnar 13.  Already, there are strains taking the place of these 13.   The control group for the Prevar 7 was an EXPERIMENTAL MENINGIOCOCCAL vaccine with an unknown reaction profile.   They gave the children in both arms a DPT vaccine- everytime a seizure occurred, they wrote it off as DPT not as the vaccine that they were trying to license.    That was the control.

In the Prevnar 13 trials,- Prevnar 7 was used as the control.  So Prevnar has NEVER been studied with a proper control group.  

There are so many food allergies today as there are so many food proteins in the vaccines. 

Vitamin K (as synthetic phytonadione)(contains aluminum, benzol alcohol + propylene glycol-antifreeze),  shot is given to newborns-- has egg phospholipid and castor oil.  Castor oil cross reacts with peanuts and tree nuts. This is to treat the rare VKDB – vitamin k deficiency bleeding.  Mothers could simply eat green leafy vegetables for several weeks before delivery.  OR can give oral vitamin K- not as good but less likely to cause allergies.  There are no studies showing that oral vitamin K cause childhood cancer.   In 1992, a British Medical Journal was the 2nd study to show a link between childhood cancer and IM vitamin K-

Found these 2 later contradicting abstracts:

 Br J Cancer. 2003 Oct 6;89(7):1228-31.

Vitamin K and childhood cancer: a report from the United Kingdom Childhood Cancer Study.

Fear NT1, Roman E, Ansell P, Simpson J, Day N, Eden OB; United Kingdom Childhood Cancer Study.

Author information


The relationship between neonatal vitamin K received by the intramuscular (i.m.) route and the development of leukaemia or other cancers was investigated as part of a national case-control study of childhood cancer, using data abstracted from obstetric and neonatal records. The analyses included 2530 children diagnosed with cancer before 15 years of age, 1174 of whom had leukaemia and 4487 control children without cancer. Overall, 39% of cases and 42% of controls had records of i.m. vitamin K administration, while 24% of cases and 22% of controls had no record of whether or not they had received vitamin K. Using subjects who received i.m. vitamin K as the baseline group, our analyses found no association between the administration of i.m. vitamin K and either leukaemia or other cancers as a group. We conclude that there is no convincing evidence that neonatal vitamin K administration, irrespective of the route by which it is given, influences the risk of children developing leukaemia or any other cancer.

PMID:14520451   PMCID:PMC2394315                                                      DOI:10.1038/sj.bjc.6601278

Br J Cancer. 2002 Jan 7;86(1):63-9.

Vitamin K and childhood cancer: analysis of individual patient data from six case-control studies.

Roman E1, Fear NT, Ansell P, Bull D, Draper G, McKinney P, Michaelis J, Passmore SJ, von Kries R.

Author information


To investigate the hypothesis that neonates who receive intramuscular vitamin K are at an increased risk of developing cancer, particularly leukaemia, a pooled analysis of individual patient data from six case-control studies conducted in Great Britain and Germany has been undertaken. Subjects comprised 2431 case children diagnosed with cancer before 15 years of age and 6338 control children. The retrospective assessment of whether or not an individual baby received vitamin K is not straightforward. In many cases no record was found in stored medical notes and two types of analysis were therefore conducted; in the first it was assumed that where no written record of vitamin K was found it had not been given, and in the second, where no written record of administration was found, information on hospital policy and perinatal morbidity was used to 'impute' whether or not vitamin K had been given. In the first analysis, no association was found between neonatal administration of intramuscular. vitamin K and childhood cancer: odds ratios adjusted for mode of delivery, admission to special care baby unit and low birth weight were 1.09 (95% confidence interval 0.92-1.28) for leukaemia and 1.05 (0.92-1.20) for other cancers. In the second analysis, the adjusted odds ratios increased to 1.21 (1.02-1.44) for leukaemia and 1.10 (0.95-1.26) for other cancers. This shift did not occur in all studies, and when data from the hypothesis generating Bristol study were excluded, the adjusted odds ratios for leukaemia became 1.06 (0.89-1.25) in the first analysis and 1.16 (0.97-1.39) when data on prophylaxis imputed from hospital policy and perinatal morbidity were used. We conclude that whilst the broad nature of the diagnostic groups and the poor quality of some of the vitamin K data mean that small effects cannot be entirely ruled out, our analysis provides no convincing evidence that intramuscular vitamin K is associated with childhood leukaemia.  PMID:11857013  PMCID: PMC2746550          DOI: 10.1038/sj.bjc.6600007

The HiB Vaccine-The haemophilus B vaccine, a series of injections x 4..- uses peanut oil or other nut containing oils as an adjuvant.   The molecular structure of some of the proteins of HIB are similar to the peanut.

It is crucial for children to be able to detoxify from the ingredients in the vaccine.  They are told to give Acetaminophen/Children’s Tylenol which COMPROMISES the ability to detoxify.  It depletes the liver glutathione.  The enzyme that helps you rid yourself of toxins. 

Pregnant women using acetaminophen have children with increased asthma, ADHD, behavioral and sensory disorders.  The more exposure to Tylenol, the worse the health outcomes. 


Giving Tylenol before or after a vaccination increases the risk of autism spectrum disorders.  Danish Study Sept 2016  ( Could not find this study)

The effects of acetaminophen are magnified in the presence of testosterone.  

In Most countries of the world,-  they do not vaccinate before 2 years old and they get ½ what Americans kids get.

Neil Z. Miller and Goldman study Looked at vaccination schedules around the world and found

1.      The US requires the most vaccines.  26 vaccines In infants up to age 1 year.

2.       Infant mortality rate is death per 1000 livebirths

3.     Iceland and Norway only gives 12 vaccines and have the lowest infant mortality

4.     In First world nations-  US is 34th in infant mortality.  Most of their population follows the schedule but vaccination is not mandated.  ALSO, the breast feeding rate is 99%.   Their rates of autism are 1 in 1000 and 1 in 2,000.  In the USA autism rate was 1 in 150. At that time.  Now it is 1 in 50. 

5.     The more vaccinations that a nation requires, the worse their infant mortality rate.

Pertussis, DPT Vaccine-was a Whole cell vaccine . Then went to DTaPà  DO NOT PREVENT infection and there is TRANSMISSION of infection by vaccinated persons..

It is an illusion that there is vaccinated herd immunity.  The microbe has responded to the mass vaccination and has evolved. 

1.      There are new strains not covered in the vaccine.

2.       Vaccine acquired immunity is extremely temporary, 2 years if at all.

3.     We have a lot of pertussis in our country that is not being identified or reported.

4.     The Pertussis vaccine is not preventing the pertussis.




HPV- 26%  clinical, most people carry some strain of HPV.  90% of infections will resolve over 2 years without causing any health issues.

CDC recommends that 11-12 year olds  get 2  injections of the HPV vaccine. With the second given 6-12 months after the first.   Cervarix and Gardasil both contain aluminum

Cervarix- is a bivalent vaccine to protect against types 16 and 18 which are reported to be responsible for 70% of cervical cancer cases.  Approximately 2% of girls and women have been exposed to these 2 strains.

GARDASIL is a quadrivalent vaccine.  Helps to guard against HPV Types 11, 6, 16 and 18.

6 + 11 are responsible for 90% of all genital warts.   The CDC recommends the HPV vaccine for girls and for boys.

There are over 100 strains of HPV .  2-3 are associated with cervical cancer .(70% of cervical cancers are linked to HPV strains 16/18,-- there are other strains that cause problems)  The link is NOT causative.

GARDASIL has pieces of  HPV types 6, 11,16, 18 and adjuvants like aluminum to stimulate the immune system to respond to those pieces and parts to protect against genital warts.  A pap smear can identify the cervical genital warts.  Removal of the warts will stop the progression to cancer- much like a colonoscopy detects polyps which are removed to prevent colon cancer.

Theoretically this is a good thing-  prevent the strains that cause cancer from forming lesions.  An anti-cancer vaccine would be great!.  But to mandate that the entire population be targeted  rather than susceptible families or those who had losses from cervical cancer seems extreme.

NEIL MILLER, MD-  We know that there are 15 strains of HPV that can cause cervical cancer.  We are going to target the 2 that are causing the most cases.  They also added 2 strains for  sexually transmitted warts.   Types 16 and 18 are the 2 targeted oncogenic strains.  So, the vaccine is effective at targeting those strains.  But when you have multiple strains, what happens is—Let me give you an analogy. 

When a big military like the United States goes over to Iran, Iraq or Syria, and we start combating ISIS or the Taliban, --we take them out and lower their ability to inflict harm—that’s the same thing as when we have a vaccine to HPV 16 and 18.

Now you have created a vacuum and other strains are going to come and take their place.   We have evidence of this happening now.    New HPV strains are more prevalent and more VIRULENT.  This is supported by a study published in 2/2016 in the journal, Pediatrics.   That rates of HPV have dropped since 2006---but only in the 4 strains in the vaccine.  

However, “any HPV strain prevalence was similar in the pre vaccine era=  54.4% and post vaccine era =58.1%. The prevalence of HPV has actually increased 3. 7 % WHILE THE  4 types in the vaccine are decreased.

No adequate control group was used with GARDASIL.  Gardasil was licensed after 1,100 girls under the age of 16, before it was recommended for girls 11-12.  1100 girls followed for up to 2 years is not a database.   That is not scientific proof that that vaccine is safe for all girls 11-12 years old.  And now it is being given to 11 and 12 year old boys.  

GARDASIL was fast tracked.  It was a genetically engineered  vaccine using virus like protein particles for the first time.  THEY USED AN ALUMINUM containing PLACEBO. (Not mentioned here--Gardasil9 used the Gardasil4 as placebo)

GARDISIL has the highest amount of aluminum of ANY vaccine on the market.  The vaccine is as safe as the side effects for the placebo. The vaccine side effects were the same as for the shot of aluminum (PLACEBO). So, they said, the vaccine is as SAFE AS THE PLACEBO.  They did have several arms of the study--Only 200 got saline, the rest got the aluminum adjuvant.  In some cases, they got multiple doses of the aluminum adjuvant.  Some cases got 3 doses of the aluminum adjuvant while the vaccine group only got 1 or 2 doses of the vaccine.    We know aluminum is neurotoxic

May 2016, Chris Exely , out of Exeter University in London, England published in Nature—on Aluminum adjuvants and their neurotoxicity  used in approved human vaccines.   

Textbook, “Vaccines and Autoimmunity”.  Specifically discusses aluminum adjuvants and autoimmunity.  So, we know that aluminum is not benign.

PLACEBO= an innocuous or inert medication given as a pacifier or to the control group in an experiment.

In 4/5 trials, the GARDASIL placebo was aluminum—which is not inert.  It is a known neurotoxin.

Gardasil package insert says- beware of loss of consciousness with injection.   We know from Canadian data that 10% of people receiving Gardasil wind up in the ER after receiving it.  3% wind up being hospitalized.

There are thousands of proteins causing thousands of antibodies.

Of all the vaccines-  HPV vaccine, has the most reports of adverse reactions.  Including ER VISITS ASSOCIATED WITH IT, AS WELL AS REPORTS OF DEATH.  

Dr. Tenpenny:-  The Gardasil vaccine causes so many debilitating things.  Autoimmune conditions, POT Syndrome.  /Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.  I think there has been upwards of 180  confirmed deaths reported as of 2014. 

.. Looking at the Med Alert search engine  as of December 31, 2016 there have been 43,532 reported vaccine adverse reactions and 250 deaths associated with  Gardasil vaccination in VAERS.  HPV vaccines account for 25% of VAERS reports. 

RESULTS:  19,351 ER visits with 42 days of vaccination.  4 cases of venous thromboembolism. 958 were hospitalized.


I doubled checked this information by going to the Med Alert search engine on 5/4/17, just looking at all SERIOUS adverse reaction and breaking out deaths and then total adverse reactions for each HPV vaccine:



























TOTALS of 4*






*Using the Med Alert search engine, as of March 2017 on 5/4/17 there have been a total of 50,463 total adverse reactions reported.  The total for all reported adverse reactions for all vaccines over all time was >500,000.

  April 4,2016 in the journal, Vaccine- an article about Adverse events after HPV Vaccination, Alberta 2006-2014.  

I placed the study below:

Vaccine. 2016 Apr 4;34(15):1800-5. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2016.02.040. Epub 2016 Feb 26.

Adverse events following HPV vaccination, Alberta 2006-2014.

Liu XC1Bell CA2Simmonds KA3Svenson LW4Russell ML5.

Author information



In Canada, private purchase of human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines has been possible since 2006. In Alberta, Canada, a publicly funded quadrivalent HPV vaccine program began in the 2008/2009 school year. There have been concerns about adverse events, including venous thromboembolism (VTE) associated with HPV vaccines. We describe the frequencies of adverse events following HPV vaccination among Alberta females aged 9 years or older and look at VTE following HPV vaccination.


We used the Alberta Immunization and Adverse Reaction to Immunization (Imm/ARI) repository (publicly funded vaccine), the population-based Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN) information system (dispensing of a vaccine), and the Alberta Morbidity and Ambulatory Care Abstract reporting system (MACAR) for June 1, 2006-November 19, 2014. Deterministic data linkage used unique personal identifiers. We identified all reported adverse events following immunization (AEFI) and all emergency department (ED) utilization or hospitalizations within 42 days of immunization. We calculated the frequency of AEFI by type, rates per 100,000 doses of HPV vaccine administered and the frequencies of ICD-10-CA codes for hospitalizations and emergency department visits.


Over the period 195,270 females received 528,913 doses of HPV vaccine. Of those receiving at least one dose, 192 reported one or more AEFI events (198 AEFI events), i.e., 37.4/100,000 doses administered (95% CI 32.5-43.0). None were consistent with VTE. Of the women who received HPV vaccine 958 were hospitalized and 19,351 had an ED visit within 42 days of immunization. Four women who had an ED visit and hospitalization event were diagnosed with VTE. Three of these had other diagnoses known to be associated with VTE; the fourth woman had VTE among ED diagnoses but not among those for the hospitalization.


Rates of AEFI after HPV immunization in Alberta are low and consistent with types of events seen elsewhere.

Copyright © 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.


*Papillomavirus vaccines/ae [adverse effects]; *Product surveillance; *Vaccination/ae [adverse effects]; Alberta; Canada; HPV vaccination; Humans; Population surveillance; Postmarketing


There is an autoimmune component to the POT Syndrome occurring after HPV vaccination.

 I placed several  links to the topic below:

Human papillomavirus vaccines, complex regional pain syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, and autonomic dysfunction - a review of the regulatory evidence from the European Medicines Agency.

Jefferson T, Jørgensen L.

Indian J Med Ethics. 2017 Jan-Mar;2(1):30-37. Epub 2016 Oct 17.

PMID: 27867145

Similar articles

Vaccine. 2015 May 21;33(22):2602-5. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.03.098. Epub 2015 Apr 14.

Orthostatic intolerance and postural tachycardia syndrome as suspected adverse effects of vaccination against human papilloma virus.

Brinth LS1Pors K1Theibel AC1Mehlsen J2.

Author information



Infections with human papilloma virus (HPV) can result in cervical, oropharyngeal, anal, and penile cancer and vaccination programs have been launched in many countries as a preventive measure. We report the characteristics of a number of patients with a syndrome of orthostatic intolerance, headache, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, and neuropathic pain starting in close relation to HPV vaccination.


Patients were referred for orthostatic intolerance following HPV vaccination. Symptoms of autonomic dysfunction were quantified by standardised questionnaire. The diagnosis of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) rested on finding a sustained heart rate increment of >30 min(-1) (>40 min(-1) in adolescents) or to levels >120 min(-1) during orthostatic challenge.


35 women aged 23.3 ± 7.1 years participated. Twenty-five had a high level of physical activity before vaccination and irregular periods were reported by all patients not on treatment with oral contraception. Serum bilirubin was below the lower detection limit in 17 patients. Twenty-one of the referred patients fulfilled the criteria for a diagnosis of POTS (60%, 95%CI 43-77%). All patients had orthostatic intolerance, 94% nausea, 82% chronic headache, 82% fatigue, 77% cognitive dysfunction, 72% segmental dystonia, 68% neuropathic pain.


In a population referred for symptoms of orthostatic intolerance and other symptoms consistent with autonomic dysfunction that began in close temporal association with a quadrivalent HPV vaccination, we identified a 60% prevalence of POTS. Further work is urgently needed to elucidate the potential for a causal link between the vaccine and circulatory abnormalities and to establish targeted treatment options for the affected patients.

Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Autonomic nervous system; Human papilloma virus vaccination




Makers of HPV vaccine claim that all the free viral DNA had been removed from the vaccine..  One of the mothers told Dr. Sin Hang Lee that her daughter’s blood had HPV DNA in it per a lab report.   So Dr. Lee got the HPV vaccine to see if it had HPV DNA in it. All testing he did had free HPV DNA in it. ( USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia)  

If you have HPV free viral DNA, aluminum—The HPV DNA is bound to the aluminum- this new complex is potentially risky when injected into the human being.  When one of 3 girls in New Zealand died- they got a court order to send Dr. Lee a postmortem specimen.  He found DNA of HPV type 16  in the blood and spleen.

When HPV DNA combined with aluminum it changed to nonB conformation. The HPV DNA in the autopsy specimens was NONB conformation.  It was not a natural DNA from the virus- it was a bound DNA like in the vaccine.

Dr. Lee found free viral DNA in the HPV vaccine- in every vial he tested from around the world.  And he found HPV DNA in the dead girl from New Zealand. Concluding that the vaccine had killed the girl.

Dr. Lee was in on the Joel Gomez case—a healthy 14 year old boy with no medical problems and no known preexisting conditions. No cardiac issues, no psychological problems, no substance abuse.  He had the HPV vaccination the day before he died. He was a football player.  He was injected with 1 dose of GARDASIL and went to play football.  2 months later he received another injection of GARDASIL, went home and told his mother he was not feeling well.  He went to sleep and the next morning he was dead.  Dr. Lee reviewed the case for attorney-  He thought that the boy had a silent heart attack after the first injection.   The second injection caused a problem with the already damaged heart. Possibly hypotension.  There was no other plausible cause for death in Joel Gomez according to court documents. 


Dr. Diane Harper, M. D. MPH, MS and vaccine researcher that helped develop the HPV vaccine admitted  in 2009 that there are more serious side effects than cervical cancer cases.  The incidence of cervical cancer is so low in the US that if we give the vaccine and continue with pap screening we will not change the rate of cervical cancer in the US. …If you vaccinate a child- she will not keep the immunity past puberty and you do nothing to prevent cervical cancer.

I found the following, referring to her actual quote:

During a presentation at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination, which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2nd through 4th, 2009, Dr. Harper said,”

About eight in every ten women who have been sexually active will have HPV at some stage of their life.  Normally there are no symptoms, and in 98 per cent of cases it clears itself.  But in those cases where it doesn’t, and isn’t treated, it can lead to pre-cancerous cells which may develop into cervical cancer.

(My commentary:  According to the GYN oncologist I used to operate with—Most of the new cervical cancer cases are in the population of women outside of routine healthcare.  In other words, the illegal immigrants, poor not going to free clinics, people not taking advantage of screening healthcare programs.  They come into the health care arena emergently- with heavy bleeding due to the cancer or pain due to an enlarged tumor. Those women receiving routine care are screened and picked up before they progress to cancer )

Judy Mikovits, PhD.-  Cancer is not a public health concern.  Public health officials should not be mandating, recommending or spending tremendous amounts of taxpayer money-- Because  1 in 10 of people vaccinated with GARDASIL or Cervarix are experiencing serious side effects: neurological diseases, chronic Lyme disease, reactivated infections, serious narcolepsy, as we found with the Swine flu vaccination years ago.  Serious, serious damage to the point that these teenagers cannot return to high school when they were award winning students and in the gifted and talented programs.  Why are we vaccinating boys?

Ty:  According to the CDC every year, 11,000 men get cancers caused by HPV infections.

Judy Mikovits, PhD:  The HPV vaccine has not been proven to prevent a case of cervical cancer.  (I disagree that cervical cancer is not a communicable disease-  the HPV can be more virulent in cervical cancer.  GYN’s say beware of dating a guy whose girlfriend had cervical cancer or had to have colposcopies and LEEP procedures  )  The vaccine does prevent genital warts- but these are easy to take care of. 

MARIO LAMO JIM_NEZ- Journalist reporting on GARDASIL PROBLEMS (I included the link and article)

MAY 6, 2014

Gardasil Scandal Brewing in Colombia?



María Paula Mejía, one of Colombia’s first Gardasil victims?

Her name is María Paula Mejía. She is a college student. Since receiving three doses of Gardasil her health has deteriorated considerably. She now suffers from constant pain throughout her body, muscle weakness, and bleeding from the nose and gums. She has so much pain in her left knee and ankle that she must walk with a cane, and cannot continue her college education. Paula is one of the first in Colombia to report a serious new medical conditions occurring after the use of Gardasil.

Lloyd Phillips, an American researcher of infectious diseases and genetics, has studied the adverse effects of Gardasil for five years. His work has revealed how Gardasil works differently in different people. He has documented related and biologically plausible mechanisms of action which could cause the many serious and life-threatening side effects which are being reported by girls and young women around the world after receiving the HPV vaccine.

In Colombia we have a potential crisis of major proportions resulting from the use of Gardasil because it is “free and compulsory” by “Law of the Republic”. It is assumed that this HPV vaccine is effective when used to combat cervical cancer, which can be caused by human papilloma virus. However, this vaccine has been hotly debated internationally for allegedly being dangerous and ineffective. It is currently being administered in Colombia without obtaining informed consent from young girls and their parents as to the potential and unknown risks of use.

The director of vaccination at MOH (Ministry of Health), Alejandro Garcia, says the government is “confident in the report of the World Health Organization,” which gives the go-ahead to the vaccine and assures that there is no association between the developments of illness and application of the vaccine.

Lina Trujillo of the Colombian Cancer Institute says that the vaccine protects exclusively against HPV and “does not remove the possibility of having other diseases, and adolescence is the time at which diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis start to appear,” and that “the only contraindication is ‘pregnancy’ and specialists have no hesitation in recommending the vaccine.”

However, neither the director of the Ministry of Health nor Lina Trujillo, from the Colombian Cancer Institute seem to be informed about how the vaccine is produced, and much less about the potential side effects of Gardasil.

The World Health Organization, whose reports are practically the Bible of the Gardasil vaccination policy in Colombia, has been suggested to be complicit with the pharmaceutical industry in general and the Gardasil manufacturer in particular in urging promotion of HPV vaccination campaigns. Relying on the pharmaceutical industry to self-regulate has historically been a losing proposition for the public when companies are left to weigh profits against transparency.

The María Paula Mejía case is illustrative in this regard. She had a third dose of the vaccine, even though she had experienced adverse symptoms after the first two injections. The third injection is when her serious symptoms began.

Interviewed via Skype, with visible signs of pain and discomfort from the effort of sitting upright in a chair, she told us the symptoms she experienced after the third dose of vaccine.

During the first 15 days after her third injection she experienced fever, vomiting, diarrhea, bone pain, joint pain, migraines, tingling, electrical “zaps” on her hip and back, and neck pain. One day she was unable to move for 2 hours, and continues to suffer from insomnia and dizziness. María Paula had every expectation that the symptoms would abate or at least become less intense, but instead they progressed in severity.

At her medical appointments, during which she was subjected to more than 40 laboratory tests, the medical diagnosis was unanimous: All tests were perfectly “normal”, she had nothing … while her symptoms worsened.

The symptoms she was already experiencing were followed by more severe ones, which included progressively spreading joint and bone pain, worsened neck pain, scalp pain, continuing severe hip, back, and knee pain. She began to suffer loss of strength in the left leg, wrist pain, dizziness, neuralgia throughout the body, painful spinal “zaps” as well as continuation of the “zaps” in her hips and limbs. She began to suffer difficulty breathing at certain times of day, chest pain, bleeding in the nose and gums, deviation of the left knee and left ankle, and new complications from older problems.

Through all these symptoms, medical observations and tests were useless in arriving at a diagnosis until a doctor thought to ask: “Has she been recently vaccinated?”

It was then that María Paula first made the association between the vaccine and her new medical condition. And she was not mistaken.

She is currently overwhelmed by pain, has difficulty walking and feels her health is deteriorating more and more. Her symptoms are consistent with those being reported after Gardasil around the world. Although not all are affected equally, of all girls who are vaccinated, a percentage of them will suffer severe effects from Gardasil, which can lead to paralysis and even death.

700 girls in one community in BOGATA were affected by the vaccination.  The Gov;t called it mass hysteria.  The girls claim that they  just want to be the happy girls, not affected like they were before the vaccination.  The hypotension caused by the vaccination lead to loss of consciousness due to lack of blood flow.  The authorities wanted to send the girls to a psychiatric hospital.  Some committed suicide.

Dr. Paul Thomas- Pediatrician:  Placebo should have been a saline injection, instead it was an aluminum injection.  Aluminum is a HUGE neurotoxin.  There are studies associating Aluminum with Gulf War Syndrome and neurological problems.   This was not an adequate study –but it went to market. 

Then they came out with HPV9, the new GARDASIL.  The placebo for this vaccine was HPV4/GARDASIL.  They said the side effects were the same-- so it was safe.  Well,  if you just look at the actual deaths-there will be more deaths from that vaccine then there ever be cases of cervical cancer.  It got fast tracked and now being pushed big time in the USA.   There are commercials on TV-they need marketing to push a faulty product-so they try pulling on your heart strings.




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Episode 6: A Closer Look at the CDC, Chickenpox and Rotavirus Vaccines & Retroviruses

Dr. Paul Thomas, MD, Pediatrician:  CDC has a conflict of interest with vaccine safety and promoting vaccines.  Today the CDC is a marketing branch of pharma.  Their job and mission statement is to promote vaccines.    He would like to change their mission to promoting healthy children.  He would like to see them study if vaccines are helping or not.

Robert F Kennedy, Jr.:  In our democracy, we have a number of institutions that are there to protect little children from predatory corporations and all of these have been neutralized. You have the regulatory agencies, the frontline protector of public health, that has been captured by the agency.  They have become a sock puppet for the industry that they are supposed to regulate.  It’s an arm of the pharmaceutical industry.  CDC sells 4.6 billion dollars of vaccines itself every year and owns the patent.

CDC is regulating an industry that it is part of.

TY:  I wanted to verify that the CDC owns patents so I did a patent search.  It turns out that he is correct. The CDC is listed as an assignee on over 50 patents related to flu, rotavirus, HIV, anthrax, rabies, Hepatitis A, pneumococcal, meningococcal and several other vaccines.   Does this seem like a public health agency that’s making independent  vaccine recommendations. OR does it seem like an agency acting as a risk management group that influences public opinion.

Dr. Toni Bark, MD – Found advisory committees at the CDC and FDA—because there is a process to approve drugs,   So the go through the FDA for approval and the CDC for recommendations.  There is something called FACA or Federal Advisory Committee Act- as you could imagine says anyone on these advisory committees cannot have undue influence, can’t be employed..

Ty: They should be independent.


Dr BarK:  It turns out its just not the case.  At the FDA, the committee is VERBAC, that the acronym,  and there is one person considered the consumer rep and all that means is that they are not employed by one of the major pharmaceutical companies, specifically.  That’s all that means.

TY: Really.

Dr. Bark:  They are usually MD, MD PhD’s, or Nurses with PhD’s.  They can be somebody without an advanced degree, but commonly they are.  Then the same thing is true for the ACIP committee which is the CDC’s committee for  recommendation.  …It turns out that the CDC on their website- automatically grants a waiver for conflict of interest for the anyone sitting on the ACIP committee, because they believe that they need “experts” on the committee

TY:  So, the conflict of interest rules do not apply to them 

Dr. BARK:  They don’t apply to them even they are specifically for them.

They are for federally advisory committees.  If the federal regulatory agencies isn’t, then that what we are talking about   its all about the federal regulatory agencies.  

TY:  It makes no sense.


Dr. BARK:  It makes no sense.

TY:  as we see in many other area of life, we look at how the money is controlling decisions as opposed to, maybe,  what’s  good for the people.

ROBERT J KRAKOW, ESQ:  If we look at industries-  we see the lead industry resisted the paint industry, Fluoride is another case. Asbestos-WR Grace fought ---the industry aggressively that asbestos did not cause mesothelioma. And other injuries.  Tobacco is another prime example.  That’s all about the money, its all about industry protecting its interests.  Which is fine … after all the famous line in the Godfather---“After all we are not communists.”     And so, industry is fine.  Its fine for people to make money. I have no problem with that.  When they cross the line when it is known, or at least strongly suspected that injury is occurring-and because of those vested interests, we cannot even explore it.  And when you speak about vaccines, it is taboo.  You will be shut down.  Your research funding will be limited.  If you come on as an expert more than a few times, they’ll start to criticize you so they undermine your ability to be an expert witness. parents who speak of this are shut down.  Columbia School of Journalism had an article showing how this occurred and then they retracted it saying,”There was no truth to the idea that vaccines caused injury.  We know that vaccine causes injury.  The government acknowledges it.  It’s their policy.  This issue is how often it occurs and how it manifests itself.  


TY:  Conflicts of interest apparently fueled by greed, are rampant at the CDC and other agencies.  This is called “regulatory capture.” And happens when special interests co-op policy makers or political bodies., regulatory agencies.  In particular, to further their own ends.  It is very common place as we shall see.


ROBERT F KENNEDY, JR: …. Captive agency phenomenon.  That is the process by which agencies become captured by their own orthodoxies or by the industries that they are supposed to regulate.   So, they become sock puppets for the industry that they are supposed to regulate.  And a lot of the times they become even more radical in protecting those interests than the industry itself.  


DR BARK:  the EPA (Environmental protection Agency) does consider aluminum to be a toxin.  There are limits according to the EPA.  This is where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  The EPA has all these limits on aluminum and mercury.  Of course, those limits are exceeded just within the first vaccination given on the first day of life, the Hepatitis B shot.  We have a lot of conflict.  The FDA ..and the NIH are saying is GRAS.  The EPA is saying there is toxic levels.  We got toxic levels exceeding a daily dose in a newborn on the first day of life….. Way over the daily dose.  I’m just trying to point out the absurdity of all it.

A lot of doctors and scientists believe that they are working for the good.  The doctors believe what the CDC tells them. They believe what NIH says.  There’s doctors at the NIH doing really good work and probably there are a lot of really ethical doctors at the NIH and probably some at the FDA and the CDC.  But over all they have been captured by the regulatory agencies.


Dr. Gary Goldman, PhD- showed that those that received the chicken pox vaccination were much more susceptible to getting shingles after 40.

DR NEIL MILLER:  The CDC blocked him from publishing that data.  He was allowed to publish anything that showed the chickenpox vaccine in a good light. But when he found that there was a problem with that vaccine was responsible for causing shingles which is linked to chicken pox, they blocked him—they went into a court battle and he was eventually allowed to publish.  Dr. Gary Goldman is an expert on varicella zoster virus- the virus that causes chicken pox.  That is why they employed him for 7.5 years to keep databases and document the various changes in society when they introduced the chickenpox vaccine.

TY:  paraphrase… I don’t understand why the CDC would not allow Dr. Gary Goldman who worked for the CDC to published study that indicated that the chicken pox vaccine was associated with an increase in shingles.  Which is much more dangerous than chicken pox.   Research in the 2011 Journal of Infectious Disease confirms this link. The researchers were from NASA’s Lyndon B Johnson Space Center.

 I have included the link below:

J Infect Dis. 2011 Jun 1;203(11):1542-5. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jir139.

Varicella zoster virus DNA at inoculation sites and in saliva after Zostavax immunization.

Pierson DL1Mehta SKGilden DCohrs RJNagel MASchmid DSTyring SK.

Author information


Analysis of 36 individuals over age 60 years who were immunized with Zostavax revealed varicella zoster virus (VZV) DNA in swabs of skin inoculation sites obtained immediately after immunization in 18 (50%) of 36 subjects (copy number per nanogram of total DNA, 28 to 2.1 × 10(6)) and in saliva collected over 28 days in 21 (58%) of 36 subjects (copy number, 20 to 248). Genotypic analysis of DNA extracted from 9 random saliva samples identified vaccine virus in all instances. In some immunized individuals over age 60, vaccine virus DNA is shed in saliva up to 4 weeks.

PMID: 21592982        PMCID:  PMC3096786    DOI: 10.1093/infdis/jir139


Dr. Paul Thomas, MD, Pediatrician on Chicken pox vaccine-.  For children, it is the varicella vaccine, Varivax. It is recommended at age 1 by the CDC…..It used to be a rite of passage-  not fun, its itchy, you miss school for 1 week. Most kids love that.

Deaths from chicken pox is the big scare.  Historically and traditionally that are about 100 deaths from chicken pox per year. Usually they are immunocompromised- so they are already at risk.   In his practice, there were always families that wanted their children to have natural immunity.  The vaccine actually works very well.  Now see 1 case of chicken pox per year.  It is very airborne and contagious.  HERPES ZOSTER is a reactivation of chicken pox is around a lot now.  You can get ZOSTER whether you were vaccinated or have natural immunity.  What we are now seeing in the elderly and even in kids- which we had never seen before.  We are seeing the elderly having debilitating zoster and sometimes death from chicken pox reactivation and that is now a new epidemic.  We now lose more adults to chickenpox then we ever lost kids to chicken pox- since vaccination to chicken pox

Why?—Because the chicken pox vaccine works well, kids are not getting chicken pox anymore.  Those kids who got chicken pox kept our immunity boosted through the years.  Now that the kids are not getting chicken pox any more- nobody is getting their immunity boosted.    So now we made the trade- from kids who got chicken pox and could handle it to now the elderly and older individuals are getting reactivated chicken pox, zoster and shingles.  And now it is much more debilitating if not deadly.

It is not necessary a good trade off.  I think we might be wise to just let kids go back to getting chicken pox.  Its controversial.  

TY:  The vaccine does contain ingredients that are worrisome.

Varivax contains WI-38and MRC-5 cells, both obtained from aborted fetal tissue. –it is a long  table-  could not copy it. Looks like most have aborted fetal tissue 

Corruption is in the immunization safety office of CDC.—that the office charged with reviewing and conducting vaccine safety science.  There are specific members of that group that have corrupted that group.  The first group is the Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices.  This group decide which vaccines can be added to the schedule, that essentially .becomes mandatory when it is added at the state level.


Dr. William Thompson  came forward and said that we have known for 13 years of the association of the MMR and autism.  AND we covered it up.  We have lied and committed scientific fraud.

The whistleblower from that office was Dr. William Thompson, one of the top CDC scientists.  Dr Andrew Wakefield did a documentary called VAXXED.  

2001, CDC started the DiStefano study to absolve the MMR VACCINE from the autism EPIDEMIC.  They took a small sample in metropolitan Atlanta.  Found male African  Americans were 2.5 times more likely to get autism after an MMR vaccination after 3 years old.  They had delayed the MMR.  They could not make this go away so they destroyed all the data.  Thompson was one of the co-authors on this study and he secretly kept a copy of all of his documents when he was ordered to destroy them by his superiors.  He kept the electronic records on his computer.

Federal records act says all federal records must be maintained in the archives.

BRIAN HOOKER, PHD:  Since 2001 when they knew African American males were at risk of autism after the MMR- there have been 100,000 AA boys diagnosed with autism.  You have to wonder if they had changed the vaccination schedule, how many cases might have been avoided.  Dr .Hooker was contacted by Dr. Thompson privately and helped him to obtain the data.

I have included the citations below:

Thimerosal is associated with autism, lower IQ, tics, speech delay, language delay,--CDC would hide the effect or minimize it saying it is not statistically significant.  This was published.   Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2014 Sep 5;11(9):9156-70. doi: 10.3390/ijerph110909156.

A dose-response relationship between organic mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Geier DA1Hooker BS2Kern JK3King PG4Sykes LK5Geier MR6.

Author information


A hypothesis testing case-control study evaluated concerns about the toxic effects of organic-mercury (Hg) exposure from thimerosal-containing (49.55% Hg by weight) vaccines on the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDs). Automated medical records were examined to identify cases and controls enrolled from their date-of-birth (1991-2000) in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) project. ND cases were diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), specific developmental delay, tic disorder or hyperkinetic syndrome of childhood. In addition, putative non-thimerosal-related outcomes of febrile seizure, failure to thrive and cerebral degenerations were examined. The cumulative total dose of Hg exposure from thimerosal-containing hepatitis B vaccine (T-HBV) administered within the first six months of life was calculated. On a per microgram of organic-Hg basis, PDD (odds ratio (OR) = 1.054), specific developmental delay (OR = 1.035), tic disorder (OR = 1.034) and hyperkinetic syndrome of childhood (OR = 1.05) cases were significantly more likely than controls to receive increased organic-Hg exposure. By contrast, none of the non-thimerosal related outcomes were significantly more likely than the controls to have received increased organic-Hg exposure. Routine childhood vaccination may be an important public health tool to reduce infectious disease-associated morbidity/mortality, but the present study significantly associates organic-Hg exposure from T-HBV with an increased risk of an ND diagnosis.

PMID: 25198681     PMCID:  PMC4199012       DOI:  10.3390/ijerph110909156

2004 DeStefano study published in Pediatrics and said  autism and MMR- THIS WAS FRAUDULENT DATA!!!!      Study said---No link with we should not study it anymore.. 

From MIKE ADAMS. HEALTH RANGER:  This is just like the case in Flint ,Michigan where the officials knew of the problem and did nothing.  It is a crime against humanity.  The crime against kids and vaccines is a thousand times larger.  …..Effectively medical genocide against black children.


Black boys before age 36 months are 296% more likely to become autistic than other races as a direct link to the MMR vaccine.

Among the crimes-  Obstruction of Justice as 5000 claims were thrown out of Vaccine damage court,  This is a felony.

Lying to Congress.  Fraudulent Study.

This should have been the biggest medical fraud story in the history of the world---- no mention in media- why—they are owned by Big pharma..  The story was killed.


Dr. David Lewis-(EPA WHISTLEBLOWER)-- obtained data that Wakefield had and reanalyzed it and confirmed his results.  Parents linked autism to MMR vaccination.  He investigated the original data of that case.  Here there was a massive news coverage over the supposed fraud.


Dr. Andrew Wakefield publish in Lancet. And was accused of fraud. His research has now been supported by 28 other studies.

Need informed consent-  If you are not given informed consent- it is in direct violation of the Nuremburg code set up after WW II.

Nigeria- Pfizer used children for their vaccine experiments.  It was found to be SO heinous that Nigeria handed down indictments of Pfizer CEO’s.

US history of experimentation on AA and prisoners, NIH did medical Experiments on Guatemala citizens with STD’s. CDC used Experimental measles vaccine on African babies in 3rd world countries and found out it killed them at a high rate---so then they said- let’s see if it kills American black babies at the same rate.  They did do this in Los Angeles.


HOOKER:  Merck knew as early as 1991 that there was a problem with the early expanding vaccine schedule. And the amount of thimerasol these children were getting, 

KENNEDY:  Fed govt buys 100-200 million doses, no marketing, no advertising, no liability since 1980’s and no accountability.  Huge profit margin.

In 1989 CDC put Dr. Paul Offit- one of the greatest promoter of unlimited vaccines, He is a vaccine insider, he holds a chair at Merck. At the Children’s Hospital in Philly that is financed by Merck.  He sat on the Advisory Committee when it voted to add the Rotavirus vaccine.  Paul Offit owned a patent to a rotavirus vaccine. He did not recuse himself- he voted to add it. Because of this Offit was able to sell his rotavirus product for 182 million dollars.  He personally pocketed about 29 million dollars.


MARGULIS:  Rotavirus vaccine is very problematic.  Almost every child under 5 gets rotavirus.  It is a pretty benign disease but you can get dehydrated and land in the ER.  It is not a vaccine that a child in America needs-  It is different for kids overseas. Who are malnourished.  

PAUL THOMAS:  The 1st vaccine for rotavirus caused i
ntussusception an intestinal obstruction.  World data says it is still doing that although it was pulled. Benefits are   low and risk is high.  Rotavirus patients had more diarrhea, vomiting, etc.  Need to give this vaccination by 9 months.  It makes older people sick.  It is a contaminated with other viruses and rotavirus is live.  


They have found 2 different pig viruses in the vaccine that are actually lethal to pigs

MIKOVITS:  work showed that all the vaccines, blood products, and monoclonal antibodies are infected with viruses that cause cancer and neurological problems—They tried to put her in jail to suppress her work. There is no way you can recall all these products.

MARGULIS:  Rotavirus vaccine was very effective to remove the virus.  But it is now replaced with the norovirus , which is much more virulent.  Last year schools were closed due to norovirus outbreaks with VIOLENT diarrhea and vomiting- happened in the hallways. This is a much worse case. 

KENNEDY:- 97% of people on advisory committees have conflicts of interests.

MIKOVTS:  XMRV- Xenotropic Murine Leukemia virus- related virus.  This viral sequence was first seen in prostate cancer patients.   If you have an inability to degrade viruses- then these are going to cause prostate cancer to be most aggressive.

2011 Opinion paper by Bob Berkau who worked in HIV/AIDS- MOST like that these mouse related viruses were introduced into the human population through vaccines.

Rutuximab, and All of the MABS—monoclonal antibodies used in cancer treatment over the last 20 years are mouse derived and are likely contaminated with these viruses.  Also, contaminated our vaccines, including the MMR.

TENPENNY:  Also gets try viruses coming off the animal cells that the vaccines are grown on.  Those retroviruses could be incorporated into the DNA of children and adults.  You cannot track a retrovirus woven into the intracellular DNA.

MIKOVITS, PhD:  There is REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE ACTIVITY in MMR vaccines recognized since 1994.  This enzyme is only in retroviruses.  It writes the genome backwards into RNA and inserts itself into your DNA for your lifetime.  In 1994, the US, UK, World Health Organization, knew and discussed the reverse transcriptase in the MMR vaccine.  It is everywhere in the population- cancer leukemia, Lymphoma Alzheimers, Parkinson’s.  Read the Plaque.  The government knows this.  She was fired and jailed. She was arrested in her home, no charges no valid search warrant, denied all her rights. 

TY:  IS it possible that injecting all this genetic debris has also fueled the increase in autoimmune disease.

Paul Thomas:  We now live in a more toxic environment.  Now we added all these vaccines and the science is unknown Must keep looking.  The more ingredients- the complex.  700-1500 articles show associated vaccine problems.

We are doing to many vaccines to early.  Vaccines caused inflammatory bowel disease.  Wakefield said this needs further review.

The younger you are, the worse effects of the MMR  are.





Episode 7- Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis(HP) and Fundamental Freedom of Choice

DR. BELL, DA, HOM:  If you tried to give orally what you inject in a vaccine- you would be arrested for attempted murder.  But they say inject it. “Oh that’s fine.”   We utilize homeoprophylaxis at home.  My kids have not been vaccinated.  They never even had an antibiotic because we have a different way at looking at the body and support immunity.   Homeoprophylaxis  uses homeopathy forms of the disease processes . We call these NOSODES.  This is a safe  way you can take a killed form of pathogenic material if you will—viruses, bacteria and fungi species and safe. lt addresses them via serial  dilution and succession into a homeopathic form. 

Homeopathy- Like cures like.  Any substance that produces similar symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar illness/symptoms in a sick person.  Has been around for 200years. 

CILLA WHATCOTT, PhD:  Nosodes in homeopathy : They are made  from disease products or animal, mineral or vegetable products as a source that are diluted And potentized so there are no original molecules are left in the solution.  We have the energetic frequency of that substance. When it is introduced, it educates the immune system so the person can recognize disease if met in nature and build up an immune response, an appropriate immune response. It is safe- No additives, preservatives, or adjuvants.  They are not grown on foreign mediums, no antibiotics or deaths.   It has been utilized worldwide effectively.  A number of studies have proved its safety and efficacy. 

DR. Robert Scott Bell, DA, Hom:  Nosodes- take a killed form of pathogenic material- viruses, fungal and bacterial and safely serially dilute them and succusion and typically administer them orally.

You sensitize the immune system without devastating it.  Gently putting the signaling –you can see prevention.  Studies have proven this is efficacious and have shown diseases have dropped.  I think it was leptospirosis in Cuba. Several hurricanes came through and there was an epidemic of leptospirosis….  They could not get the vaccine in time ;and they couldn’t afford the vaccine.  This use of nosodes put an embarrassing mark on vaccines. So they did the nosodes.   It was cheaper, worked better and there were no adverse effects.  They utilized homeoprophylaxis in 2.3 million people with incredible results. In a few different regions.  They found a reduction of leptospirosis, while in the other regions there was an increase in leptospirosis. So a highly effective study.   Dr.Gustav Bracho, Finlay Institute, Cuba 

I have included the link and article below:

Homeopathy Halts Cuban Epidemic Better Than Vaccines

by SarahHealthy LivingVaccination

Swamp fever, also known as leptospirosis, is a major problem in Cuba.  Each year, an epidemic of swamp fever plagues the island nation during the flood season when the illness is transferred from rats to people.

The very serious symptoms of swamp fever include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, meningitis, liver failure, renal damage, respiratory illness and in many cases, death.


Fortunately for Cuba, Big Pharma is not much interested in monopoly control of its healthcare system which leaves the door open for alternative and nontoxic approaches to health to bloom.

In this environment very open to homeopathy, the Finlay Institute, a Cuban research foundation, worked with Cuban doctors to develop a homeopathic nosode for swamp fever.


The remedy was based on the homeopathic principle that “like cures like” and was developed and administered on a wide scale as a preventative treatment.  In 2008, 2.5 million people who were most susceptible to the disease were treated with 2 doses of the remedy seven to nine days apart.   The Cuban Ministry of Public Health implemented and managed the operation.


The results of this effort were nothing short of spectacular. The typical rate of infection when vaccination and antibiotics are used is a few thousand cases per year including some deaths.

When the homeopathic remedy was used, however, only ten cases of swamp fever were reported among the 2.5 million treated with the homeopathic nosode with no mortality of any hospitalized patients!


The financial cost to the Cuban government for this astonishingly successful health campaign was only $200,000 compared with the $2,000,000 that would have been incurred for conventional vaccination and antibiotics.


Not only was homeopathy clearly more effective than vaccines for preventing swamp fever, it was also a much more cost effective solution with no toxic side effects such as is the case with vaccination.

Homeopathy for epidemics works.  There is no need for toxic and expensive vaccine injections which produce masses of auto-immune compromised children and adults alike in need and dependent upon – more drugs!


The catalyst for widespread use of homeopathic nosodes as a safe and effective alternative to the ever growing list of toxic vaccines must come from parents, in particular mothers.  Mothers must refuse toxic vaccines for their children and demand this type of safe and effective remedy at a grassroots level as it will never come from the conventional medical establishment which has a strongly invested profit motive for keeping things the way they are.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

Source:   Radiation and Community Illness

Successful Use of Homeopathy in Over 2.5 Million People Reported From Cuba

Summary of Cuban Experiences on Leptospirosis Prevention

Picture Credit

Then Issac did a study with 3000 children in Australia—He gave them homeoprophylaxis for the common illness on the recommended list—pertussis, measles, mumps.  These children were studied for 15 years.  They had fewer colds, sore throats and ear infections.  They had better  general immunity and health just as a process of receiving these nosodes.  He compared this group to other groups—a vaccinated group of children and unvaccinated-- and found much better results in the children on nosodes.

DR. BELL, DA, HOM:  The nosodes can be used in several ways- one in place of.  I am not opposed to stimulating antibody production, but gently and safely .  I would do it with homeopathically with nosodes.  You can also reduce potential toxicity and perhaps prepare their bodies  to have a lesser intensity if they feel trapped and have to take the vaccine.  He would not say he would guarantee no adverse effect.

The other way is to detoxify from other vaccines.  You can use nosodes or or the actual vaccine material and convert it into homeopathic form which is not technically a nosodes in the same way but could sensitize the system to.start throwing out some of the damage.  The initial insult and assault of the body even decades before to try to undue some of the damage after the fact.  I’d rather not undue the damage to start, but we have a lot of people who are damaged and injured.  So that’s another protocol technique to help detoxify from the adverse effects vaccines initially unleashed.  

TY:  Homeopathic immunizations, or homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of potentized substances called nosodes in a systematic manner to prevent the development of characteristic symptoms of disease.  HP is produced from the actual disease much like the concept of vaccines.  The difference lies in the degree of attenuation. Or weakening the original antigen.   

With  HP the source material is serially diluted until no original molecules remain. The substance is rendered harmless and has become “energetic” as opposed to “material”.  This dilute solution is anointed onto pellets and taken orally.   The energetic frequency delivers information to the recipient, familiarizing him or her with the disease pattern.    

When later encountered in nature, the disease is not contracted, or if contracted is addressed with a mature, natural immune response.  In the Cuban study- both Bell and Whatcott mentioned that homeoprophylaxis was used to control an epidemic on 2.3 million people with great success.  The results suggest HP is a feasible tool and further research is needed.

In India, there are several states where HP is the government approved treatment and preventative of many diseases.

50 years ago, the govt approved a Dept. of homeopathy.  Rapid Action Epidemic Control Cell Homeopathy (RAECH)-They give this to all the people for free after they pay 2 rupees to register for their lifetime.   They give it for tuberculosis, pertussis or any other disease.    “government department prevents epidemic diseases with homeopathy.”  For every government sector State, local etc., a homeopath will be invited to participate in government planning health policies.  His opinion is important.  

In 1999, there was a VERY big epidemic in INDIA-  The government allopathic dept. said we are helpless in this situation-- So the government gave an order that the allopathic dept. had to cooperate with the homeopaths in distributing this medicine. Disease was Japanese encephalitis-allopathic doctors said even if we import the vaccine from China or Korea, etc. it may not be given in time to be helpful in this disease.  

There was evidenced based medicine accounts of homeopathy helping in this and there were 500 homeopathic clinics around the area that could distribute the HP in 1500 allopathic clinics.  This was evidenced based medicine.   They were able to treat 20 million in a short period of time. By 2000 they cases were cut by ¼,  by 2002 and 2003 cases came down from 3 diseases to 1 disease.  By 2004 there was no cases of morbidity or mortality of this 1 disease in this area.  Neighboring states not utilizing HP had no reduction in that disease.  They were equally effected by this disease  So now the govt is trying to implement this strategy in other states.

Another crucial important factor is breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding- Sweden risk of HIB meningitis is decreased four-fold in  exclusively breastfed babies. The whole reason that HIB meningitis even rose was a switch from breastfeeding to formula feeding that happened in the second half of the 20thcentury.  Instead of encouraging breastfeeding, they encourage vaccination.  So HIB meningitis is a result of UNDER breastfeeding, Their solution was not to reverse it naturally but to give a pharmaceutical product for it. Formula increased risk. Must support breastfeeding.  Exclusive is important for lifelong help.

I have included the study below:


Protective effect of breastfeeding: an ecologic study of Haemophilus influenzae meningitis and breastfeeding in a Swedish population.

Silfverdal SA1Bodin LOlcén P.

Author information



In Orebro County, Sweden, a 2.5-fold increase in the incidence of Haemophilus influenzae (HI) meningitis was found between 1970 and 1980. In a case-control study of possible risk factors for invasive HI infection conducted in the same area, 1987-1992, breastfeeding was found to be a strong protective factor.


In order to study the relation between incidence rates of HI meningitis between 1956-1992 and breastfeeding rates in the population an ecologic study was performed.


A strong (negative) correlation between breastfeeding and incidence of HI infection 5 to 10 years later (rho(xy) (s) approximately -0.6) was seen, whereas no relation seems to exist for the time lag 15 years and beyond. The correlation for contemporary data was intermediate. There were similar results for the breastfeeding proportions at 2, 4 as well as 6 months of age.


Our ecologic data are consistent with results from our case-control study. The time-lag for the delayed effect on the population level could be estimated although sparse data make the estimates vulnerable to sampling fluctuations. Limitations with ecologic studies are discussed.


There seems to be an association between high breastfeeding rate in the population and a reduced incidence of HI meningitis 5 to 10 years later. These results do have implications on strategies for breastfeeding promotion, especially in countries where Hib vaccination is too costly and not yet implemented.

PMID: 10195681       [Indexed for MEDLINE]

Ty:  why do you think that is (that Sweden did not encourage breastfeeding)

PhD:  There is no money in encouraging everyone to breastfeed, but there is a lot of money in vaccines.

Dr. Jennifer MARGULIS, PhD:  If we want to practice evidenced based medicine and if we want to do what is absolutely 100 % the best for our children, we have to encourage exclusive breastfeeding.  It is absolutely crucial that human babies drink human milk.  That’s a hard thing to say and a hard thing for some people to hear, because there are a lot of moms having trouble breastfeeding.  Just because it helps you and is good for you, doesn’t mean it’s easy.  I just want to put that out there.  There are literally thousands of studies that show that exclusive breastfeeding is crucial for lifelong health.

Thomas Paul, MD, Pediatrician:  It is so important to have a vaginal birth through a normal vaginal canal that’s teeming with good bacteria that then become the beginning of that child’s good gut flora.    You have a C-section in a sterile environment in the hospital, you in the hospital and you have a hospital acquired organisms and that becomes your flora.  You get C. diff and you are pooping blood and mucus—that’s not a good start.  In fact, the best way to cure those poor kids is to give good probiotics and get that going.

TY:  Probiotics are essential to restore gut flora and balance the immune system.  This is very important especially if a child experiences an adverse reaction to a vaccine.


.  .  Want natural birth rather than C-sections and antibiotics.    Probiotics are needed.

After vaccination- need probiotics.

Essential oil is an ancient remedy for providing natural immunity

DR ERIC ZIELINSKY, DC:  It’s an unbelievable story; taking ESSENTIAL OILS- cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, lemon, orange and rosemary were combined so the vapors combat the bubonic plague.  There is also a study that shows it just flat out kills the flu virus.  Just kills it.  (SEE studies BELOW)

BMC Complement Altern Med. 2010 Nov 15;10:69. doi: 10.1186/1472-6882-10-69.

Protective essential oil attenuates influenza virus infection: an in vitro study in MDCK cells.

Wu S1Patel KBBooth LJMetcalf JPLin HKWu W.

Author information



Influenza is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. The recent pandemic of a novel H1N1 influenza virus has stressed the importance of the search for effective treatments for this disease. Essential oils from aromatic plants have been used for a wide variety of applications, such as personal hygiene, therapeutic massage and even medical practice. In this paper, we investigate the potential role of an essential oil inantiviral activity.


We studied a commercial essential oil blend, On Guard™, and evaluated its ability in modulating influenza virus, A/PR8/34 (PR8), infection in Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells. Influenza virus was first incubated with the essential oil and infectivity in MDCK cells was quantified by fluorescent focus assay (FFA). 

In order to determine the mechanism of effects of essential oil in viral infection inhibition, we measured hemagglutination (HA) activity, binding and internalization of untreated and oil-treated virus in MDCK cells by flow cytometry and immunofluorescence microscopy. In addition, the effect of oil treatment on viral transcription and translation were assayed by relative end-point RT-PCR and western blot analysis.


Influenza virus infectivity was suppressed by essential oil treatment in a dose-dependent manner; the number of nascent viral particles released from MDCK cells was reduced by 90% and by 40% when virus was treated with 1:4,000 and 1:6,000 dilutions of the oil, respectively. 

Oil treatment of the virus also decreased direct infection of the cells as the number of infected MDCK cells decreased by 90% and 45% when virus was treated with 1:2,000 and 1:3,000 dilutions of the oil, respectively. This was not due to a decrease in HA activity, as HA was preserved despite oil treatment. In addition, oil treatment did not affect virus binding or internalization in MDCK cells. 

These effects did not appear to be due to cytotoxicity of the oil as MDCK cell viability was only seen with concentrations of oil that were 2 to 6 times greater than the doses that inhibited viral infectivity. RT-PCR and western blotting demonstrated that oil treatment of the virus inhibited viral NP and NS1 protein, but not mRNA expression.


An essential oil blend significantly attenuates influenza virus PR8 infectivity in vitro without affecting viral binding or cellular internalization in MDCK cells. Oil treated virus continued to express viral mRNAs but had minimal expression of viral proteins, suggesting that the antiviral effect may be due to inhibition of viral protein translation.

PMID: 21078173                               PMCID: PMC2994788     DOI:  10.1186/1472-6882-10-69   [Indexed for MEDLINE] 

Free PMC Article

BMC Complement Altern Med. 2010; 10: 69.

Published online 2010 Nov 15. doi:  10.1186/1472-6882-10-69

PMCID: PMC2994788

Protective essential oil attenuates influenza virus infection: An in vitro study in MDCK cells

Shuhua Wu,1,2,3 Krupa B Patel,3 Leland J Booth,3 Jordan P Metcalf,3,4 Hsueh-Kung Lin,5,6,7 and Wenxin Wu3

Author information  Article notes  Copyright and License information 

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The recent pandemic of a novel H1N1 influenza emphasizes the urgency of identifying effective approaches to prevent viral infection. Between 1990 and 1999 in the United States, non-pandemic influenza A virus (IAV) infected 5-20% of people and caused approximately 36,000 deaths and 226,000 hospitalizations annually [1,2]. 

IAV infection is initiated with a binding of the viral hemagglutinin (HA) to sialic acid on the cell surface; and virus particles are internalized through receptor-mediated endocytosis. While in the endosome, viral HA protein is activated and the virus fuses with endosomal membranes. After fusion, IAV shuts off host cell protein synthesis and cell replication. As a result, infected cells die by apoptosis or cytolysis.

Essential oils have been used for aromatherapy, massage therapy, emotional health, personal care, nutritional supplements, or cleaning for many years. The modern use of essential oils has grown rapidly as health scientists and medical practitioners have found scientific evidence for the benefits of this therapy. In Japan, Perillae Herba (a leaf of Perilla frutescens) has been prescribed to treat depression. 

It has been shown that l-Perillaldehyde, a major component in the essential oil containing in Perillae Herba, is responsible for the antidepressant-like activity through stimulation of the olfactory nerve [3]. Essential oil from Boswellia carteri and Boswellia serrata have been used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases in traditional medicine for many years [4,5]. 

Studies showed that frankincense oil derived from Boswellia species possess anti-inflammatory activity though inhibition of immune cytokines production and leukocyte infiltration [6-8]. In addition, many other essential oils used in aromatherapy have medicinal properties including antiseptic properties [9], and mood enhancing effects [10,11].

Distinctive chemical components of plants protect them from insects, bacteria or viruses that cause diseases. Essential oils prepared from plants, therefore, might be effective in protecting humans from viral infection. 

In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and as fragrances for people, essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. They were first used in ancient Egypt for treatment of various illnesses and other physical and spiritual needs. 

Borrowing from the Egyptians, the Greeks, Romans, Indians, Persians, as well as Chinese began to refine distillation methods for extracting oils from aromatic plants and have used them extensively in medical practice for diverse purposes, such as promoting wellness, enhancing personal hygiene, and in therapeutic massage and aromatherapy. They have also been used as a beauty treatment, in food preparation, and in religious ceremonies.

In this study, we evaluated the effect of a commercially available essential oil blend, On Guard™, on influenza virus A/PR/8/34 (PR8) infection in Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells. This oil blend combines a mixture of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. The mechanism of the oil-mediated inhibition of viral infectivity was also investigated.

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Reagents and chemicals

Cell culture medium MEM and DMEM/F12 (1:1), fetal calf serum (FCS), and penicillin-streptomycin were purchased from Invitrogen (Carlsbad, CA). Trypan blue was purchased from Sigma (St. Louis, MO). On Guard™ protective blend oil was obtained from dōTERRA International (Orem, UT). Mouse anti-IAV nucleoprotein (NP) monoclonal antibody was purchased from Abcam (Cambridge, MA). Alexa Fluro 488-conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG was purchased from Molecular Probes (Eugene, OR). Goat anti-IAV NS1 polyclonal antibody was purchased from Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA).

Preparation of influenza virus stock and cell culture

Influenza A/PR/8/34 (PR8), a laboratory adapted H1N1 IAV strain, was passaged in MDCK cells. MDCK cells were cultured in DMEM supplemented with 10% FCS. Viruses were grown in MDCK cells in DMEM/F12 with ITS+ (containing insulin, human transferrin, and selenous acid; BD Biosciences, Franklin Lakes, NJ) and trypsin (0.5 μg/ml), harvested at 72 h postinfection and titered by plaque assay in MDCK cells. 

There was no detectable endotoxin in the final viral preparations used in the experiments as determined by limulus amebocyte lysate assay (Cambrex, Walkersville, MD). The assay has a detection limit of 0.1 EU/ml or approximately 20 pg/ml lipopolysaccharide (LPS).

For essential oil-treated influenza virus, PR8 virus was mixed with serial dilutions of the essential oil and incubated at room temperature for 2 h. PR8 virus mixed and incubated in 1-1,000 dilutions of canola oil was used as a control. Oil-treated and untreated IAV was stored at -80°C until use.

Fluorescent focus assay (FFA)

To determine the release of IAV infectious particles from oil-treated and untreated IAV-infected MDCK cells, cells were grown to confluence in 24-well plates and oil-treated and untreated PR8 virus was added at the multiplicity of infection (MOI) of 1 and incubated at 37°C in a cell incubator. 

At 48 h after infection, 50 μl aliquots of cell culture supernatants were collected and transferred to 96-well plates containing confluent MDCK cells. The supernatants were serially diluted with PBS containing 0.6 mM CaCland 0.5 mM MgCl2(CaMg-PBS) and incubated with the MDCK cells for 45 minutes at 37°C, followed by washing of the cells three times in serum-free DMEM/F12 with ITS+ containing 1% penicillin and streptomycin. The cells were maintained in DMEM/F12 with ITS+.

After 6 h at 37°C, the MDCK monolayers were subsequently washed three times with PBS and fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde for 10 min at 4°C followed by permeabilization with 2% Triton X-100 for 10 min in room temperature. 

The cell monolayers were then labeled by incubating with a monoclonal antibody (Abcam, Cambridge, MA) against the IAV NP in Staining Buffer (PBS with 0.1%BSA, 1% heat-inactivated human serum, 0.02%NaN3) for 30 min at 4°C. Following washes with PBS, Alexa Fluor 488-conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG was added to detect antibody binding to the IAV NPs. 

Initially, various dilutions of virus were used to find the dose yielding ~50 fluorescent foci per high powered (×40) field. These foci appeared to be single infected cells in general.

Cell viability analysis

To determine the MDCK cell viability following essential oil treatment, cells were seeded in 24-well tissue culture plates at the density of 5 × 10cells/well in 500 μl growth medium for adherence. Aliquots of 500 μl varying dilutions from 1:3,000 to 1:18,000 (v/v) of the oil blend in cell growth media were added to each well in triplicate. Cell viability was determined at 7 h and 24 h following protective blend oil exposure using a Trypan blue (0.4% w/v) exclusion assay. 

Cell viability was counted using a hemocytometer, and expressed as the percentage of trypan blue positive cells over the total number (stained + unstained) of cells.

Hemagglutinin titration of influenza virus

For HA assay, viruses were serially 2-fold diluted in a 96-well plate with CaMg-PBS and an equal volume of 0.5% human red blood cells were added. The plates were kept at 4°C for 60 minutes and agglutination was determined visually.

Flow cytometry analysis and confocal microscopy of IAV binding and internalization

To prepare the cells for flow cytometry and confocal microscopy to examine viral binding and internalization, MDCK cells in exponential growth phase were trypsinized and resuspended in DMEM. Cells (5 × 105) in 100 μl were exposed to PR8 at an MOI of 50, and incubated at 4°C for 30 minutes to allow virus binding. A negative control was performed by exposing cells to an equal volume of sterile virus-free buffer. For oil-treated virus, PR8 was incubated in the protective essential oil at a dilution of 1 to 4,000 for 2 h prior to the exposure. 

For virus internalization, cells were further incubated with virus at 37°C for 30 minutes. Surface associated virus was removed by incubating the cells in sialidase from Clostridium perfringens (Sigma, St Louis, MO) at 40 mU in 200 μl of CMS/Ac, pH 5.5 (150 mM NaCl, 10 mM CaCland 0.5 mM MaCl2) for 1 h at 37°C with gentle rocking. 

Following the incubation with virus and/or sialidase, the cells were washed in triplicate to remove unbound virus and then incubated for 20 minutes in 100 μl stain buffer (BD Biosciences, San Jose, CA) with 5% FCS containing 1 μl canine IgG solution as an FcR blocker. After being treated with Perm/Wash Buffer (BD Biosciences) for 10 minutes, the cells were stained with an anti-IAV NP monoclonal antibody followed by incubation with an Alexa Fluor 488-conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG for 40 minutes. 

The cells were fixed by incubating on ice with 250 μl Cytofix (BD Biosciences) and then washed in triplicate. For FACS analysis, the cells were resuspended in 250 μl Stain Buffer; and single cell suspensions were prepared using a mesh filter. A FACScan cytometer, BD Biosciences LSR II, was used to assess PR8 binding and internalization. 

A minimum of twenty thousand events were counted for each sample. Analytical gates were set so that ≤1% of negative control cells exceeded the gate. The percentage of cells exceeding the gate was used to determine virus binding and internalization. For confocal microscopy, the cells were resuspended in 200 μl of Stain Buffer and mounted on microscope slides using acrylic-based mounting medium containing DAPI (Invitrogen).

Measurement of viral mRNA expression by relative end-point RT-PCR

MDCK cells were exposed to oil-treated or untreated PR8 at an MOI of 32. For mock infection, cells were exposed to sterile virus-free buffer. After 18 h, total RNA from MDCK cells was extracted using TRIzol (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA). 

The quantity and quality of the isolated RNA was determined spectrophometrically and by formaldehyde agarose gel electrophoresis, respectively. An equal amount (1 μg) of the total RNA was reverse transcribed for first-strand cDNA synthesis. 

Then an aliquot of the cDNA was subjected to 30 cycles of PCR amplification (95°C, 30 sec.; 55°C, 1 min.; 72°C, 1 min.) in the presence of primer pairs targeting NP, NS1 or GAPDH. The following primer sequences were used: NP sense 5'-AGGACAAGAGCTCTTGTTCG-3', and anti-sense 5'-CTCTTGTGTGCTGGATTCTC-3'; NS1 sense 5'-GACCAAGAACTGAGTGATGC-3', and anti-sense 5'-TGACCTAGCTGTTCTCGCC-3'; GAPDH sense 5'-TGAAGGTCGGAGTCAACGGATTTGGT-3', and anti-sense 5'-CATGTGGGCCATGAGGTCCACCAC-3'. 

Aliquots of 25 μl PCR products were electrophoresed on 1% agarose gels and visualized by ethidium bromide staining. DNA bands were imaged and quantified using ImageQuant 5.0 software (GE Healthcare, Piscataway, NJ). Levels of NP and NS1 were normalized to the corresponding GAPDH levels for each sample.

Viral NS1 protein determination by immunoblotting

MDCK cells were exposed to oil-treated or untreated PR8 at an MOI of 32. For mock infection, cells were exposed to an equal volume of virus-free buffer. Cells were harvested at 18 h following infection by lysing the cells with RIPA buffer (150 mM NaCl; 50 mM Tris, pH 8.0; 10 mM EDTA, NaF, and sodium pyrophosphate; 1% NP-40; 0.5% sodium deoxycholate; 0.1% SDS; 10 μg of leupeptin/ml). 

Cell homogenates were clarified by centrifugation at 4°C; and 20 to 30 μg of the lysates were separated on 4-15% gradient SDS-PAGE gels. Proteins were then transferred onto nitrocellulose membranes. Following blocking with 3% non fat milk plus 1% BSA, the membranes were incubated anti-IAV NS1 or anti-β-actin (Abcam) antibody overnight followed by incubation with horseradish peroxidase-conjugated rabbit anti-goat IgG (Cell Signaling Technology). 

Target protein binding was detected using a chemilluminescent reagent (Pierce Biotechnology, Rockford, IL), and visualized by the Syngene G:box Bioimaging System and GeneTools software (Syngene, Frederick, MD).

Statistical analysis

Results are reported as the mean ± standard error of mean (SEM) of at least three replicate experiments. All statistical analysis was carried out with GraphPad Instat 3. Statistical significance was determined by one-way ANOVA with Student-Newman-Keuls post hoc correction for multiple comparisons. Statistical significant was considered when p < 0.05.

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Protective essential oil suppressed progeny virus production

The effect of oil treatment on viral infectivity was first determined by measuring the release of nascent viral particles following infection of MDCK cells with untreated, oil treated, or control oil treated virus for 48 h.

Quantification of infectious particles produced in virus-exposed MDCK supernatant was done by transfer of the infected cell supernatant to a separate culture of MDCK cells followed by Fluorescent focus assay (FFA). The fluorescent foci were counted by fluorescent microscopy. 

There was no detectable green fluorescent signal in cells exposed to virus-free diluents (Figure (Figure1A,1A, top panels). Oil treatment inhibited nascent PR8 production and release into infected supernatants in a dose dependent manner (Figure (Figure1).1). Virus treatment with control canola oil (1:1,000) had no significant effect on viral particle production (Figure (Figure1G1G and and1H,1H, top panels). IAV pretreatment with protective oil decreased production of viral particles (Figure 1B-F, top panels).

Figure 1

Effect of oil treatment on progeny virus production by PR8 as measured by Fluorescent focus assay (FFA). After MDCK cells in 24-well plates were infected with oil-treated and untreated virus for 48 h, five microliters of supernatants were removed, serially ...

Virus treated with a 1:4,000 dilution of protective essential oil decreased the infectious particle number by 90% (Figure (Figure1,1, bottom panel). This did not appear to be due to a toxic effect of the oil on MDCK cells. Because addition of treated virus to MDCK cells resulted in a further dilution of the oil in the media, cells were actually exposed to protective oil at a concentration 1,500 times lower than that used to treat the virus. 

For example, treatment of the virus with a 1 to 3,000 dilution of oil resulted in exposure of the MDCK cells to a cellular exposure to a 1 to 4,500,000 dilution of oil. This is far below the minimal concentration that caused any detectable cellular cytotoxicity (1: 3,000; Figure Figure5).5). Thus, it appeared that the protective oil inhibited IAV PR8 viral production in MDCK cells was not due to non-specific cytotoxicity.

Figure 5

Effects of essential oil treatment on PR8 production are not due to cytotoxicity. Cell viability was determined using trypan blue exclusion at 7 and 24 h of essential oil exposure. Data were presented as the mean ± SEM from at least 3 independent ...

Protective essential oil suppresses virus infection

To determine whether protective oil directly inhibited the first cycle of IAV infection, oil-treated PR8 was added to MDCK cells and direct FFA assay of the infected cells was performed. Fluorescent foci of infected cells were easily detectable after 7 h of exposure to untreated or control canola oil (1:1,000) treated PR8. The nascent produced nucleoprotein (NP) by FFA was significantly decreased by virus treatment by oil at concentrations greater than 1 to 3,000 (Figure 2B-D, top panels). 

Treatment of PR8 with a 1 to 3,000 dilution of oil decreased the number of infected MDCK cells by 50% (Figure (Figure2,2, bottom panel). As the oil was further diluted, the final oil dilutions applied to MDCK cells during exposure to virus were 3 fold higher (more dilute) than those used to treat virus in this experiment. 

For example, treatment of virus with a 1 to 3,000 dilution of oil resulted in MDCK cell exposure of 1 to 9,000. Thus, the protective essential oil significantly inhibited IAV PR8 viral protein production in MDCK cells at concentrations that did not appear to be directly toxic to cells.

Figure 2

Effect of essential oil on the first cycle of PR8 infection as determined by FFA. MDCK cells in 96-well plates were infected by oil-treated virus for 7 h, and viral NP was detected using an Alexa Fluor 488 (green) labeled antibody. Panels: (A) MDCK cells ...

Effect of oil treatment on HA activity

To determine whether the effect of protective oil on virus infectivity was due to alterations in virus particle integrity, the effect of oil treatment on HA activity was assessed. HA activity was measured in untreated PR8 virus or virus treated with various dilutions of protective oil or control oil for 24 h, 48 h and 72 h. 

Although HA activity decreased with time for all treated and mock treated viruses, there was no significant effect of oil treatment on HA activity (Table (Table1)1) at several concentrations that decrease viral infectivity and progeny virus production. There was a modest effect of a 1 to 1,000 dilution on HA activity after 72 h oil treatment. This effect was not seen when dilutions greater than 1:1,000 were used, even with 72 h of exposure. 

This data shows that the effect of oil treatment on infectivity and viral progeny production was not due to inhibition of HA activity.

Table 1

HA titration comparison of essential oil-treated to untreated influenza virus*.

Binding and internalization of virus in MDCK cells

In order to examine the mechanism of inhibition of PR8 by oil treatment, the effect of this treatment on virus internalization was studied. To this end, we developed a flow cytometry (FACS) internalization assay. Virus was detected using an Alexa Fluor 488 labeled secondary antibody against monoclonal antibody to PR8 NP. 

At 4°C, virions attach to the host cell surface, but internalization does not occur. Sialidase is then used to remove the bound, but not internalized virus. Cell associated virus present after sialidase treatment is presumed to be internalized, and this was indeed confirmed by confocal microscopy (see below). FACS assay demonstrated as expected that PR8 bound to receptors at the cell surface but was not internalized at 4°C as the cell-associated fluorescence of stained influenza virus was removed by sialidase (Figure (Figure3,3, left panels). 

At 37°C, PR8 internalization occurred, as cell-associated fluorescence was not removed by sialidase treatment (Figure (Figure3,3, left panels). As determined by the FACS assay, oil treatment did not affect virus binding to MDCK cells. Also, internalization was not detectably affected by oil treatment of PR8 as determined by the amount of sialidase-resistant cell associated fluorescence after incubation of virus exposed cells at 37°C (Figure 3E, L, right panels).

Figure 3

Essential oil dose not block IAV PR8 binding and entry to MDCK cells as determined by flow cytometry. MDCK cells were exposed to oil-treated (1:4,000 dilution) and untreated PR8. Viruses were allowed to bind to the cells at 4°C for 30 minutes, ...

Results from confocal microscopy confirmed the results of the flow cytometry assay for virus binding and internalization (Figure (Figure4).4). At 4°C, viruses remained on the cell surface as shown as a green fluorescent ring around the cell membrane (Figure (Figure4,4, panel A and F). 

In contrast, the viruses were present in the cytoplasm after incubation at 37°C (Figure (Figure4,4, panel C and H). Cell-associated influenza virus in cells incubated at 4°C was removed by sialidase, but not after incubation at 37°C confirming that sialidase treatment removed the surface bound, but not internalized, virus (Figure (Figure4,4, panel B, G, D and I). There was no apparent effect of oil treatment on binding and internalization of PR8. 

Together, these data demonstrate that oil treatment does not appear to inhibit IAV infectivity and progeny production by alteration of virus binding and internalization.

Figure 4

Essential oil dose not block IAV PR8 binding and entry in MDCK cells as confirmed by confocal imaging. Binding and internalization of oil treated (1:4,000 dilution) and untreated PR8 virus to MDCK cells was examined as described in Figure 3. Following ...

Effect of essential oil on cell viability

To determine if essential oil inhibited virus infectivity and progeny production by direct cellular cytotoxic effects, the viability of MDCK cells was measured after incubation with media in the presence or absence of oil. Viability was determined by morphological examination and trypan blue exclusion. Dilutions of oil corresponding to final concentrations of the cells were also used. 

This was to account for the fact that after oil exposure of the virus, addition of treated virus to MDCK cells resulted in a further dilution of the oil in the media. Therefore, dilutions of protective oil (1:3,000 to 1:18,000) in cell growth media, corresponding to working dilutions for cells in FFA assay, were added to each well in triplicate. For these experiments, two incubation times were used. 

Seven-hour incubation was used to duplicate the exposure of MDCK cells to oil during the assay for the effect of oil on the first cycle of virus infection (see Figure Figure2).2). Twenty-four hours of exposure were used to duplicate the oil exposure during the assay for the effect of oil treatment on viral progeny production (see Figure Figure11).

Morphologically, oil-treated cells did not show signs of death at 7 h. At 24 h of exposure, MDCK cells remained attached to the bottom of plates and did not show noticeable morphological alterations at the dilution up to 1:3,000.

Cell viability by trypan blue exclusion was also determined at 7 and 24 h following exposure to the essential oil blend. At all concentrations of oil, all MDCK cells were alive after 7 h of incubation. After 24 h, cell viability was not significantly affected by the increasing concentrations of protective blend oil up to a 1: 3,000 dilution (Figure (Figure5).5). 

At this concentration about 60% of the cells were dead. Control oil (canola oil, 1:1,000) did not cause any cell death after 24 h. As there was no effect of any concentration the oil on cell viability at 7 h the effect of oil treatment on the first cycle of viral infection does not appear to be due to cytotoxicity. Also, as the oil concentrations causing cytoxicity after 24 h of incubation were much greater than those that inhibited viral progeny production, it appears that this effect of oil treatment is not due to cytotoxic effects of the oil.

MDCK cells infected by oil-treated virus express viral mRNA, but minimal amounts of protein

We next sought to determine whether the effects of oil treatment on viral infectivity and progeny production could be due to inhibition of viral gene expression at the transcriptional level. Endogenous mRNA levels of viral NP were determined using relative end-point RT-PCR. As expected, when cells were exposed to virus at 4°C, no viral NP RNA was detected, consistent with virus binding, but failing to internalize under these conditions. At 37°C, RNA expression of NP was detected in cells infected with both oil-treated virus and untreated PR8 virus. NP mRNA expression levels were similar whether oil-treated or untreated virus was used (Figure (Figure6).6). This finding suggests that the decrease in NP protein expression seen with oil treatment (see Figure Figure2)2) was likely due to inhibition of viral mRNA transcription.

Figure 6

Essential oil treatment does not inhibit PR8 NP mRNA expression in MDCK cells. After infection of MDCK cells with oil-treated (1:4,000 dilution) and untreated PR8 virus at 4°C or 37°C for 18 h, total RNA was extracted and PR8 NP mRNA expression ...

To confirm whether oil treatment inhibited viral protein but not mRNA production, we also measured mRNA and protein expression levels of another viral protein, NS1, in control and oil treated virus-exposed cells. 

As with viral NP, mRNA expression of NS1 was not affected by oil treatment of PR8 (Figure (Figure7A).7A). In contrast, NS1 protein expression was significantly decreased by treatment of PR8 with essential oil. (Figure (Figure7B).7B). Based on the above results, inhibition of viral progeny production and infection by essential oil is likely due to inhibition of viral protein synthesis.

Figure 7

MDCK cells infected by oil-treated virus express viral NS1 mRNA, but minimal amounts of NS1 protein. After infection of MDCK cells with oil-treated (1:4,000 dilution) and untreated PR8 virus at 4°C and 37°C for 18 h. Total RNA was extracted ...

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In order to develop novel therapies, many plant extracts have been tested for antiviral activity. Over the last decade, laboratory research has found that many essential oils diminish viral infectivity. For example, Melissa officinalis oil decreases infectivity of enveloped herpesviruses [12]. Essential oils from hyssop, thyme or ginger have inhibitory effects on herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) in vitro as determined by plaque assay in RC-37 cells [13].

With regard to IAV, Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil has antiviral activity against influenza PR8 virus and that antiviral activity has been principally attributed to a specific component, terpinen-4-ol [14]. The anti-IAV activity is manifested by inhibition of virus-induced cytopathogenicity. Also, a polyphenol rich extract (CYSTUS052) from the Mediterranean plant Cistus incanus exerts potent anti-influenza virus activity in A549 or MDCK cell cultures infected with IAV. 

On a molecular basis the protective effect of CYSTUS052 appears to be mainly due to binding of the polymeric polyphenol components of the extract to the virus surface, thereby inhibiting binding of the hemagglutinin to cellular receptors [15]. Echinacea purpurea extract has activity against highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, via inhibition of cell receptor binding activity of the virus [16].

Replication of the virus RNA genome in infected cells was found to be constantly suppressed in the presence of the Agrimonia pilosa extract. The data suggests that the extract exerts an antiviral effect on multiple rounds of the influenza infection cycle, primarily the initial step of the virus life cycle, but activity at later stages, including replication and transcription, cannot be ruled out [17]. Study of catechins in green tea on influenza virus suggests that the antiviral effect of catechins on influenza virus is mediated not only by specific interaction with HA, but altering the physical properties of viral membrane [18]. 

Here, we report that a blend of essential oil attenuates IAV infection in MDCK cells. Our work shows that the mechanism of antiviral activity is due to inhibition of viral protein synthesis. This mechanism of inhibition is similar to that of trans-cinnamaldehyde (CA), one of the principal constituents of essential oil derived from Cinnamomi cortex. 

This extract inhibits the growth of influenza PR8 virus in vitro and inhibited viral protein, but not mRNA synthesis [19]. In this study, they were also able to demonstrate a protective effect of CA in PR8 infected mice. Thus, the inhibitory activity of plant extracts appears to be at multiple stages of viral infection and proliferation.

Some traditional herbal medicines have been used for the treatment of various diseases for more than 2,000 years. Recently some have been officially approved for clinical use. For example, aspirin was originally made from powder of the bark and leaves of the willow tree to help heal headaches, pains and fevers back in Hippocrates days. 

Currently, 148 Japanese kampo medicines have now formally been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan for use in clinics. In addition, several kampo were shown to have immuno-modulatory and anti-viral effects both in vitro and in vivo [20]. With more understanding of their antiviral mechanisms, more traditional medicines will be utilized for clinical pharmaceutical purposes and novel drug discovery.

The lack of toxicity and potent specific viral inhibitory activity suggest essential oil may be helpful as a possible antiviral drug for control and treatment of influenza virus infection. It could potentially be used as a non-toxic way to cleanse surfaces, or dispersed to eliminate aerosolized virus particles in confined areas. Since the oil is currently used as a food supplement, oral administration, once the pharmacokinetics are determined, may provide therapeutic benefit during infection.

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We have shown that virus treated with protective essential oil significantly decreased both the number of released viral particles from infected MDCK cells, and infected cells by FFA assay. Also, oil treated virus had the same ability to bind to and internalize in MDCK cells compared with untreated virus. 

MDCK cells infected by oil-treated virus express viral mRNA, but minimal amounts of protein. Taken together, we found an essential oil blend notably attenuates influenza virus PR8 infection in vitro via inhibition of viral protein synthesis at the post-transcription level. 

The lack of toxicity and potent specific inhibition ability make the essential oil a possible antiviral drug for influenza virus proliferation control and treatment.

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Competing interests

None of the authors have competing financial interests to disclose. All authors have no links to doTERRA International, producer of the On Guard™ blend oil.

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Authors' contributions

SW and WW designed the study and analyzed the data. WW drafted the manuscript. KBP, JPM, HL and SW collected the data and participated to their interpretation. JLB assisted with preparation of the figures. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

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Pre-publication history

The pre-publication history for this paper can be accessed here:

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The research described in this work was partially supported by a Clinical Innovator Award from the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute and by the Oklahoma Health Research Program from Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology (to W. W.).

We thank Elizabeth Duggan for excellent technical support. We also acknowledge the assistance from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Imaging Analysis core facility.

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Again,  clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and orange all work together. It’s a synergistic effect they have to combat viruses.

I found this 1911 Book in Carnegie library - was about treating all diseases with essential oils. Pertussis, whooping cough, pneumonia, all infections

WWI- they used oregano and thyme to combat gangrene and infection on the battlefield.  Antibiotics changed the whole paradigm.  Esp. European doctors

Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy- he burnt hand in lab and dunked his hand in lavender oil to try to get some relief-  The burn healed quickly and without pain or scaring so he investigated further the healing properties of lavender.

1.  Aromatically Diffuser, Nebulizer or inhaler- like a steam sauna with eucalyptus

 2.  topically or can 

3.  ingest them.  Debated topic.  Is effective

Pneumonia essential oils include Thymol, carvacrol in oregano, geraniol, citronellal.  The chemical oils like Lemongrass, oregano and thyme treat pneumonia, geraniol and rose oils have been proven to kill pneumonia.

1911 Whooping cough- was treated with 20% sweet almond oil and 20% camphor found it in rosemary knocked it out.--Also the bubonic plaque.  Oils will kill whooping cough.  Camphor is the main chemical in rosemary oil which is very common.  

You can use it aromatically in Whooping cough.  Guard is a blend by doTerra.  Cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus.  I mean they figured how to kill the bubonic plague.  Those oils are also effective against whooping cough as well.

TY:  Essential oils are time tested medicine and they help support natural immunity and the entire immune system.  Macrophages are important cells of the immune system that are formed in response to an infection or accumulating, damaged or dead cells. 

They are large, specialized cells that recognize and engulf, and destroy target cells. Dr. Marco Ruggiero will discuss GcMAF and Rerum, and how they can be used to activate macrophages, and even treat autism.

Dr. MARCO RUGGIERO:   GcMAF and Rerum for autism  is an acronym for 

Gc, =globulin-derived macrophage activating factor.  .MAF stands for macrophage activating factors.  Macrophages are cells of the immune system.  He worked on these cells while at NCI, National Cancer Institute in the early 90’s.  1 of his 1st papers on macrophages is published in PNS with other colleagues. He has studied this topic x 26 years.  

There are many proteins or factors that may activate macrophages. A now retired Japanese research worker (Nobuto Yamamoto) in Philadelphia, identified another protein called GcMAF. GcMAF activates macrophages and therefore, we can define this protein as an immune stimulant.

He worked with Nobuto Yamamoto in 2009-20. They published a paper presented at the World AIDS conference in India in 2010, postulating that stimulation of the immune system could eradicate HIV infection.  “GcMAF Cancer Cure Update:  A proven Cure for HIV Infection and Cancer Ignored by Mainstream Medicine and News Media “ published in National Health Federation, 2009 Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc. 

GcMAF was injected weekly into 15 nonanemic, HIV patients for 18 weeks. The effect was complete eradication of the virus in all 15 subjects. He actually used the same words of Professor Luke Montagne, when he says that if you have a good immune system you can get rid of the virus in weeks.  

They published the paper together and kept working on the molecule.  Then I began  collaborating with a biotech company in England and at the 1st GcMAF conference, Immunology conference in Frankfurt , Germany. He met Dr. Jeff Bradstreet.

MAF IS AN IMMUNE STIMULANT. MAF to activate macrophages

Macro activating Factor he worked at NCI.

The link and article are below:

GCMAF- cure for cancer and HIV- GCMAF was injected into HIV patients for 18 weeks and they were cured!

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet- had the idea -- Some forms of autism are associated with viral infections, mostly latent viral infections, but he knew that there was a relationship between multiple viral infections, or in the-general infections and autism.   

So, it was known that in autism there is a dysregulation of the immune system.  He thought that to try to rebalance immune system of autistic children with GCMAF could have been a good idea.  He published his 1st paper on in 2013, how treating the children with GcMAF improved serological markers and improved symptoms  

He also kept doing his own research in the laboratory.  The more we studied this protein and the more we published on the effects of this protein on cancer cells, on macrophages, and so on, the more we understood that the protein in itself was not the most important, or the most active part of the molecule. By studying the molecular structure of GCMAF, we found out that the active sites were essentially 4 different things, 4 different molecules.   

Active molecule is made up of 4 things

1, Alpha N-acetyl galactosaminidase is removed by the enzyme nagalase.

2. Vitamins of the D group- D23, a fatty acid whose healthy properties have been known for centuries, oleic acid the basic principle in olive oil.  This was our major contribution to the field.

3.  Glucose amino glycan- a complex sugar called Chondroitin sulfate.  Chondroitin sulfates is the molecule which- mediates the activation of macrophages.  In other words, the GcMAF does NOT activate macrophages in and by itself.  It does so through the interposition of this sugar called chondroitin sulfate.

At that point, he was asked by Dr. Bradstreet if they could develop a molecule that was not as the old GcMAF was, that was not a protein, as they have a series of difficulties to be handled, that had the same power, the same activity of GcMAF.

He ended up with a new molecule that actually is not new at all.  It is what happens in nature.  Because of this, we gave a Latin name that means about nature, Rerum.  In Latin, Rerum means “of things.”  And it refers to the essay by the Roman philosopher 2000years ago, Titus Lecretius, who wrote an essay entitled De Rerum Natura, which means “about the nature of things.”  This Rerum is nothing else than the active parts of the old GcMAF without the GcMAF in itself. 

RERUM is the active ingredients of the old GCMAF without the GCMAF itself.

It had been demonstrated that AUTISTIC kids have a low level of TGF beta 1.(TRANSFORMING GROWTH BETA)  If you tx with GCMAF the TGFB1 does not go up. Whatever it means, it is not a good thing because control children, had a normal level.  The autistic children had a much lower level of TGF B.  If you treat those children with GcMAF, you do not raise the TGF-B.   You have a number of good effects no doubt about this, in particular, on the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM, but not on TGF-B.  

With Rerum- TGF B1 goes to normal with 5 weeks of tX  That’s why doctors all over the world, to name one, Dr. Nicola Antonucci, are reporting results of children who already had had the benefits from GcMAF, but not yet 100%.  Let’s say with GcMAF, they had gone from 20-60%.  

NOW they add rerum. Now they use Rerum, because GcMAF is no longer available, and they are completely in good shape.  This means that it does what all the old GcMAF did plus more, just like a jet plane.  It flies like the old propeller planes did, but more.  Even though we are very proud of the Rerum, nevertheless, don’t think that Rerum is the miracle pill.  

Rerum has to be integrated into a protocol that takes into account 1st + foremost Nutrition .  If you eat junk food, don’t expect Rerum to do miracles.  It won’t do them.  So 1st of all control nutrition.   no junk food.  The BEST nutritional approach f or autism is the Ketogenic diet. 

A diet very low in carbs and very high in healthy anti-inflammatory fat, like olive oil or coconut oil + amino acids, Crystallized amino acids that do not overload the kidneys or the liver.  S the ketogenic diet has to be the best—They showed a list of all the conditions helped by the ketogenic diet- Alzheimers, Parkinsons, neurodegenerative disorders.  On top of that, you can reconstitute the microbiome with probiotics.  We developed one that is called Bravo Probiotics, for example.  On top of that, you can add Rerum to rebalance the immune system and to rebalance the immune system inside the brain and protect the neurons.  

Do not look for the magic pill.   It does not exist.  Fix your gut and microbiome, then the Rerum or anything else will do poorly.  But if you do this under the supervision of a good + competent doctor and there are very many, let me tell you.  There are very many good doctors, both in the US and elsewhere.  Then you can expect very good results.

Ty:  While discussing nutrition, one of the things Dr. Ruggiero mentioned was the ketogenic diet.  Here’s Dr. Toni Bark describing how a ketogenic diet can help to squelch inflammation and even reduce the symptoms of autism.

 BRAVO PROBIOTICS. Rerum to help rebalance system.

DR. BARK:  As you know from work you’ve done that ketosis and ketones are neuroprotective.   Ketogenic diet->  Ketones are neuro protective. THE BRAIN ACTUALLY FUNCTIONS BETTER.   You automatically see inflammatory markers dissipate when you are in ketosis.  That’s just—There’s a lot of reasons.  I don’t know all the reasons or all the science behind it, but I know that’s a fact.  I measure them on my patients and the brain likes ketones and it can use them readily.  

It doesn’t have to do that much work, so its neuro protective and the inflammation is gone--- inflammatory markers are 0.0 something on these patients.   It reduces inflammatory markers.

Add cannabis->especially if you have something like a calcium channel that’s working out of control –CANNABIS  is a down regulator. That is why it is so great.  That and the fact that it promotes fat burning.  It’s a down regulator.  Anything that is out of whack or out of control, it helps down regulate it.  These are very helpful for kids with autism and so many other disease processes.  

 Add: Coconut oil, olive oil., flax, krill or fish oil, hemp seeds omega 3’s and oil fish oil and chia seeds.   

Cancer patients get plant based ketosis. Autistic patients do not have to be plant-based but I do want them eating organically.  I do like them getting the saturated fat, especially in the beginning to get the ketones boosted.  So Use  MCT oil  or they can use coconut oil or palm oil, but eventually  when they are in ketosis, they just need fat.  Healthy fats.  Avocados, monounsaturates+ some omega 3’s and coconut oil that’s great for many other reasons too.  

DR. TETYANA  OBUKHANYCH,, PHD Immunologist:  Sugar has a clear effect on a subset of cells called NEUTROPHILS.  Neutrophils are cells that guard us from bacterial infections.  They go through   the body and if they detect bacteria where bacteria are not supposed to be, they engulf the bacteria and this process is called phagocytosis.  

When sugar is eaten- it has been shown that it reduces phagocytosis.  Healthy oils maintain ketosis-   NO SUGAR.  Sugar destroys the immune system- neutrophils guard against bacteria by phagocytosis- sugar reduces phagocytosis by 2 fold x 5 hours.  So, if you eat sugar every 5 hours, your neutrophils are not functioning properly.   You may get away with the physiological effects of that, if there is no infection going on -  nothing happens.  But if you are already sick and you keep eating sugar in the form of ice cream or whatever, your neutrophils will not be able to handle the infection.

TY:  Dr. Obukhanych told us the sugar has a detrimental effect on neutrophils + it reduces their ability to perform phagocytosis, literally, cell-eating, by 50% for 5 hours, every time you ingest sugar.  That’s a good reason to never eat sugar if you are sick or recovering from illness. The medical literature is clear that diet and nutrition actually do have a big impact on your health.  As these experts are about to share, certain vitamins can have a positive effect in protecting from various infectious disease like measles, whooping cough, influenza, polio and may even help prevent and or reduce the symptoms of autism.  

Certain vitamins can reduce whooping cough.

Neil  Z. Miller-  The World Health Organization has come out and stated that they’ve done studies in several other journals, studies that confirm that children that have complications from measles, or that die from measles, have low quantities of vitamin A.   

Their nutritional status is very low for vitamin A and Vitamin A will protect babies, will protect children, from complications and death of measles.  In Africa-gave 1 gr standard treatment, 2 treatment and vita A.  The vitamin A group did better. 

I put the study and citation below:

Int J Epidemiol. 2010 Apr;39 Suppl 1:i48-55. doi: 10.1093/ije/dyq021.

Effectiveness of measles vaccination and vitamin A treatment.

Sudfeld CR1Navar AMHalsey NA.

Author information



The current strategy utilized by WHO/United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to reach the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy 2010 measles reduction goal includes increasing coverage of measles vaccine, vitamin A treatment and supplementation in addition to offering two doses of vaccine to all children.


We conducted a systematic review of published randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and quasi-experimental (QE) studies in order to determine effect estimates of measles vaccine and vitamin A treatment for the Lives Saved Tool (LiST). 

We utilized a standardized abstraction and grading format in order to determine effect estimates for measles mortality employing the standard Child Health Epidemiology Research Group Rules for Evidence Review.


We identified three measles vaccine RCTs and two QE studies with data on prevention of measles disease. A meta-analysis of these studies found that vaccination was 85% [95% confidence interval (CI) 83-87] effective in preventing measles disease, which will be used as a proxy for measles mortality in LiST for countries vaccinating before one year of age. 

The literature also suggests that a conservative 95% effect estimate is reasonable to employ when vaccinating at 1 year or later and 98% for two doses of vaccine based on serology reviews. We included six high-quality RCTs in the meta-analysis of vitamin A treatment of measles which found no significant reduction in measles morality. 

However, when stratifying by vitamin A treatment dose, at least two doses were found to reduce measles mortality by 62% (95% CI 19-82).


Measles vaccine and vitamin A treatment are effective interventions to prevent measles mortality in children.

PMID: 20348126     PMCID:  PMC2845860     DOI:  10.1093/ije/dyq021      [Indexed for MEDLINE] 

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If we didn’t vaccinate – we would still get measles as it is very contagious.  But if we - use the vitamin A the children would not die or have complications.   You actually do not want to stop kids from getting measles as it has health benefits later in life.   Measles protects against cancer and CAD.

Dr. HUMPHRIES:  Vitamin C  is the best medication I have discovered to use on myself and my patients.   Dr. Fred KLENNER wrote that doctors were backward by not using Vitamin C for paralytic polio, influenza, during pregnancy, whooping cough.  He outlines his protocols. He used vitamin C in whooping cough- does not make the cough go away.

C energizes the immune system and Neutrophils.  Helps increase apoptosis (cell death).  If they explode they cause more inflammation..  WC is a toxin mediated disease.  The toxin is neutralized...  Vitamin C is an Antioxidant, it loosens secretions in the lungs. It frees up the liver to do its job, Whooping cough. Need Vitamin C to make collagen.  It is not a miracle.  So   100% success rate in treating infants with WC –None have died.  Babies are helped.  You can read the parents testimonials-  their fear level, what you thought and what happened.  Babies are not turning blue.

Immunologist-   The immune system knows what to do with natural substances.  We didn’t have to wait for the pharmaceutical industry to help our immune systems for the last 50 years.  The nutrients that we pay attention to for 

Viruses -  You  need vitamin A and C

Bacteria-Need  A+ C + D and gut health and probiotics help use D synergistically.

All vitamins are necessary and micro elements and phytonutrients.

MARGULIS, PHD:  for healthy children >> Feed them real food- breast milk exclusively and real food and vegetables. Children are not actually eating real food.

Eat vegetables at every meal.

Avoid toxins- Tylenol/acetaminophen and antibiotics.  

Exercise and get sunlight and vitamin D.  Let them play in the dirt to help create a better immune system. And reduces risk of autoimmune disorders.

MIKE ADAMA/HEALTH RANGER:  How to have save children’s lives.---healthy children->

Boost nutrition to let them activate their genes that causes the expression of their immunology. Which gives them the adaptive response to exposure to viruses in the wild.    Vitamin D activates a huge portion of their gene code. You are actually invoking the power of their genetics. Now they are able to respond in a symptomless way.  In other words, they do not get sick and do not get a fever.   They do not even know that they are infected- Now they are immune as they have that built in immunology system.  That nano technology of human biology.  And its activated with things like vitamin D.

DR. THOMAS- Pediatrician:  A huge study out of Norway, 60,000 moms and children were followed for an average of 6 years.  They looked at the rate of autism in moms who took folate versus the rate in moms who did not take folate.  It was a huge study.  Prospective.  Followed over a long term comparing these 2 groups.

Feb 2013 JAMA  Autism/Folate use.  Need folate/B9 for neuroprotection. Helps prevent brain defects, anencephaly, meningomyeocele.  Moms who took folate had autism 1/1000, those that didn’t was 1/500

In the US it is 1/150 and we give folate.  Dr. Thomas checked the vaccine schedule for Norway-  They do not give the hep B vaccine and  they do breast feed longer and we know that is protective.  They have less toxins and no GMO’s.     We are creating 100,000 autistic kids a year.  How great would it be to do what they are doing an reduce the rate from 1/50 to 1/1000.  TOXINS are a BIG piece of the puzzle.  Have methyl folate and boost immune system.

I included the study and citation below:

JAMA. 2013 Feb 13;309(6):570-7. doi: 10.1001/jama.2012.155925.

Association between maternal use of folic acid supplements and risk of autism spectrum disorders in children.

Surén P1Roth CBresnahan MHaugen MHornig MHirtz DLie KKLipkin WIMagnus PReichborn-Kjennerud TSchjølberg SDavey Smith GØyen ASSusser EStoltenberg C.

Author information



Prenatal folic acid supplements reduce the risk of neural tube defects in children, but it has not been determined whether they protect against other neurodevelopmental disorders.


To examine the association between maternal use of prenatal folic acid supplements and subsequent risk of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) (autistic disorder, Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified [PDD-NOS]) in children.


The study sample of 85,176 children was derived from the population-based, prospective Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa). The children were born in 2002-2008; by the end of follow-up on March 31, 2012, the age range was 3.3 through 10.2 years (mean, 6.4 years). 

The exposure of primary interest was use of folic acid from 4 weeks before to 8 weeks after the start of pregnancy, defined as the first day of the last menstrual period before conception. Relative risks of ASDs were estimated by odds ratios (ORs) with 95% CIs in a logistic regression analysis. Analyses were adjusted for maternal education level, year of birth, and parity.


Specialist-confirmed diagnosis of ASDs.


At the end of follow-up, 270 children in the study sample had been diagnosed with ASDs: 114 with autistic disorder, 56 with Asperger syndrome, and 100 with PDD-NOS. In children whose mothers took folic acid, 0.10% (64/61,042) had autistic disorder, compared with 0.21% (50/24,134) in those unexposed to folic acid. 

The adjusted OR for autistic disorder in children of folic acid users was 0.61 (95% CI, 0.41-0.90). No association was found with Asperger syndrome or PDD-NOS, but power was limited. Similar analyses for prenatal fish oil supplements showed no such association with autistic disorder, even though fish oil use was associated with the same maternal characteristics as folic acid use.


Use of prenatal folic acid supplements around the time of conception was associated with a lower risk of autistic disorder in the MoBa cohort. Although these findings cannot establish causality, they do support prenatal folic acid supplementation.

Comment in

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·         Maternal prenatal folic acid supplementation is associated with a reduction in development of autistic disorder. [J Pediatr. 2013]

PMID: 23403681    PMCID:    PMC3908544               DOI:  10.1001/jama.2012.155925    [Indexed for MEDLINE] 

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TY:  Boosting the immune system is a recurring theme.  As Dr Thomas just mentioned, the key to preventing disease is a healthy immune system.  That’s actually the  part of the theory behind vaccinations.  Stimulate the immune system against disease.


BOOK by Dr. Thomas and Margulis.   The VACCINE FRIENDLY PLAN—Selective and delayed schedule for vaccination not according to the full CDC schedule. A way to vaccinate that is gentler and not as toxic.

Do not give Hep B vaccine on DAY 1 of life- if they do not need it.  OB tests the mom and we know that they do not have Hep B   Do that one at teenage before sexually active

Do not do polio- last case of polio acquired in US was in 1979-There is no risk.  you can do that later when the immune system is more developed.   

Do not do rotavirus-  it’s a live virus contaminated with other viruses.  Offit developed the 1st vaccine for this.  Both vaccines on the market have been proven to be contaminated with other viruses.  It makes no sense to give.

In the VACCINE FRIENDLY PLAN_->  Skip Hep B, polio, rotavirus  and focus on TDaP  for the pertussis

2 MONTHS- HIB (Haemophilus type B) prevents meningitis. TDaP so you are protecting against tetanus/diphtheria and pertussis.  The tetanus  and diphtheria are not an issue at this age but you really want the pertussis.  You don’t want the whooping cause and risk of 5 deaths per year.  

Rather than doing the Prevnar, which is the other serious bacterial disease caused by pneumococcus.  Prevnar 13 replaced Prevnar 7.—will prevent some meningitis and serious infection as well as HIB.  Rather than doing them at the same time at 2 months we move it to 3 months. It also contains aluminum. 

So at 2 months you get the HIB, a fairly safe vaccine  and DTaP with too much aluminum

At 3 months you do the Prevnar with aluminum. You repeat that at 4, 5, 6 and 9 months.

 1 year- final HIB and Prevnar.  That is still a lot of vaccines but it is still ½ of what it would have been

Now has 13,000 kids in his practice.

kid with a family history of autism or severe neurological or autoimmunity in the family.

Do not do Prenar 13 

I made an arbitrary condition to wait until after 3 years old for MMR-   Has 1 case of autism after 3 years old.  No autism in Vaccine Friendly plan.  Just goes slower

Skip rotavirus - 

Vaccines with Aluminum are spread out.  Reduce risk by waiting a bit on the MMR.

In 2015 he pulled his data.  He got a IRB to look at the data retrospectively- P vale. =0.0001 or about 1/100,000 this was an accident




GROUP 1- Friendly plan



1000 +

238 unvaccinated

900 most vaccinated(CDC SCHEDULE)



15 cases of AUTISM


1.      First group in vaccine friendly plan or less-over 1000 

no autism and no autism spectrum, 

2.     Unvaccinated 238- least ill.  Robust immune system, better nutrition maybe longer breastfeeding.

3.     900 more vaccinated kids-- 15 cases of autism 1/60. 

Let’s take large groups of unvaccinated, modified vaccine schedule and CDC vaccine schedule and follow them over time.  In my study, the 238  unvaccinated group was definitely the most healthy.  I tracked how many office visits for illness they had.  It was a fraction of the other kids visits.  And they are not vaccinated. 

In vaccination, you can boost immunity for 1 organism- but what does it do to the total organism.   What does it do to the whole organism?  We are not looking into the whole picture.  We need to.

TY:  It is interesting that Dr. Thomas did a retrospective study of over 1000 of his patients and he found that the unvaccinated group was the healthiest.  Growing up I was taught that vaccines were responsible to the lower mortality from infectious diseases.  Was this accurate?

Dr. Humphries: – There was a lot of filth and stress.  Disease ran rampant.  We gave the benefit to the vaccines for death rates going down and life span increasing. But we showed you with statistics that nobody argues with that.  Whooping cough and measles were almost at zero and then the vaccines come in.

TY:  Dr. Larry-  in 2000, there was an article in the Journal, Pediatrics which describes before WWII, pertussis, TB, scarlet fever, measles, flu, were almost completely wiped out before the introduction of vaccines.  How do we explain that? 

Dr. Larry Palevsky, M D:  The actual article describes the decreased mortality in children between the ages of 1 and 19 prior to WWII.  What the data showed was a very large decrease in the mortality rate of children dying from infectious diseases. In the article the author concludes that without antibiotics and vaccines, these disease states went down.  The reasons for the reduction in mortality were due to improved sanitation, improved water, better living conditions and better nutrition. 

DR RASHID BUTTAR, DO:  You start looking at vaccines.  We survived-- so until 100 years ago -let’s say we go by the traditional belief in Adam and Eve 10-20,000 thousand years ago OR we have been evolving for hundreds of millions of years   and we survived until this time without vaccines.  Now suddenly you are telling me it so important to survive that we need vaccines.

Dr. Larry Palevsky, M D:  Many people say, if I’m not going to vaccinate, how do I keep my kids strong?  That is based on 2 assumptions. 1. That your child’s immune system is not already strong.  2. That vaccines protect you and make you strong.

The body is already strong.  There is a way to keep it strong. There’s a way to prevent it from weakening.  That doesn’t utilize pharmaceuticals. That uses good food, good water and a healthy environment.  All studies have shown that good food, good water and healthy environments create healthy kids.

TY:  As we look at the graphs of pertussis, measles, mumps, etc. we see that the mortality from these diseases had decreased drastically before these vaccines were introduced.  FROM the book, DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS.  

Is it possible that these disease were eradicated due to better living conditions, improved hygiene and improved water. There are many differing opinions on that topic.  In light of this ambiguity and lack of consensus, let’s look at what happened in California a couple  

ROBERT KRAKOW, ESQ: What’s happening is because the government wants to promote the vaccine program, they see it as a hallmark of public health. We see it In California.  Mandate. No Exceptions.  Your kid doesn’t go to school unless he gets the vaccine. So, they are eliminating those rights, the right to an education. 

Dr. TENPENNY:  SB 277 has taken away parents’ rights to refuse.   It’s been published in the public health literature to become model legislation for all 50 states.

DR. MIKOVITS: We cannot let this go on, when families recognize it in their own families, then they are going to start asking questions they are going to vote.  They are going to vote for people who are not going to put big pharma mafia and mandating our kids don’t get an education if they don’t get an injection. Where does that come from. Not since Thomas Jefferson and the Queen, who said if you didn’t go with the Church of England, you didn’t get an education.  I thought we fought that in the 1700’s.  Really?  We’re back there?  You don’t get an education in America if you don’t get an injection? Crazy.

DEL BIGTREE:  It is astounding to me, this sort of disconnect.  And I grew up with a progressive liberal fighting for the environment, labeling of GMOs and just trying to keep organic and keep our food and water clean.  In California where I live, we have just passed SB 277 which is a mandated vaccine law.  My children cannot go to school unless they are fully vaccinated which at this point means 69 shots, 69 vaccinations.  It’s insane. But what’s really crazy to me is it is the same people that wanted GMOs labeled, the liberal progressives and Democrats that are pushing these mandatory vaccination agenda.  I don’t understand why you think Monsanto is the bad guy because they put pesticides and chemicals all over your food, but you don’t mind that the government is taking ownership of your child over your own best interests, and said “We are going to inject your child with want ever we want, whenever we want, however we want.  Then you look at what’s inside of these vaccines.  I mean you want GMO’s labeled.  They have to label what is inside your vaccine if you request it and you are not even looking it.  You’re not looking at aluminum.  It’s a neuro toxin. Mercury, formaldehyde. These products get banned coming from China as it has formaldehyde in it.  What do you care—Your doctor just injected a ton of that into your newborn baby.

If you believe in environmental issues, you are trying to make your air and your water clean---This is an environmental issue.  These are the same toxins that you are fighting to keep out of your air.  That goes into your nose, you eat it—that is an open system.  You can purge that out of your body.  We are talking about taking those toxins and putting them in your blood stream—a closed system.  Where there is no where to go except ultimately into your brain.


 Symptoms of Autism and mercury poisoning in children.  It isn’t a coincidence  Not the exact graph

Symptoms of Autism

Symptoms of Mercury posisoning

·         mood swings, nervousness, irritability, and other emotional changes, social withdrawal

·         insomnia,

·         headache,

·         abnormal sensations,

·         muscle twitching,

·         tremors,

·         weakness,

·         muscle atrophy, and

·         decreased cognitive functions.

·         Seizures

·         Hand flapping


·         mood swings, nervousness, irritability, and other emotional changes,,social withdrawal

·         insomnia,

·         headache,

·         abnormal sensations,

·         muscle twitching,

·         tremors,

·         weakness,

·         muscle atrophy, and

·         decreased cognitive functions.

·         Seizures

·         HAND flapping


Jefferey Jaxen- Events occurring in Sacramento where there were 1000’s of mothers gathered to protest the passage of SB 277.  Senator Pan was one of the authors of SB 277 .  He was asked to either vote on the bill or defer that bill.  With an entire community of parents, standing room only -  instead of tuning to those people who elected him into office.- He listened to 2 pharmaceutical lobbyists. He deferred the vote and the rest is history.  

I believe SB 277 was pushed through because when the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson came forward.  Shortly thereafter, There was a measles outbreak in Disneyland. After the measles outbreak, that was the motivation for this law to be passed.  They rode it on the back of measles- there were 300 cases, no deaths. So, I believe we are seeing a vaccine industry that had an agenda, a pharmaceutical company, that had a long term agenda faster than they wanted to.   

They didn’t see Dr. Thompson coming.  They caught everyone in California sleeping. And they are not sleeping anymore.  Moving forward- I was one of the first people to break the story with Richard Pen and his lobbyists. SB 277 was perhaps the most important thing that ever happened to the vaccine injury movement and the opposition against pharmaceutical control. Because it made it real for families now.  Before it was just a journalist writing about it.  It was scrolled off a web page.  

It was a social media post. But now it’s coming to their doorstep.  Now they have to activate. When people are forced are out of their comfort zones especially when their kids are on the chopping block. They are going to activate. It goes back to this movement.  They are going to see lots of civil disobedience.  Parents will act.  Parents will not lie down for this. And if parents don’t push back hard enough on this, the schools will act, then nurses will not follow orders.  The teachers and doctors will not follow orders. They will gum up the system.

TY:  The most precious thing we have is our freedom to choose. Due to documentaries like this, “The Truth About Vaccines,” People around the globe are being educated about informed medical consent, freedom of choice, the potential serious effects about vaccines, and conflicts of interests- including Dr. Pan, who according to the Sacramental Bee, received $95,000 from lobbyists prior to the passage of SB 277.

Following historical trends, whatever happens in California, typically trickles down to the other 50 states.  According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who has her finger on the pulse on vaccine legislation, Senate Bill 277 will be a model for all the other states.  She also talks of a govt plan. Healthy People 2020

TENPENNY:  We talk so much about all the things that have to do with kids and pediatricians- I think it is really  important adults know that adults are going to be put into this pot of mandatory vaccinations too.   “National Adult Vaccination Plan"

Electronic medical records came into vogue in 2010 when doctors were being told that they had to purchase electronic medical records module from the govt—  They were expensive to purchase from the govt- the Medicaid module was $43,000. Per physician in the practice. If there were 4 people in the practice that was $43,000 x 4= $172,000.    At the same time, you had to buy a Medicare module which was $62,000.

Physician offices are small-how are you ever going to recoup that investment.  Like never. So, the govt said – not a problem, we will pay for it in exchange FOR ALL THE DATA.  So, for each year starting in 2010, which was when Obama care came into being.  By 2012, they had installed over 500,000 physicians across the country- had bought into the system.  They were teaching them how to use electronic medical records.  That each year they added a few more things, a few more boxes had to be checked off and that data has gone off to the govt. In 2016, they added the box that added your immunization status    

That goes into what is called, The Immunization Information System”, or the local, regional, district vaccine registry.  Your information goes into this registry to always be there.  The intentions of these vaccine registries is to be cradle to grave tracking of your immunization status.  The National Adult Vaccination Plan was released in 2015.  At the same time, they introduced the implementation plan.  Some of the things that have been bubbling around in the background that have not come to the fore front yet, in terms of implementation are-  If you are not fully vaccinated-> will you be able to travel.  Will you be able to renew your driver’s license. Will you be able to go to a public place like a football or basketball game.  Will you be able to go to the grocery store unless you can prove you are fully vaccinated.  That’s the type of plan I see coming down the road.  I just see These people as needle wielding maniacs. That  every single person has to be injected with every single vaccine.  The implementation plan actually has language in it that they Want adults to demand and request vaccines. There will be incentives.  It’s to be required that every vaccine currently on the market and every vaccine in the future.  

We know that there are 140 vaccines in the development pipeline.  Many are headed to adults at a fast track schedule.  When people listen to the Truth About Vaccines-  they will say- My kids are past that, I don’t have to make that decision.  Or my kids are having grandkids and they don’t ever listen to me anyway.  But here’s the thing- many of these vaccines in the pipeline are headed straight for adolescents and adults to get people on board by 2020 Healthy People Goals. The adult vaccination implementation plan- is a 5 year ramped up plan for GUIDELINES to become GOALS .

TY:  What is Healthy People 2020?

TENPENNY:  It actually started in 1990when the Surgeon General came forth and worked with the Dept. of Health at the time to create Healthy People guideline 1990. They looked at the health of our society.  They were laudable goals. They looked at things like wearing seatbelts and helmets, smoking cessation and obesity, clean water and set up goals for 1990 -2000.       Every decade they establish new goals to see where we can get.  There were goals from 2000 to 2010.   They created the goals for 2010 to 2020 with the difference being that the goals in the 1990’s were 15 goals and 225 objectives. In the Healthy People 2020 Plan-- there are 44 goals and 1200 objectives to look at every single corner of our health and every single corner of our life.  There is a section in there for vaccines.    

 They Want 90% of the population vaccination with flu, DTaP, MMR  shots,.   All these were initially set up to be guidelines.  But they have become goals.  The goals now—They want to remove your right to refuse.  So, what Healthy People 2020 is supposed to do is get everybody vaccinated, everybody funded and get everyone on board This all came about at the same time as we developed the Healthy People 2020 guideline in 2010.  

    In 2010,  it was declared the “decade of vaccines”  - Gates Foundation put up 10 million dollars to start this decade , “The Decade of Vaccines”  And within this Decade of Vaccines from 2010 to 2020  and Healthy People 2020 guidelines we  - need medical records in tracking and we need to take away people’s right to refuse,. We need to ramp up all these guidelines and turn them into goals.  They are well on their way.  This is 2017, - we only have 3 years left for people to become aware of this + involved and not allowing it in the future.

TY:  So this is something that affects everyone?

TENPENNY: This effects Everyone here and around the globe.  In 2000 the     GATES  Foundation funded an organization called GAVI   

I have included the link and their information below:   MASS VACCINATION CAMPAIGN BEGINS IN SOMALIA


Protecting over 450,000 people from cholera outbreak 

Reduced child mortality

Average child mortality in Gavi-supported countries fell from 76 to a projected 63 deaths per 1,000 live births between 2010 and 2015, an unprecedented rate of reduction of 3.6% per year. The acceleration in the number of new vaccine introductions in recent years, as well as the increased coverage with existing vaccines, has contributed to the substantial reduction in under-five mortality rates.

Under-five mortality rate

In Gavi-eligible countries (per 1,000 live births)


Sources: The United Nations Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation, United Nations Population Division; World Population Prospects


 We completed the 2011–2015 period by surpassing our targets for country introductions of pentavalent, pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines. However, coverage rates for all three vaccines fell short of our goals. These are expected to catch up in the coming years as the most populated developing countries plan to introduce one or both of pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines. Most encouragingly, India, which accounts for almost one third of Gavi’s birth cohort, completed its nationwide introduction of pentavalent vaccine in 2015.

By supporting more than 200 vaccine introductions in five years, we have helped countries boost their ability to deliver more vaccines. Gavi provides support for almost all the vaccines universally recommended by WHO in the first two years of a child’s life, as well as HPV vaccine which is delivered in adolescence.

At the start of the strategic period, we were funding an average of one vaccine program in each Gavi- supported country; five years later, this figure has almost quadrupled.

In 2015, Gavi also drew lessons from country introductions of two critical vaccines in its portfolio: the human papillomavirus (HPV) and measles-rubella vaccines. Our new measles and rubella strategy reinvigorated efforts to control these two infectious diseases, mainly through strengthened routine immunisation coverage. As we move into the new strategic period, we will not only support country introductions of these vaccines but also ensure they are rooted in stronger national immunisation systems.

Read more in the full report  



They started GAVI  with 750 million dollars and now  invest 6.8 billion dollars to vaccinate the WORLD and  Eliminate the right to refuse.  ( My personal comment- What about the vaccines that hurt black boys before the age of 3-  will they be given before the age of 3?  If you are nutritionally deficient- won’t there be more adverse effects,  If they are already sick and immune compromised- won’t the vaccine not work? And merely add toxic load to these sick beings? What if they already have the disease- won’t the vaccine ramp up the infection?  Rotavirus leads to the more virulent -norovirus- so there will be less deaths from rotavirus but more from norovirus)  MMR cause more adverse events in black boy if given before 36 months- data from Africa, confirmed in Philadelphia on American black population, HPV vaccine has the largest aluminum content).

Ty:. Dr.Tenpenny mentioned forced vaccines for adults several times.  I’ve read the People 2020-  I t certainly seems the 2020  initiative is to vaccinate all adults as well as children and take away their choice and eliminate their right for refusal. 

Brandy VAUGHN:  To me there is no more fundamental right in the US than what we put in our body.  We have the right to property and free speech, but we don’t have the fundamental right to choose what goes into our body, when nobody else is responsible for consequences, nobody’s  taking liability, and we are going to be stuck financially, and mentally, emotionally and physically with those repercussions.  These are fundamental rights.  What more fundamental right do we have than what goes into our bodies?

I think right now our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves because if we have that medical right taken away from us---I mean what good are any of the other rights?  To me this is the most important conversation right now. We must keep our right to what we put in our bodies.  

Dr. MERCOLA: regrets vaccinating 1000’s of patients.  It is one of my biggest regrets.  I trusted them. Blindly trusted them that they were telling the truth.  Many physicians were like me.  They believed that they were being told the truth.  They don’t have the time, energy or resources to carefully examine it themselves—If they did they would reach the inevitable, if they were objective and rational, -- that’s there no other conclusion you could reach.   There is some serious potential problems here that have to seriously examined.  You have to weigh the evidence in some cases, if you objectively do due diligence and reach your conclusion to vaccinate- that’s fine.  But it’s a choice.  It shouldn’t be forced on you.

BARBARA LOE FISHER:  Mandatory vaccination, forced vaccinations, no exceptions, no exemptions vaccine policies and laws are completely contrary to the founding principles of the USA.   If they really understand what is happening here and will stand for it. I believe that if Americans understand the truth about how many people are being hurt by vaccines, will stand up and fight for their freedoms.

 Ty:   Allison- did you say that was assault and battery when they take your child and force a vaccine?

ALLISON FOLMAR, JD:  Against a parent’s will, against a child’s will.  It’s a physical touching of another without their consent.  That’s battery.  The anticipation of that battery is assault. 

TY:  You have seen the govt or CPS step into parents who would not vaccinate?

ALLISON FOLMAR, JD:  Oh absolutely. There have been force vaccinations- downright forced vaccination where they have come and removed the child and take custody and legally forced that child up to the standard of code or where that child is supposed to be.  And it is mandated by the state under the guise of a child in a public school. Well guess what? A child has a fundamental right to a free education.  So, you can’t take 1 fundamental right-- the right NOT to be vaccinated and conjoin it and take away another fundamental right—which is to a free public education. But that’s what’s happening.  The state is saying,” If you’re not only going to have your vaccination—you’re not going to have your child in a public school, a private school” ---well what’s going on with that?    So, the medical exemptions, the personal belief exemptions, the religious exemptions---that’s all going out the window.

There is a push to have one set frame of mind of how all children need to be, based on scientific data that is NOT conclusive.-OK, I’m not a doctor,…I’m not going to argue that position.  What I do know is that it is assault and battery to mandatorily give a child a permanent vaccination that will change the course of his or her life –on the basis where the court takes over the custody of the child for a temporary space of time.

Now – here you go – “I’m going to give you back a damaged child.  You gave me a whole child.  I’m going to give you back a damaged child. “Then the state wants say, Oh, “hands off.” “You’re child was thrown into autism?  Oh well.”

MIKE ADAMS (“The Health Ranger”):  This is where it is all headed: governments working in conspiracy with vaccine manufacturers to commit acts of extreme violence against families that do not obediently accept vaccine interventions.  This is a war against humanity.  This is scientific Totalitarianism.(DEF: Totalitarianism is a political system in which the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible)  This is vaccine violence and it is the ultimate extension of bad medicine to administer medicine at gunpoint.  That’s what the family is going through and that’s where it is headed in California, across the US and everywhere in the world if we do not change.  

You cannot take away right to a free education and you must vaccinate.

This is assault and battery to give a vaccination and then you have a child with autism.  Take a whole child and give you back a damaged child.  A war against humanity. It is bad medicine to force it at gunpoint.  If we do not have the right to have what we decide to allow 70 + dangerous products into our bodies.  We cherish freedom of thought.  If they only want you to ask questions.  –

LAURA HAYES:  If we don’t have the right to decide what we do or do not allow in our bodies, especially when that which we are talking about something that is declared “unavoidablably unsafe.”  By the Supreme Court in 2011 which means inherently unsafe.  That means we do no have the right to decide to allow if 70 plus inherently unsafe ingredients can be put into our children or ourselves, then what meaningful rights do we have left?  [ Supreme Court -limits lawsuits against vaccine makers}

I have included the link below:

09-152 Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC (02/22/11) - Supreme Court 22, 2011 ... BRUESEWITZ v. WYETH LLC ... from strict liability rules “unavoidably unsafe products. ... RUSSELL BRUESEWITZ, ET AL., PETITIONERS v.

Tue Feb 22, 2011 | 3:28pm EST    Supreme Court rules for vaccine makers on lawsuits

By James Vicini | WASHINGTON

The Supreme Court ruled that federal law shields vaccine makers from product-liability lawsuits in state court seeking damages for a child's injuries or death from a vaccine's side effects.

The high court on Tuesday ruled for Wyeth, which is now owned by Pfizer Inc, in a lawsuit brought by the parents of Hannah Bruesewitz, who suffered seizures as an infant after her third dose of a diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine in 1992.

Pfizer and other vaccine makers had argued that a Supreme Court ruling for the plaintiffs could open the door to a flood of lawsuits -- many by families who believe vaccines cause autism -- and threaten the supply of childhood vaccines.

Pfizer Executive Vice President and General Counsel Amy Schulman said the company was pleased with the ruling.

"The Vaccine Act that Congress enacted nearly 25 years ago appropriately places the responsibility for determining the optimal design of life-saving childhood vaccines in the hands of expert federal agencies, not a patchwork of state tort systems," she said.

At issue in the ruling was the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, a law that created a special program to handle disputes in an effort to ensure a stable vaccine supply by shielding companies from most lawsuits.

The federal program, involving what is known as the vaccine court, has awarded more than $1.8 billion for vaccine injury claims in nearly 2,500 cases since 1989. It is funded by a tax on vaccines.

In the Hannah Bruesewitz case from Pennsylvania, her parents claimed in their lawsuit that her seizure disorder and serious developmental delay stemmed from toxins in the vaccine's design.

They said a safer alternative had been available but was not used. The DTP vaccine was taken off the market in 1998.

Russell and Robalee Bruesewitz said their daughter was a healthy infant until she received the shot, but has experienced seizure disorders and developmental problems ever since, requiring a lifetime of supervision and care.


Wyeth has denied its vaccine caused her injuries.

After the couple's claims were rejected under the federal compensation process, they filed a lawsuit in state court. But a federal judge and then a federal appeals court based in Philadelphia ruled the 1986 federal law barred such lawsuits.

The Supreme Court, in a majority opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia, upheld that decision and ruled the federal law pre-empted all such design-defect claims against vaccine manufacturers.

"Vaccine manufacturers fund from their sales an informal, efficient compensation program for vaccine injuries; in exchange they avoid costly tort litigation and the occasional disproportionate jury verdict. Congress enacted this deal to coax manufacturers back into the vaccine market," Scalia said.

The ruling accepted the Obama administration's position.

O. Marion Burton, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which represents 60,000 pediatricians, applauded the ruling.

"Today, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed what pediatricians have been advocating for decades," Dr. Burton said. "Vaccines save lives."

(Editing by John Wallace and Maureen Bavdek)

TY:  I don’t know about other countries of the world, but in the US, we cherish  our fundamental rights which include freedom of speech and freedom of choice when it comes to medical procedures and our fundamental freedom of thought.  Nobody can tell us what to think.

BARBARA LOE FISHER:  When people don’t want you to think, they only want you to believe and trust what they say + obey orders that they give, they are not going to want you to be educated.  They are not going to want you to ask questions.  They are not going to want to answer the question that you ask.  This is a very authoritarian and paternalistic attitude that pediatricians and all those giving vaccines, those making policies for vaccines are trying to foist upon us.  In America, we do not have a tradition of particularly liking an authoritarian approach. (DEF: Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by strong central power and limited political freedoms. Individual freedoms are subordinate to the state and there is no constitutional accountability under an authoritarian regime)  In America, we are used to having the freedom of speech, the freedom of thought, the ability to follow our conscience, the ability to hold religious beliefs.  We are not a society that is used to being told what we can think and what we can do.

DR LARRY PALEVSKY, MD:  Every story about kids who have been vaccine injured, the parents almost always states, “I didn’t want to do it. I knew it was wrong, I had this gut feeling, but my Doctor bullied me.”

JENNIFER MARGULIS, PhD:  Many pediatricians in the US will kick families out of their practice if they choose not to vaccinate.  How can you have informed consent if you choose not to vaccinate.

TENPENNY: What parents really need is someone in their community that is a medical professional such as a nurse, nurse practitioner or chiropractor. Pediatrician., Naturopath, or even their mother or grandmother who has raised children before.  Because, if you have a new baby, what you want to know is---is this normal?  Are they sick enough that I should be concerned? They are kind of fuzzy- should I take them to the pediatrician.  They just need a partner in that.  And instead they take them to the pediatrician.  And the pediatrician says, “No you have to vaccinate.  If you do not vaccinate you are being kicked out of the practice.”

NEIL MILLER, MD:  The question that people email me every week is, “I just asked my pediatrician some questions about vaccines and he fired me.”  I tell them they should be happy the doctor was honest enough to end your dysfunctional relationship with them.  Go find someone who will respect your views, respects you and your family and the decisions that you want to make jointly with your healthcare provider.  

TY:  Neil Miller just described that it is vitally important to find a pediatrician that respects your wishes and wants to work with you.

DR. LARRY PALEVSKY :  We are told vaccine are safe.  Anyone who reads “Vaccines are Safe”:    They have never read to see if the ingredients are safe, if the ingredients been tested to be sure they are safe, do they enter the brain, to see if they effect the mitochondria.   The blood brain barrier has the highest concentration of mitochondria anywhere in the body.  Vaccine materials can go right through it (the blood brain barrier), penetrate it go right through it to the brain.

 I have included a link to the article on this study below:


12/29/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

NEW STUDY - “Mitochondrial Autism” is Real; Vaccine Triggers Cannot Be Ruled Out

By David Kirby·          

The December 1st issue of Time Magazine carries a special section on “The Year in Medicine,” which mentions the case of Hannah Poling, the young girl with autism who received compensation from the federal vaccine injury program. Like many news accounts back then, Time has called the case “rare,” because it involved an underlying dysfunction of Hannah’s mitochondria, the little powerhouses within each cell that produce energy.

The widespread misconception that Hannah’s case was “unique,” and without any bearing on other autism cases, was promulgated by opinion leaders such as CDC Director Julie Gerberding and the newly rich vaccine inventor Dr. Paul Offit, (who told Newsweek that his share of the royalties from the vaccine was “like winning the lottery.”)

But on Wednesday, a new chart-review study was published showing that “mitochondrial autism” is not rare at all. 

“These and prior data suggest a disturbance of mitochondrial energy production as an underlying pathophysiological mechanism in a subset of individuals with autism,” wrote the authors of the study, “Mitochondrial Disease in Autism Spectrum Disorder Patients: A Cohort Analysis.”

In fact, the authors wrote that mitochondrial dysfunction “may be present in a substantial percentage of children with ASD.” (They did not mention prevalence in adults with autism).

I first reported on this phenomenon back in March, when I interviewed one the of the study’s authors. Back then, I wrote that mitochondrial dysfunction was detected in 7-to-30 percent of people with autism, and that genetic mutations that might confer such dysfunction could be as common as 1 in 50 people in the general population.

Now, I freely admit that I do not understand everything written in this new study. But there are a few things that I think are worth pointing out.


I have long held that there are many different subsets of autism cases. One such group is made up of children who were developing normally, only to regress later - typically between one and two years of age. Nearly all of the children in my book regressed into autism - a process that often began almost immediately after receiving multiple vaccinations.

Perhaps that is why the very idea of regressive autism has been cause for derision among many scientists, who insist that the parents were simply too ignorant to “notice” autism symptoms in their children earlier on.

But among the 25 children in the chart review, 14 of them, or 56%, suffered from “regression of previously acquired skills.” This is a rate that is significantly above the roughly “one third of autistic children” in general who are reported to have regressed, the authors said. So then, not only is regressive autism real, it seems to be almost twice as common in cases of “mitochondrial autism,” (the authors; words, not mine).


Most of the children in my book - and Hannah Poling as well - had rather severe physical, biomedical problems associated with their regression. Again, this claim has been met with scorn by many in the medical and science communities, who say that autism is much more of a behavioral/neurological than biomedical condition. Parents and doctors who do try to treat these physical symptoms - with conventional and alternative therapies alike - are singled out for particular damnation by many of these so-called experts.

And yet, the authors of this study found the following:

Twenty-one patients (84%) had histories of major non-neurological medical problems, most commonly of the gastrointestinal system, with gastroesophageal reflux affecting nine and constipation affecting eight subjects. Seven patients had structural or functional cardiovascular abnormalities. In addition, 17 patients had excessive fatigability or exercise intolerance and several children had abnormal physical exam findings including six with facial dysmorphism, four with microcephaly, four with macrocephaly, and five with growth retardation.

Again, biomedical problems - in addition to regression - may be more common in the subset of children with “mitochondrial autism.”

Much more research is needed in this regard. As the authors noted: “it is possible, if not likely, that a still broader clinical, biochemical and genetic spectrum of mitochondrial autism exists.”


Of the 25 children in this study, only two (8%) had specific mutations in their mitochondrial DNA that are considered pathogenic (disease causing). Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from the mother only. And though mutations in the nuclear DNA (inherited from both parents) can affect mitochondrial function, the authors wrote: “It is possible that there are important environmental or genetic factors in addition to the mtDNA mutation” in the development of autism in some cases.

This finding is not inconsistent with an earlier estimate from the Cleveland Clinic, which says that 75% of mitochondrial disorders are “sporadic” in nature, meaning they were probably triggered by environmental factors. Heavy metals, pesticides, formaldehyde, alcohol and some medications can damage mitochondria, especially in developing fetuses, published studies show.


The authors used reference levels to measure “blood lactate and pyruvate, plasma alanine, urinary organic acids, CK (creatine kinase) AST (aspartate transaminase) and ALT (alanine aminotransferase,” they wrote. And they added that, “Biochemical evidence of mitochondrial ETC dysfunction included increased blood lactate and pyruvate levels, elevated plasma alanine level, and increased urinary levels of Krebs cycle intermediates or 3-methylglutaconate.”

This is significant because one day, we may routinely test children for signs of mitochondrial dysfunction. Such tests might be able to predict which children are most at risk for autistic regression and other developmental problems. They could also be quite useful for diagnostics and biomedical treatments in children with autism.


Here is where the long knives of science really come out. And it is why the Hannah Poling case is so extraordinarily controversial.

“Recently, there has been increased concern regarding a possible causative role of vaccinations in autistic children with an underlying mitochondrial cytopathy (cellular disorder),” the authors wrote. “For one of our 25 patients (Hannah, who DOES have autism, contrary to claims by Gerberding, Offit et al, who erroneously insisted, without ever meeting the child, that she only had “features” of autism), the child’s autism/neurodevelopmental deterioration appeared to follow vaccination. Although there may have been a temporal relationship of the events in this case, such timing does not prove causation.”

Maybe not - but one must wonder, then, why medical personnel at HHS’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program conceded that the “cause” of Hannah’s “autistic encephalopathy” was “vaccine induced fever and immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic reserves.”

When I first reported this story, the researcher I spoke to told me there had been 30 children in the study, and two of them (8%) showed signs of brain injury from vaccines. Of the five children since excluded from the final published review, one must have been the second vaccine-related regression.

Most of the children had regressed following illness-induced fever, the doctor told me. But now I wonder how accurate that statement was.

Why? Because we now find out that nine of the children (36%) had so-called “multiple regressions,” and nothing in this review indicates that any attempt was made to determine if vaccines, febrile infections, or some other factors acted as triggers in the subsequent regressive episodes.

But there is no mention at all in this new review of parental interviews, nor of comparing vaccination records with the timing of the regressions. Likewise, there was no attempt in the paper to explain the regressions with other illnesses or stressful events.

No wonder, then, that the authors themselves conclude that “there might be no difference between the inflammatory or catabolic stress of vaccinations and that of common childhood diseases, which are known precipitants of mitochondrial regression.”

In fact, they added: “Large population-based studies will be needed to identify a possible relationship of vaccination with autistic regression in persons with mitochondrial cytopathies.”

This statement will surely be heartily endorsed by the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF), which supports research into mito dysfunction and autistic regression. Last April, at a vaccine safety meeting at HHS in Washington, a leading scientist affiliated with the UMDF, Dr, Douglas Wallace of the University of California at Irvine, said that over-vaccination of people with mitochondrial disorders was a deep concern, especially in light of Hannah Poling, who got nine vaccines at once.

(Time Magazine said she got “five injections” but failed to mention that two of them contained triple vaccines. Time also said that Hannah’s situation was “unique,” which is demonstrably false and will require a correction).

We have always advocated spreading the immunizations out as much as possible because every time you vaccinate, you are creating a challenge for the system, Dr. Wallace testified. And if a child has an impaired system, that could in fact trigger further clinical problems.

I took that to mean that children with impaired mitochondria might also have impaired immune systems. And children with impaired immune systems might not be able to handle nine vaccines at once.


There were many other very interesting findings from this review that should be followed up by scientists as soon as possible. For example, the ratio of boys to girls was roughly 1-to-1, as opposed to the 4-to-1 boy/girl ratio found in “idiopathic” cases (or, autism of unknown origin).

The rate of multiple births is also intriguing and deserves further investigation. Also, some of the siblings of the autism cases also had mitochondrial disorders, but did not regress into autism. This fact would be extremely important in developing a susceptibility hypothesis, rather than a genetically predetermined disease process.

Finally, the youngest children in this chart review were two years of age. I was told that the review first began five years ago, meaning that all of these cases were born before 2002. That is significant because most of these children would have received a large number of vaccines containing thimerosal - the preservative made with 49.6% mercury - which is a known toxicant to mitochondria.

One would expect that this new study would prompt Time Magazine, Julie Gerberding and Paul Offit to issue statements of correction on the “rarity” of mitochondrial disorders in autism.

But one should not hold one’s breath, in my opinion.


 Brief Summary:

SB 277 mandated vaccination- 69 vaccinations pushed by the same people who wanted GMO’s labeled.  You need an injection to get an education. -Contain:  Aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde.

Expect mass civil disobedience.


Vaccine injured story- parents didn’t want to do it.-  Dr. Bullied them.  How can their be informed consent if you are going to be kicked out

Vaccines ingredients are poisoning the brains.  The BBB has the highest amount of mitochondria


BAN vaccine mandate

Restore parental rights to make medical decisions

Repeal 1986-  vaccine 


My amino, Rerum, gluten free dairy free, ketogenic, bravo probiotics.

(I may have added this myself,  someone had asked me about Asians ):

Victims of HPV Vaccine in Japan Will Sue State and Vaccine Makers

by Rishma Parpia

Published April 13, 2016 | LawInternational

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·         The HPV vaccine has become very controversial in Japan after years of reports of serious vaccine injuries suffered by many girls in that country.

·         HPV vaccine-injured victims in Japan are preparing to sue the state and the vaccine manufacturers.

·         In Japan, vaccine-injured victims can sue vaccine manufacturers in civil court but Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court have shielded vaccine makers from product liability in the U.S.

In the U.S., the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been a subject of controversy from the very beginning after Merck’s Gardasil vaccine was licensed in 2006.1 Japan is one of the many nations raising concerns about HPV vaccine following persistent reports that girls are suffering severe adverse effects after getting vaccinated.2

Controversy Surrounding Safety of HPV Vaccine in Japan

Here is what happened in Japan in a nutshell. In December 2010, the HPV vaccine  (both Merck’s Gardasil and Cervarix manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline) was provided at no cost to Japanese girls between the ages of 12-16 years old. In April 2013, the vaccine was officially included in Japan’s national immunization program. However, two months later, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare publically announced that it had decided to withdraw its HPV vaccine recommendation.3 The decision was in response to numerous reports that formerly healthy vaccine recipients were experiencing alarming side effects ranging from short-term memory loss to paralysis.4 In October 2013, a special taskforce was formed to investigate the side effects of the HPV vaccine.5

Interestingly, HPV vaccines were not withdrawn from the market in Japan and continued to be available, but local governments, as advised by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, did not actively promote its use. Girls can still receive the vaccine if they chose to do so but doctors and other vaccine providers must inform them that the health ministry does not recommend it.6 

The Nationwide Liaison Association of Cervical Cancer Vaccine Victims and Parents in Japan and Dr. Sotaro Sato, director of the Sato Cardiovascular Internal Medicine Hospital in Osaki speculate that the motive behind this decision is more than likely due to: 


fear of potential lawsuits being filed by the association on behalf of numerous desperate families whose beloved, previously healthy daughters have been seriously impaired, paralyzed or horribly devastated by HPV vaccinations. Japanese courts would be likely to find health bureaucrats responsible for the serious adverse effects inflicted on the girls if they did not take precautionary measures beforehand and leave some evidence that could later be used to prove they had at least tried to do something to block the further spread of health impairments to upcoming generations of teenage girls. This would be a particular problem if the government moves to reinstate their recommendation of these vaccines during the current fiscal year ending on 31 March 2014, due to pressure from politicians and academics with financial ties or other links to the vaccine manufacturers, lobbying activities, and consulting ‘experts’ hired by the manufacturers.7


Almost three years later, The Japan Times recently reported that a class action lawsuit will be filed after June 2016 against the Japanese government, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline by victims who have suffered severe side effects as a result of receiving the former government recommended vaccine. Twelve plaintiffs will file the lawsuit at four district courts in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

The plaintiffs are demanding answers as to why they were not informed of the risks of HPV vaccine prior to receiving it.8  The defense team will be hosting seminars in the next two months in hopes of seeking additional plaintiffs.8 

Vaccine-Injured Victims Cannot Sue Vaccine Makers in the U.S

Unlike in Japan where vaccine-injured victims can directly file a lawsuit against the state and the vaccine manufacturers, the judicial process in the U.S. for vaccine-injured victims of HPV and other government recommended or mandated vaccines is remarkably different, to say the least.


Under current U.S. federal law, no one can directly sue a vaccine manufacturer in civil court after a vaccine causes the injury or death of a minor child or adult.9 To understand how this came about, it is important to understand the historical context of this issue.


Back in the early 1980s, parents were filing lawsuits on behalf of their minor children who were damaged or died from reactions to the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DPT) vaccine and the live polio vaccine.

It was during this period when pharmaceutical companies demanded that Congress pass a law protecting them from all product liability from vaccine injuries and deaths by establishing a federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) to compensate vaccine-injured children.11  But with strong opposition from co-founders of  the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and other consumers, the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act preserved product liability if compensation was denied or there was evidence the drug company could have made a vaccine safer.10 

NVIC co-founder and president, Barbara Loe Fisher, said:


Parents successfully argued that, if Congress was going to give drug companies partial liability protection through the creation of a federal vaccine injury compensation alternative to a lawsuit, then language had to be written into the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that protected a citizen’s right to sue drug companies when federal compensation was denied, or the company had the technological ability to make a vaccine less toxic but refused to do it. Continued civil liability was the safety net for American consumers in that law. Continued civil liability was the leverage that gave some financial incentive for drug companies to make vaccines safer and gave some political incentive for government officials to award federal compensation to the vaccine injured.”10 


Fast-forward to 2011,  in a split decision with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayor dissenting, the U.S. Supreme Court gave complete product liability protection to vaccine manufacturers and banned lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for injuries and deaths caused by FDA licensed vaccines, even in cases of design defect. 

The ruling was in response to a 2005 lawsuit filed against Wyeth Inc. (now Pfizer, Inc.) and brought to the high court by the parents of Hannah Bruesewitz, who suffered encephalopathy and a residual seizure disorder after being given a third DPT shot in 1992.

Initial claims brought forth by Bruesewitz’s parents under the national VICP in 1995 were rejected driving them to file a civil court lawsuit against Wyeth, Inc. based on design defect.13 According to American Medical News, the U.S. Supreme Court stated:


The act reflects a sensible choice to leave complex epidemiological judgments about vaccine design to the [Food and Drug Administration] and the National Vaccine Program, rather than juries.12 


So, now, unlike the original National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that gave plaintiffs the option to sue drug companies when denied federal compensation, today Americans are restricted from suing vaccine manufacturers and instead are required to sue the Secretary of DHHS by filing a vaccine injury claim through the VICP.12


The 2011 Supreme Court ruling was a corporate bailout of vaccine manufacturers that excused the industry from any sort of accountability, leaving them with no incentive to make vaccines safer.10 The increasing number of states mandating more vaccines and restricting or removing vaccine exemptions, together with the failures of the VICP and Pharma’s total liability shield, is leading to more widespread questioning of U.S. vaccine policies and laws.  


The fact that vaccine victims in Japan (and other countries) have the legal right to hold pharmaceutical companies liable for the safety of their products in civil court and vaccine victims in the U.S. do not, is adding more fuel to the debate about vaccine safety and choice.


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