Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Man

An ideal Valentine’s Day gift for a husband or partner can seem elusive when money worries due to debts and family expenses threaten to get in the way of sentiment. Trawling through shops can seem like a nightmare. But with a little planning, a bargain Valentine’s Day gift for a man can be found.

Tips on Buying Valentine’s Day Gift for Him


When money is an issue, the following tips might help:


Consider purchasing a present that contributes to the man’s hobbies or collection. Finding a unique item does not always mean cost, and is likely to be appreciated more than a mere box of chocs.
Challenge the usual gift choice by surprising him with something totally different or humorous. Swapping a mass produced present for one that makes a statement on his personal tastes will pay dividends.
As always, take time over the gift’s presentation. Even an expensive present could look shoddy in cheap wrapping paper.
Avoid the dilemma of the last minute rush, where the local supermarket or garage becomes the only option available. Time is as important as budgeting when it comes to finding a great present.
Getting it right when it comes to sentiment is most important. Too much could seem inappropriate, not enough might fail to get the message across

Personalized Valentine’s Gifts for Him


Few gifts can get to the heart as much as a personalized gift, and there are many items to choose from, such as personalized mugs, clothes, pillows, soap, champagne, engraved jewellery, sporting goods and even newspapers will make the occasion more memorable. GettingPersonal and RandomShop cater for some of these demands.

Unique Gift Ideas for a Man


A long standing marriage may benefit from a little humour or novelty to brighten up the day. Nostalgic gifts serving as a reminder of years gone by may help recapture how things used to be. Collectable gifts from the previous decade, or even more recent, often take on a classic feel. KapowGifts stock merchandise from the Simpsons, Dangermouse, Garfield and movie themes such as Austin Powers including mugs, clothes and toys and lots more.


Budgeting for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husband


For the man who loves gadgets, Boysstuff cater for all tastes and budgets, particularly for more juvenile tastes, such as sexy pasta, or the Borat Mankini, as worn by Borat, or Guitar Hero pocket game, all at budget prices.


Voucher codes will certainly help make great savings on Valentine’s. These can be found on MoneySupermarket where serious money can be saved on music, books, clothes and a host of other items, most of which offer free delivery.


How to Save Money on Valentine’s Gifts for a Man


Lack of money need not get in the way of conveying sentiment when buying a Valentine’s present for a husband, partner or other special man. Personalized gifts, collectables and humorous presents and classic movies on DVD can be found at bargain prices. Further savings can be made from using vouchers or shopping off peak. But when it comes to getting to someone’s heart, few presents can compare to a handmade gift, if a crafty talent is one’s disposal.
All these gifts and more can be found on my giftshops that cater for the US and UK resident. Check out my giftshop for a man, boyfriend, hobby shop or entertainment gifts.

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