Experience Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Finding a gift for a teenage boy can be difficult at the best of times, particularly if he seems to have everything. Experience days might be the answer, and there are many types on offer, catering for many tastes.

Activity Days for Teenage Boys


Experience gift ideas may bring to mind bungee jumping or paintballing for the adventure seeker, or the more laid back, steam train journeys or creative workshops, but there are many other activity day ideas that are not so obvious.

Driving Experience Gifts


Driving day experiences and rally experience days  are exceedingly popular, where the recipient may enjoy driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini around a racing track, or have some reckless fun with rally cars. But the Tank Driving Experience may offer something a little different, where the recipient may drive a Chieftain tank and a quad bike under the skilled guide of experienced instructors, some of whom may have some interesting stories to relate. Minimum age is sixteen.


Or for a different type of experience day with a high, a Helicopter Thrill day will provide a memorable experience touring the skies, at various locations, including the London, or the Dambusters’ route at the Peak District, York and Scotland. Various prices can be found to suit different budgets.

Adrenaline Days Out


For further thrills, BuyaGift provide adrenaline experiences where the recipient may take to the skies with an

experienced instructor for a microlight flight. If the instructor feels the recipient is up to it, he may even let the recipient over the controls for part of the flight.


For a thrilling ride without leaving the ground though, the teenager may board a flight simulator and experience taking the controls of a Boeing 727. A training session will precede the simulated flight, where the recipient may experience an emergency landing and flying in different weather conditions.


Unusual Experience Days


The recipient may enjoy a more novel experience day, such as “spereing,” sometimes known as “zorbing,” an extreme sport where one may enjoy a tumble within a large plastic bubble that can float on water or roll down hills. To take the experience further, how about air sphereing for two, where the recipient and a friend may enjoy the bizarre experience of sphereing whilst suspended on a wind tunnel that blows 150 mph?


Extreme Sphereing


Eclipse Sphereing and aqua spereing could be the ultimate in sphereing. In the former, the recipient and a friend are strapped within a huge black plastic orb and rolled down a steep hill. The latter is an equivalent to being stuck inside a washing machine, as the recipient is allowed to tumble freely within a transparent plastic ball with thirty litres water whilst rolling down a hill, providing a wet and very memorable experience.


Creative Workshops for Boys


Creative workshops may provide a more laid back experience day, where the teenager may enjoy learning traditional western skills or enjoy a circus skills workshop. Such creative workshops allow the recipient to learn how to juggle, stilt walk or walk a tight rope. The minimum age for some of these workshops are fourteen.


Great Experience Days for Boys


Experience days out could be the ideal gift for a teen boy who has everything. There are many types on offer, from high adrenaline driving days and microlight flying, to the fun spereing, or creative skills workshops.
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