This website aims to deliver a history of Little Gransden viewed primarily through its people and buildings. The website is continuously being updated as more research is undertaken. In addition you can view items of interest such as "Beating the Bounds", Bridleways and Footpaths (did you know they are numbered?), and the Conservation Area.

You can browse for all sorts of historical information and research your ancestors or your property. This is a fascinating insight into the history of Little Gransden and a marvellous educational tool.

There is a detailed historical map here.

How to research your property

While it is hoped that this website will be the focal point for your research others before have provided signposts such as:


A local Google map with historic property and feature details has been added here.

A typed version of the 1826 Enclosure Award has been added here.

More excerpts from directories have been added.

Coming soon

More work will be undertaken to interpret the census information and fit people to occupation of properties where not actually identified.

Further information will be added to the People tables from Marriages lists.

More to be added about sources of information.

Census information for 1851, 1861, 1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911 will be added.

Bedfordshire and Luton archives (Bedford Record Office) will be researched for information contained in deeds held there.

Cambridgeshire Archives will be researched for:
  • Manorial Records;
  • Enclosure and Tithe Records;
  • Land Tax and Rate Books;
  • Local Studies file;
  • Early Accessions; and
  • Unofficial Records.
Further work to be done researching the Links page online.