Gadget Joke Gifts for Work

A joke gift for work cannot fail to dispel even the most tediously long day at the office, but with so many funny gadget gifts available, how does the sender select the best gag gift?

Funny Gadgets to Liven up a Dull Day


A humorous gift can fit into any occasion at work, including, secret Santa, a birthday gift for a work colleague, a thank you present for a friend, a reward for good team performance, a joke gift for a boss, or a leaving gift.

But since everyone has different tastes when it comes to what is funny, keen judgment of how the person or persons might react to the gift is required. The gift must not, for example, make reference to a sensitive issue, such as personal appearance, religion, race or sexual tastes. Whilst being too politically correct can stifle a little fun, getting the balance right is essential.


Choice of Fun Desktop Gadgets


Funny gadget toys are aplenty on the market to bewilder the sender, but the following thoughts might help whittle down the selection to ensure the best fun gadget is chosen.

  • The fun value is essential. Does the gift, for example, provide hours of fun for the money spent, or is it a one-laugh joke?
  • Check that the gadget is not likely to break down during performance, spoiling the fun. Check out customer reviews to ensure no issues exist, or if the manufacturer has cut corners at the expense of the quality.
  • Does the gift require other items, such as attachments or batteries?
  • Does the gift offer something extra to surprise the audience? Will it deliver more than what is promised?
  • A personalised joke gift is likely to yield more fun, as it says something about the recipient, such as a caffeine addict or a sports fanatic.
Which Joke Gifts Give the Best Laughs?


A wide choice of great gadget joke gifts can be found on my online joke shop, where the following items will be found, but ideas for joke gifts might include:


Wind up or remote control plastic pensioners, nuns or the royal family hurtling along race tracks, box,
perform stunts or battle one another. Extra fun factor is provided when bets can be taken on who might win.
A grow your own kit in the form of grow your own boyfriend, girlfriend, gay best friend, personalised trainer, hooker, mafia, hair or boobs could add further hilarity. Just add water and the object will grow up to 600% its original size in a few days. When dehydrated, the gift will revert to its original size and can be used again and again.

Instant excuse ball, sarcastic ball or 20Q ball will fascinate and amuse co-workers when the selected ball comes up with silly excuses, sarcastic comments or an artificial intelligence ball that can apparently read your mind.


More Joke Present Ideas


The sender will discover lots of other gadget gifts to choose from, such as a potty putter golfing game, for a golfing toilet break, exploding toilet seat or lipstick. Or how about a humping USB dog toy, a UB Whack it, or inflatable sumo costume. Other great funny gifts may be considered, such as Bad Taste Bears (not available in the US), in the form of Willy the Flasher, Maxwell, the coffee addict, or Theresa, the flashing nun. Many others Bad Taste Bears can be selected to say something about the recipient.


Finding the Best Joke Gadget for the Office


A tedious day a at work could be transformed by a choice gag gift, suitable for any occasion, including Christmas, birthday, a leaving gift or thank you gift for team performance. Care must be taken that the humorous gift does not cause offence and provides lots of fun for the money spent. Indeed, there is a vast array of great fun gadgets to be found to match different tastes. The problem only lies in selecting the best joke gift.


See my humorous gift ideas on my online shop

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