Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for a Large Family

Having to budget for Christmas presents for a large family can be stressful and time consuming, not to mention make a dent in the purse, but there are lots of ways to make Christmas shopping cheaper and easier by a few simple strategies.

Tips on Christmas Gift Buying for Large Families


Buying Christmas presents for a large family can be made simple by a few measures which will not only save money for Christmas, but save time. The following hot tips for Christmas shopping will save money and time.

Regardless of the shopping occasion whether it is for a birthday or a grocery shop, keep a look out for potential Christmas present ideas, which can be found in the most unexpected places and time frame, including auction rooms, supermarkets, health shops or even a foreign gift shop whilst on holiday.
Avoid the Christmas Rush


Start early in the year. It is a safe bet that an ideal gift can be found as early as January, (but not during the New Year’s crush) so long as it is a generic kind of gift, such as slippers, factual books or pampering gifts. Avoid things that are liable go out of date, such as kids’ computer games and fashions. Similarly perfumes or cosmetics will go stale. But hobby gifts, jewellery and practical gifts can be brought throughout the year.


Hot off the press gifts such as new fashions or a computer game craze should be snapped up as soon as possible. Shops often bring out a new batch in late summer to autumn. Something that suddenly becomes popular is unlikely to be found in cheap bazaars before Christmas and in fact may inflate in price leading up to Christmas, and leaving it until Christmas risks the item concerned being sold out.


Winter sales and summer sales should be anticipated because shops often sell off old stock with the change of the weather. Clothes and fashion accessories out of season can often be found at discount prices.

Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for Kids


Fun gifts for Christmas are a must if a lot of children are in the family. Lucky dips and fun gifts can be

purchased at cheap prices from supermarkets, craft shops and pound shops. Ideas for great pressies for kids are: costume jewellery, hair accessories, makeup, puzzle books, craft making kits and accessories to hobbies, such as guitar software, oil painting kits or a Wii game.

Save Money on Christmas Shopping


Joining a Christmas club will help encourage saving money, so credit cards (which must be avoided) are no longer needed. It is a good idea to arrange a standing order for an affordable sum to go into a high savings account. Instant access ISAs or high interest savings accounts will accrue a surprising amount of money over the year, particularly if the saver is able to put a little extra away.


Avoid purchasing unnecessary items or services, such as extended warranties for a cheap gift, or a get a gift free by spending a little more, if the “free” gift is not really needed.


Cheap Christmas Hamper


Create a family Christmas hamper by putting away festive food and treats (non perishable) throughout the year. Things like tinned fruit, pickles and wine can be stocked up every time the spender finds a quality product in sales. Avoid cheap outlets, as this could reflect on the quality. Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s or Oddbins are a safe bet. Christmas puddings and naughty chocs from Thorntons can be purchased in autumn.


Cheap Christmas Cards and Wrapping Paper


The budget does not only end with the Christmas presents, but wrapping paper and Xmas cards, where with a large family involved, could become costly. Shops often do not remove Christmas goods for a week or so after Christmas, so it is well worth buying lots of Christmas paper and cards in January when it is cheap, and then saving them until next Christmas.


Cheap Christmas Presents for a Large Family


Belonging to a big family can make Christmas shopping a nightmare, but with a few simple strategies, Christmas can be made easier, such as planning ahead, arranging a standing order into a savings account and purchasing Christmas wrapping paper and cards in January. Always being on the lookout for ideal Christmas presents at any time of the year can make the Christmas budget go further and take the pressure off on the run up to Christmas.


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