Grandma Gift Ideas

Buying a present for Gran, whether it is a birthday gift, Christmas present or thank you gift is seldom easy, as more often than not, the mind goes blank to the question, “what can I get gran for her birthday?" Gifts with a grandma theme, though sometimes perfect for conveying a sentiment, might not always be suitable. So how does the sender find the perfect gift for Gran?


A Present for Nan to Remember


In order to avoid resorting to the usual slippers or body warmer, the sender must avoid leaving the present to the last minute or of making assumptions. This means bearing in mind that Gran is an individual and has unique tastes, hobbies and preferences like any other person.


The assumption that grandma likes a particular movie or piece of music just because it came out during her youth is a big mistake. In fact, grandma might enjoy something more contemporary or something unexpected or novel. It is worth conducting some research into what grandma actually likes before buying the present.


Grandma Gifts Inspirations


Tips on buying a Christmas or birthday present for Nan are:

  • Personalised gifts will make grandma feel special. A star report, which charts the position of planets
    and stars on her birth; a name a rose gift set, or a personalised day you were born gift will make her feel more individual.
  • Conversely, some grandmas might not like a present to remind her of her age. A pressie from a hobby gift shop might bring back feelings of her youth, such as one that relates to a past hobby or passion, whether this is painting, dancing, collecting antiques or writing music.
  • A pampering gift, such as a trip to a spa can be found in many idyllic locations around the UK and will give grandma a day out to look forward to.
  • A more adventurous grandma might enjoy challenging experience days, such as a chocolate making workshop, a dinner cruise on the Thames or night out at the theatre, or even sailing or a hot air balloon flight. Experience day vouchers are available to enable gran to pick the perfect day out of her choice.
  • Humorous presents, such as books on being a bad Gran, or humorous quotes from Wrinklies wisdom is sure to bring a smile to gran’s face.
Similarly, a present that demonstrates how her role of Gran is valued by young ones will make her feel special, such as engraved jewellery, a personalised photo frame, or mug.
A simple present such as a gift hamper or indulgent goodies will make a relaxing day for grandma.
Affordable jewellery and perfume can be found which not not cheap in quality.

A Unique Present for Grandma

Simple touches to grandma’s present will make it extra special. This includes immaculate presentation designed to make its opening more of an occasion, for shoddy presentation can make even the costliest present look cheap. Avoid buying a present that is mass produced in a supermarket, although Gran might happen to like a gift that is popular at the moment.


Sometimes it is worth going off the beaten track to find a unique present for grandma, to add an element of surprise, or even to make a handmade gift, such as a calligraphied poem or watercolour painting of a treasured setting.


The Perfect Present for Grandma


Finding the ideal gift for grandma is not always easy, but a little time spent on the present’s selection is likely to pay dividends. Avoid making assumptions about Gran’s tastes because of her age. Some grandmas love jewellery, as much as others prefer perfume. A novel present or a personalised gift, or something unexpected will make a memorable day for grandma.


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