Handmade Gift Ideas

Handmade presents for a loved one is a great way of making that person feel special, because no gift exists like it in the world. But how can he sender decide on the best homemade gift to suit the taste and the occasion?

Personalised Arty Gifts


Being an avid oil painter myself, I have completed many art commissions, but the skill comes in handy when providing a gift for Christmas or birthdays. A popular choice is pet portraiture, child portraits or a group painting. If portraiture proves a little too challenging, landscape paintings of a treasured place such as a childhood village or a beloved holiday retreat is a great alternative. Watercolour harbours, or portrait of a dog in oils cannot fail to surprise. The following tips on undertaking an arty personalised gift will help:
  • Allow plenty of time for the painting to prevent rushing on Christmas Eve.
  • Bear in mind that oils take months to dry before varnishing and framing.
  • A plain wooden frame is a safer bet that presentation will not clash with the decor
  • A good quality photograph is essential.
  • Always use good quality art materials.

 Crafty gift Ideas


Alternatively, a personalised handmade gift in the form of glassware, pottery or jewellery is a great idea for a

novel gift. Paper craft, such as decoupage or handmade cards are easy to make and many kits supply full instructions and everything the craft maker needs. Visit my craft shop to find great personalised gift ideas for a loved one.


Handmade Personalised Presents


A calligraphied poem or sentiment is a popular idea for a personalised gift. Little touches such as quaint illustrations to deck the Celtic or Roman scribe cannot fail to entice the eye. Special enamel paints enable the creation of a personalised mug, crockery or flower pots.


Homemade Perfume and Fabric Design


Home produced scents, soap or scented candles provide a special type of pampering gift for Mother’s day, or a Christmas present. Designing your own fabric can be made easy with iron-on transfers, to create personalised pillow cases, quilts or even toys. The sender need not even have to make the items themselves.


Home Made Gift Ideas for Christmas and Birthdays


Personalised gift ideas are endless: homemade chocolates or sweets homemade gift baskets, handmade puppets, handcrafted bags, cross stitched images, knitwear, or crotched items. The sender need not require a high skill or talent in all cases, for many crafty kits supply everything the sender needs, enabling the creation of a personalised handmade gift for a loved one that does not exist in the high street. Furthermore, it presents a great opportunity for learning a new skill and the possibility of making and selling crafts for a few extra pence on the side.
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