Gift Ideas for a Left Handed Person

Living in a right-handed world is not always easy for us southpaws. Certain hobbies and pursuits become more difficult and frustrating. But gifts for a left-handed person could really make tasks easier and enable the left-hander to pursue whatever hobby they please. There are some great online gift shops for lefthanders that dispense with the need to trawl the high street looking for something that most likely is not in stock. But what is the best gift for a left handed person?

Musical Instrument Gifts for Left Handers

Most hobbies are equal opportunities when it comes to handedness, such as painting, playing the piano or hiking. But some tasks are rendered almost impossible unless the tools involved have been specially adapted for the left hander. Speaking personally, the guitar is one such gripe. I was happy to get a lovely guitar for my birthday until I came to play it and found myself fretting the chords upside down!

How to String the Guitar Left Handed

Determined not to be beaten, I restrung the guitar in reverse. But a further problem presented itself, as the cutaway part of the guitar body cannot rest on the knee as it is supposed to, and so fretting the higher chords was virtually impossible. Furthermore, I could no longer read the chord charts! I should imagine the same problem may present itself when it comes to playing the violin, viola or other string instruments. Music books with chord charts for left handed guitar players would be the ideal present for a left handed person, as well as the left-handed guitar, or whatever the musical instrument concerned.

Household Appliances for Left Handed Person

Many household tasks are difficult for us left handers. Trawling the online shops, I found corkscrews, bread knives and scissors including clippers and Swiss army knife for the left handed person. My hands are no longer sore after cutting tasks and I was able to slice bread and vegetables nice and straight. I also found left handed watches, for those of us who prefer to wear a wrist watch on our left wrist. I no longer have to read the time upside down. What a great gift idea for a left handed person!

Gifts for Southpaws

Left handed golf kits could make playing golf for left handed sports players a more level playing field with right-handers. Also find pens for left handed people including calligraphy pens, where the nib slopes the opposite way to the right handed pen. I even found school sets for left handed children. I could have done with that years ago!

Ideal Gifts for Lefties

Being a left handed person makes certain hobbies and tasks difficult. Left handed gifts could be most welcome for the leftie’s birthday. Items such as left handed guitars, calligraphy pens, golf kits, knives and chord chart books could be the ideal gift for the southpaw. But such gifts for the left handed person may not always be found in your average high street, in which case, the online shop such as RU-Left Handed or Any Thing Left Handed might be the answer.

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