Grandpa Gift Ideas

Finding grandpa gifts to suit a particular granddad can be tricky when trying not to resort to the usual socks or body warmer. More often than not, the mind goes blank when the question poses itself, “what can I get granddad for his birthday, Christmas or thankyou present?” Although there are many great gifts on the granddad theme to convey a sentiment, looking beyond the grandpa persona and to the individual is the key to finding the perfect present for granddad.


Where to Find Great Gifts for Granddad


The biggest mistake to avoid when finding grandpa a present is to assume he will love a particular movie or book just because it came out during his youth. What was popular then may not always be to his taste. Sometimes the most unexpected gift might please him, such as one that relates to his hobby, a humorous gift or even an experience day. The following gift ideas for granddad might help spur some inspiration:
  • Contrary to appearances, some granddads might enjoy a pampering gift, such as a gift hamper or a spa day out, or a sentimental gift, such as one that conveys a message from youngsters who appreciate having a granddad. A funny grandpa mug, tshirt or personalised photo album will make him feel appreciated.
  • Some granddads might not like to be reminded of his age, in which case, a hobby gift relating to a passion, such as golfing, oil painting or music could make him feel young. A novel experience day to teach him a new skill, such as a tank manoeuvres or horse riding will surprise him that old dogs can learn new tricks. Or how about a helicopter flight over London or even a hot air balloon experience for something totally different?
  • Budgeting for a granddad gift does not necessarily mean cheap in quality. Cheap gifts for granddad can be found in a day you were born gift set or personalised newspaper on the day of his birth will provide a talking point without breaking the purse strings. Alternatively, a funny gift, such as a grow your own head of hair kit or joke books on senior moments will provide a day of mirth for granddad

The Best Grandpa Gifts

The sender might consider making a gift for granddad, such as a watercolour painting or arranging treasured

photos in a personalised photo album to bring back good memories. Something novel will make granddad feel more special as opposed to a gift that is mass produced or widely available in corner shops.


Most importantly, ensure the gift is nicely presented and gift wrapped to make its opening an occasion, as even the most expensive present could look shoddy if not presented well.


A Unique Present for Granddad


Shopping around for the ideal gift for granddad, whether it is for granddad’s birthday or a sentimental gift can be tricky, as granddads are seldom helpful when asked what they would like for their birthday or Christmas. Sometimes a little sneaky research is required. Finding out what granddad actually wants may beg the question, does he have a passion or hobby, is he adventurous or would he prefer a pampering gift? A humorous gift or novelty gift will often surprise or make a memorable day for granddad.


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