Cheap Gift Ideas for Young Boys

Boys’ gifts need not be expensive to be enjoyed. So long as the toy, book or DVD corresponds to the boys’ tastes, be is a son, grandson or nephew, the sender will make the pleasant discovery that cost does not always have to match the fun value. But where are such ideal gifts for boys found?

Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys


Birthdays have the habit of coming round quickly, which puts the pressure on finding boys’ toys to match a particular boy’s tastes. Constant bombardment from adverts on what kids like are never sympathetic to parents’ purse strings. But the following advice on finding bargain gifts for a boy might help.


Don’t go for cheap toys, as this will reflect upon the quality, and breakages will frustrate any boy on his birthday.
  • Many boys may have a hobby or talent that requires a carefully chosen gift to match. An accessory, such as a guitar capo or book on archaeology will compliment his interests without breaking the purse strings.
  • Similarly, buying an accessory to an expensive toy will be greatly valued, as it will enhance the enjoyment of the original toy. Many examples exist, such as Lego construction or Airfix kits; Thomas the Tank Engine or Bob the Builder add-ons; Meccano, Airfix or Build & Play.
  • Collectibles are a passion for many boys, such as figurines or accessories to a particular theme like Batman, Dr Who or Power Rangers. Generic toys too, such as dinosaurs, aliens or sports cars can be found in many outlets to enhance a boy’s collection  But take care that today’s favourites have not become yesterday’s.
  • When it comes to a passion for football or cricket, getting the genuine article is important as boys can be fussy about cricket or football merchandise. Surfing Ebay for football collectables might yield bargains but it is also worth noting that Amazon have auctions too.

Cheap Learning Toys for Boys


Fantastic educational toys for kids can be found within the Science Museum range, which have a host of

learning ideas for children, including make your own weather station, grow your own vegetables, a pocket microscope, spy science, a finger print kit, create a volcano, make your own battery and crystal growing trees. Other learning toys for toddler boys can be found with the VTech or Fisher range, which includes interactive soft toys and gadgets that help exercise coordination and problem solving in toddlers, most of which can be found to suit small budgets.


How to Get Cheap ChristmasToys for Boys


Large outlets begin to stock Christmas toys in summer, so a toy that looks like it might be a hit at Christmas should be ordered as early as possible to avoid disappointment on Christmas day. This shopping strategy will also avoid paying extortionate prices for a boy’s toy.

Opening a savings account and setting up a standing order of a small amount of money per month will yield a surprising sum by Christmas. A high interest account such as an ISA will make the money work harder. This means that a pricey Christmas toy suddenly becomes affordable.


Cheap Novelty Gift Ideas for a Son or Grandson


Unexpected gift ideas for boys can be found at reasonable prices to surprise the boy on his special day. How about magic trick kit, pogo sticks, kids’ creativity kits, dinosaur board games, memory games and joke gifts? Cheap gadget toys can also be found on outlets such as Boysstuff and the ToyShop, which provide fun remote control cars, novel construction kits and joke gifts with special effects to scare passer-bys. Alternatively, GettingPersonal have lots of personalised gift ideas to suit any boy on such themes as cricket, football, celebrities or alien encounters with calendars, posters, books and apparel to make a boy feel special at affordable prices.


Cheap Gift Ideas for Boy


The ideal toy for a boy need not break the bank. Despite the messages from advertising on what kids like, the perfect gift for a boy need not be costly. In many cases, the most unexpected gift can be a hit. Joke gifts, craft kits, collectibles, a hobby gift, an educational gift or a toy accessory means the sender can save money on boys’ gifts as well as provide fun for a special boy on his birthday or Christmas.
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