The Best Painting Holidays

A novel gift idea for the artist could be in the form of a painting break or art workshop in an idyllic setting, such as the Lake District, the Pennines, the Cotswolds or further afield as Florence, Spain, France or Italy. However, the sender must conduct a little research into the painting holiday to ensure it suits the recipient.

Watercolour Holiday or Oil Painting Workshop?

There is an array of painting breaks on offer to suit different
artist mediums, from watercolours, pastels, inktense and acrylics to oils. There are also art workshops specialising in botanical art and landscape painting, not to mention different levels of ability. To guarantee satisfaction, the following issues must be addressed prior to booking the first painting holiday that presents itself.
Tips on Choosing the Best Art Workshop


The sender may gain some clues into the recipient’s tendencies by looking at past artwork and to establish the favoured art medium. Does the budding artist have an obsession for figurative art or still life? Is the subject a beginner, or has painting been a lifelong hobby? With the clues garnered, the sender may make an informed decision about choosing the most suitable art holiday.


Special Art Gift


The following thoughts are worth bearing in mind before booking a painting holiday for a particular person:
  • Establishing the level of the art course is important, as some might be aimed at beginners and others to
    improvers. Some art courses, however, cater for diverse abilities. Again, some courses might be highly structured, which might not suit all tastes.
  • Conduct a little research into the course art tutor. A successful artist does not necessarily make a good teacher. By ensuring the course tutors have some teaching qualifications, peace of mind that the course is aimed at different learning styles and learning needs will be satisfied. Finding a customer forum will establish the reputation of the painting holiday
  • Establish whether the art course specialises in a particular art medium, and whether the art materials are provided. This will ensure the recipient is well prepared before jetting off to the artist’s retreat
  • Does the course concentrate on a particular subject matter the artist may or may not have interest in? The botanical artist may be disappointed if the art course concentrates on landscape painting
  • The location of the art holiday is important if inspirational vistas are desired. An idyllic sounding setting may not measure up if the art workshop is on a busy street. Checking out Google maps might be worth the effort.
  • If the recipient of the art holiday has any special needs, ensuring disabled facilities are provided is important.

What to Do Before a Painting Break


Asking questions is always a good idea before booking a place on a painting holiday. An ideal gift for an artist should be free of stress. Practical issues such as the distance travelled to the painting workshop may leave the recipient tired on the first day, and not so inspired. Some locations might be a little chilly for
plein air painting, or insects might be a pest at certain times of the year. Providing plenty of sunblock, insect repellent, and rainproof clothing will reduce discomforts during any painting excursions.

Unique Gift for Artists


A painting holiday or workshop will be greatly enjoyed by the recipient if the sender conducts some research into which will be most suitable. Not only will the present provide a welcome break and some idyllic views to admire, enjoyable activities will be thrown in where the budding artist may learn some new and untried painting techniques and experimentation, not to mention meet some like-minded people.
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