Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriends

Finding a valentine’s present for a girlfriend can be difficult when having to budget, but a great valentine’s gift can still be found at reasonable prices. The following advice on buying a budget valentine’s gift for a girlfriend may help the sender with getting it right.


Buying a Valentine’s Day Gift for a Girlfriend

The cardinal rule is, avoid any gift that can typically be obtained from a garage or supermarket. Shrewd shopping will reveal classy, but inexpensive jewellery, or a funny gift, for example.
Observing the following tips will help:
Don’t assume that every woman wants flowers, chocolates or bubble bath. A unique present that is more personal to the receiver will pay dividends
  • Presentation is very important and forms part of the act of receiving. Ensure the present is attractively gift wrapped for the occasion
  • Don’t buy a valentine's gift that is mass produced unless this has been requested
  • Avoid guess-working a present when it comes to tastes in perfume, jewellery, romantic comedies or clothes, for tastes are often particular on these issues. Avoid cheap imports and imitations
  • Sentiment is a touchy issue. Too much can be appear insincere, particularly if the relationship is in the early stages. However, too little may fail to communicate the sender’s feelings. Get to know the girlfriend’s general view on this matter to avoid getting it wrong

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriends


A special gift for a woman on Valentine’s Day need not be expensive. In fact, quality valentine’s presents can be obtained for around £20 or less. Handmade gifts, novelty gifts or collectors’ items can be sought off the beaten track without having the spend high street prices. A one-off gift can be found in the most unlikely places. Furthermore, it is worth buying a present that enhances a hobby, be it painting, writing or playing music, as inexpensive presents can easily be found. But if time is an issue when it comes to shopping, the following suggestions may help inspire some ideas:
Personalized Gifts for a Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day personalized gifts will leave a great impression. These might include engraved jewellery, a personalized pillow bearing a treasured photo, or even a personalized song. Name a Rose Gift Box contains rose seeds accompanied by an official certificate that enables the giver to register these unique seeds under the recipient’s name. When planted in the garden, this unique Valentine’s gift serves as a reminder of the special day. These great gifts can be obtained from GettingPersonal and YourSurprise.


Romantic Lighting


Moon jars or sun jars help create a romantic mood when the sun goes down. Chargeable by natural daylight, these magical jars switch on when the room becomes dark. These luminous jars are available in yellow, pink or a silvery blue. Similarly, spa lights that can be suspended on bath water or onto the sides of the bath via suction cups add a feeling of indulgence to any bath time without the fire risk of candles.
For more jazz, stock heart mood hearts that phase through different colours. Egg mood lights, cube mood lights or a glowing LED pint glass adds something different to any Valentine’s Day.


Perfume and Jewellery for Valentine’s Day


Buying items such as jewellery or inexpensive perfume on Valentine’s Day could cause consternation on the possible price, but high street shops such as Boots and Superdrug often stock expensive brands of perfume at bargain prices. It might be worth purchasing these items before the Valentine’s rush, when prices are likely to be at their lowest. However, I have selected a range of classy jewellery and perfume at surprisingly low prices, which can be found on my online stores.

How to Save Money on Valentine’s Presents


Buying an inexpensive valentine’s gift for a girlfriend can be a nightmare if money is short, but quality presents can be found without having to break the bank. Cheap looking gifts, such as those at the corner garage must be avoided. A more personal gift will be more appreciated than an ill conceived bunch of flowers, as this shows that thought had gone into its selection. With time and planning, many great Valentine’s gifts can be found in the most unlikely places.
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