Buoyancy Aid for Dogs

A dog life jacket could prove invaluable to an adventurous and fun-loving dog that may encounter difficult situations now and again. The pet buoyancy jacket provides safety for many different situations, which make choosing the best life jacket vital if the dog owner is to have peace of mind.

Life Vests for Dogs


The shopper may discover various designs of pet life jackets to suit different situations. Life jackets with an insulated lining would be suited to cold weather, particularly where a dog may venture onto an icy lake or riverbank.
As with humans, dogs that get into difficulty in water when cold will find getting back onto safety even more difficult. A warm life jacket will guard against exposure and offer added buoyancy whilst the dog swims back to shore. On the other hand, a, lightweight buoyancy vest might be all a dog needs when cruising down a narrow boat or splashing about on the beach on a hot sunny day.

Why Use a Dog Life Saver?


Not only is the dog flotation device invaluable for leisure activities as described, it is also a great tool for dog water training and water games, particularly if the dog is new to the water, or old with worn joints. Strategically placed buoyancy cells maintains an upright position in the water, encouraging dog to swim further without fatigue, increasing fitness and confidence in the water. A good dog buoyancy supplier will stock life jackets for pets to equal standards as human life jackets.


Dog Life Jackets


Outward Hound, Paws Abroad and Pet Saver range provide a selection of doggie life jackets to suit any hound. These great floatation devices means that dog can enjoy swimming, paddling, sitting on a canoe or boat, or simply splashing about in a pond without fear of danger. The buoyancy of the life jacket will also make swimming easier.


Most designs come in four or five sizes, from very small to very large, and equivalent sizes within each brand may vary. It is important to weigh the dog, or in some cases, measure dog’s girth, chest size and neck before deciding on the life jacket. Adjustable straps will ensure a snug and cosy fit during use.

Doggie Life Jacket Extras


Most dog life jackets come with reflectors, which makes dog easy to spot on a dark evening. A handle at the

top means the owner can lift dog up out of the water easily. Some dog life jackets are made with a breathable fabric that allows rapid drainage and keeps pet fresh and cool when out of the water on a hot day. Other life jackets are inflatable, saving space when in storage.


Designer life vests for pets can be found in different colours and designs, including polka dot, stripes, a nautical design and cameo style. Girly designs for a lady pooch are great for making a statement about taste.


Which Life Vest for Dogs


A great gift idea for dog and owner, the dog life jacket could prove invaluable. The adventurous dog who loves the water, whether it is frolicking around on the seaside, swimming in the river or cruising on a sailing boat could cause owner a lot of worry, but the dog life jacket is a must for dog lovers who enjoy camping, cruising and visiting the beach. Lots of doggie life jacket supplies can be found on my online store for pets.
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