Cheap Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Inexpensive gifts for girls need not mean the quality has to be so. In fact, a gift that says a lot about a girl’s tastes, be it daughter or niece, is more important than spending a lot of money on a gift that will never be used. But finding the best gift for a young girl requires a little exploration first.

Do’s and Don’ts when Buying Gifts for a Girl


Don’t buy a cheap version of a popular toy or apparel, as the price might reflect upon its quality and girls, even as young as seven, can be brand conscious and not use the gift. It is also wise to go beyond the realms of the high street or the most obvious online toy shops. Hunting off the beaten track may yield a novel gift idea, or cheaper price.


Avoid the last minute rush when buying a Christmas present for a girl, as a popular toy may inevitably be sold out or soar to extortionate prices around Christmas time. Order the gift in the autumn or even summer. Check also that the gift has not become out of fashion, as there is nothing worse to a girl than receiving a gift representing yesterday’s favourites.


The Best Gift Idea for a Girl


Guesswork, discretion or creative thinking might pay off when aspiring to surprise a girl with a novel or unexpected gift, but sometimes, it pays more to simply ask what a daughter or niece wants for a birthday or Christmas gift. Young girls can be direct and decisive about such matters, and receiving what is asked for will pay dividends.


Where to Find a Gift for Girls


Budgeting for girl gifts need not get in the way of finding a great gift with the following advice:


Consider buying a gift that forms part of a series or toy set, such as Hello Kitty, Angellina Ballerina, My Little

Pony, Mermaids or Barbie. Similarly, activity sets on themes such as holidays, camping, horse jumping, castles, palaces, family homes, salons, pets and fashion have an endless array of figurines, accessories and add-ons that provides great opportunities for a cheap gift for a girl. Pink Lego also has a vast selection of items that can used as add-ons to an existing gift or a gift in its own right.


Educational Toys for Girls


Few gifts offer more educational value than books, and there are plenty of books for young girls, from read it yourself toddler books, children's classic novels, teen novels to factual books, most of which are very cheap. Take care to buy the book that suits the reading ability and maturity of the girl, as girls of the same age will differ. Other educational toys include a pocket microscope, a make it yourself solar system and children’s weather station to help girls learn about the world. Learning toys for toddler girls include fun electronic books, baby puzzles, musical toys and crawl and learn toys.


Gift Idea for 12 Year Old Girl


A girl who turns 12 or 13 is a difficult age to buy for, as this is a transitional period. Don’t assume that toys for little girls are no longer appropriate, for the girl may still like to play with Barbie princesses or Lego now and again, but tastes in perfume and jewellery will be something new, and need special care, as girls can be particular on this issue. However, such gifts are often very affordable, such as jewellery boxes, makeup sets, earrings, handbags and nail varnish. Stick to established brands rather than cheap imports. Mood lamps can create cosy ambience around the dressing table. Other novel gift ideas for a teen girl might be a make your own jewellery, perfume set or sleepover party gift.


Inexpensive Gifts for Girls


Having to budget for Christmas or a birthday present need not get in the way of finding a great present for a young girl. In fact, time and consideration is often more valuable than money alone. Finding out what the girl’s tastes are will open up opportunities to finding the perfect cheap gift that the girl will actually like, such as an accessory to a toy set, cosmetics, jewellery, perfume or educational gift. It is worth remembering that cost alone does not always represent how useful or fun the gift proves to be.
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