iPad Accessories

These are some things that I have bought to go with my iPad. I don't mean to favour any one particular seller it's just that is where I sourced the things I bought from. You could well get better deals or better products at other places.


 iRig Mike ($129.95) 

Uni-directional mike- great for recording one voice and not recording the hub-bub of a classroom. 


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I have been looking about for another affordable option for buying stylus.

This Noris stylus is quite a cool concept in that it is a pencil but instead of having an eraser at the end it has a stylus.

I haven't been able to get them in the shops but Scott McIntosh from Office Max has been able to get them for $67.56 for a box of ten delivered. He can be reached on 021970181 or Scott.McIntosh@officemax.co.nz

He also said he is happy to send out one as a trial before committing to buying ten at a time.


 VGA adapter ($49.00)

A vital part of my kit. Mirrors the iPad onto the big screen through a data projector. This one is for iPad 2.


Here is the same thing for an iPad Mini or one of the newer iPads with a lightning adapter. ($75)


Glif iPhone 4 tripod attachment ($25.00 US)

I got mine from the USA but bought two so didn't have to pay shipping. It fits on any tripod so you can hold your iPhone perfectly still for photography or videography. I use it in conjunction with a small gorilla tripod.

 Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus ($25.OOUS=$32NZ)

I got mine from the USA but bought two so didn't have to pay shipping. 

Most touch screens- better than any other kind of stylus I have tried.
 Dano Toys- Six Pack of Styluses

These styluses are nicely sized to fit children's small hands, 

Sadly these are no longer available.

To purchase inquire on the web site the price and order from the USA. I tweeted and got ten packs delivered to save on postage. (approximately $30 a box of six in kiwi dollars.) The education code is QWERTY.

 Sensu Brush Stylus ($39.95US)

This brush is wonderful if you are an arty person who likes to paint or draw on your iPad. It is a real brush that acts as a stylus- the paint or lines flow so smoothly over my iPad which doesn't have a screen protector. I probably wouldn't let young children use it as they may well damage the bristles as they return it to its cover.

 Kitchen Sponges from any supermarket pretty much!!!

Perfect for cleaning your iPad. Great for workshop prizes and to give as gifts!!!!

 Belkin Rockstar Headphone Splitter $25

Turns your iPad into a listening post for five children. Add your Learning Media CDs and Jump Jam tracks to the iTunes library and you're good to go!

Flexgrip Griffin iPod Touch Case with a Wrist strap $29:99 US

A great idea for when children carry round their iPod touches to take photos or scan QR codes.


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 SuperShell iPad Case ($35US or there abouts)

I have been able to trial these cases and think they're great. They even bounce the iPad across the floor when dropped! Not to be encouraged but it does happen. Here is the original Supershell web site.
 Stuart Hale has access to good soft shell iPad cases as well but you need to contact him directly on 0275 758 584

 Little Hand Band iPad Case ($49.95)

It has a nice carrying handle for children and when trialled worked well to protect the screen. They can be purchased from Imagetext with Ngaire Cooper as a contact person. They come in a variety of colours.

Here is a pdf flyer from Imagetext.

 Cygnett iPad Mini ($57 from Harvey Norman)

I bought this cover for my iPad mini- it feels good to hold, it's robust and drop-able but it doesn't have the auto switch off capability 'cos there is no flap, which is a good thing when you want it quick and accessible for photo and video taking.


 Bluetooth Wireless headphones ($99)

Given my aversion to cords these are really cool. Great to wander the huse with while you're Skyping as well as they have a noise reducing microphone inbuilt.


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 Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard ($169)

It snaps on to your iPad with a magnet and frees up the screen real-estate for quick typing. It took a little while to get my head around it as I immediately felt I was looking at a laptop and went searching for a mouse! When you're done it acts as an iPad cover.
 Ten Port Powered USB Charger ($102)

Use it to easily charge ten iPads at a time.


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