Project planning


Sell remainder of W7RJ estate

9-30-19 K7ZOO 95% high-value inventory dispositioned

TBD call sign? lead next selling attempt at hamfest of lower-value inventory

Hand tools for toolchest - purchase with ASUA funding

9-30-19 KJ7CQC funding approved; will place orders this week for material

Buddipole Antenna - obtain funding from ARCA (Amateur Radio Council of AZ)

9-30-19 KG7YTR submit funding request by TBD date


Install vise on workbench

9-30-19 K7ZOO will install when it arrives

---low priority - DEFERred---

Guy rope for OCF dipole

9-30-19 Guy on east not MASTRANT; is fiberglass strapping

---to be prioritized / assigned / deferred

1 12 VDC power supply (spare) - troubleshoot and repair (person TBD)

2 Rotor controller for satellite antenna array - troubleshoot and repair (person TBD)

3 Implement computer control of az/el tracking for satellite antenna array (person TBD)

4 Coax transmission line(s), replace as Mathias planned about 4 years ago (person TBD)

5 10 meter beam -- remove, modify to 6 meters -- reinstall (person TBD)

6 Lead / assist students in construction modules to comprise a WSPR transmitter (QRP Labs (person TBD)

8c Purchase: Antenna Analyzer (person TBD)

9 QRZ page -- update (person TBD)

10 Implement 2m mobile rig / small antenna in shack so we can monitor / use K7UAZ (low power needed) (person TBD)

11 Incorporate donated Heil headset into Elecraft K3 setup (person TBD)

12 Replace rubber feet on satellite station Bencher paddle (person TBD)

13 Name tags (person TBD)

15 Spray paint metal chairs (person TBD)

16 Use 1 GHz antennas for mesh node project (person TBD)

17 Create desk space for spare radio (person TBD)

18 Create desk space for studying, so shack can be used by student members for studying (person TBD)

19 Install 3 "things" on the wall in which we can sort incoming mail: (1) financial stuff for Treasurer; (2) QSL cards that need to be answered; (3) other mail (person TBD)

20 Dispose of bad monitors on the top of the black cabinet (person TBD)

21 Continue to clean off top shelf of workbench, dispose of unnecessary items to make it more attractive for constuction projects (person TBD)

23 Install coax transmission line to 1.2 GHz 30-element yagi on roof. Note that this yagi is already in place on the satellite boom, just that no transmission line is installed. Connect transmisstion line to satellite transceiver Yaesu FT-936R (which has 1.2 GHz capability).