Buying Unique Chinaware for a Wedding Present

Buying a wedding present or gift for new home will often require the purchase of crockery or chinaware. If you find yourself fulfilling such wishes, don’t despair, you can get fantastic crockery sets for next to nothing and be sure it will not smack of the usual high street mass produced china set. Here’s how.

Unique Chinaware Gift for a New Home

Who needs the same old crockery designs? Avoid the usual rockery outlets and go off the beaten track on the quest for a crockery set that will soon be tomorrow’s heirloom. I personally love crockery designs of the 1960s and 1970s, spurred by the Festival of Britain in 1951. Eternal Beau for example is fast becoming a classic and a crockery collector’s dream.

Perfect Wedding Present in Crockery

Other examples of great crockery designs are Alfred Meakin, Johnson Brothers china and Midwinter. Suzie Cooper designs are highly sought after, as well as Terence Conran, Colin Melbourne and Susan Williams-Ellis. Look for bold colours, elegant shapes, echoing of Art Nouveau. Mustard yellows, bright blues and deep greens with definite outlines. Ranges such as Grey Dawn, Sienna and Spanish Garden are worth looking out for.

Where to Get Great Crockery for Gifts

You would be surprised to discover that such unique crockery items can be found in charity shops, car boots and Ebay. A few weeks’ trawl is likely to yield some unexpected surprises when it comes to collecting crockery.

I have often spotted classic crockery collections of yesteryear that look as good as new. Most Staffordshire potteries from which they were manufactured no longer exist and therefore are becoming more collectable.

Wedding Presents Ideas for the Home

A lovely crockery gift from a design of yesteryear could be treasured if presented in a pretty giftbox lines with soft fabric. A hand-painted giftbox could result in the perfect personalised gift for a newlywed. The only trouble is, as such classic crockery designs are becoming more collectable, it might well end up in a display cabinet in fear it will become damaged.

Ideal Gift for Newlywed

An unusual crockery gift from a discontinued maker could be a treasured gift for a new home. The great thing is that these heirlooms of tomorrow can be found in charity shops Ebay and carboots at a cheaper price than a brand new mass-produced product. Unusual and quaint crockery such as Midwinter or Johnson Brother sets can easily be found, I love those from the 1960s and 70s as the designs are bold, colourful and fast becoming collectable. See my giftshop for more wedding or anniversary gift ideas.

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