The Best Gift Ideas for a Dog

Buying a present for a dog may overwhelm the sender with lots of gift ideas for pets, but getting it right means knowing the dog’s temperament, preferences and most of all, the sort of gift that will keep the dog happy for hours. The following advice on buying a gift for a special dog may help in the gifts’ selection.

Pampering Gifts for Dogs


Just like any person, dogs like to be pampered now and again. Indulgent gift ideas for a dog include a Snuggie blanket, a comfy dog bed or a doggie bath set, complete with a dog grooming kit and shampoo, or even a carry bag for when man’s best friend fancies being ferried around the shops after a strenuous walk.


A picnic hamper for man’s best friend and owner cannot fail to please both. Finding a dog hamper is quite tricky, but a personalised doggie hamper can easily be assembled. Simply select some indulgent goodies that are favoured by both dog and owner, place them into a pretty gift basket, line it with tissues or doggie themed fabric together with doggie’s favourite toy. A personalised gift hamper for dog owner and his best friend can easily provide a great day out for both.


Leisure Gifts for Dog


Dogs that enjoy lapping at the seaside, cruising down a narrow boat, or even paddling in the family pool may benefit from dog life jacket. Many different designs, colours and different sizes are available, meaning that the right life jacket can be found without worrying about the dog’s safety. Waterproof jackets and doggie heated blankets will keep doggie warm when camping or engaged in an activity holiday.

Dog Intelligence


Smart gifts for a dog could keep him or her happy for hours. Not only will the most suitable doggie toy help
coordination, but it will encourage fitness and stimulate the dog's senses.

Dog games such as dog solitaire, extreme dog toys or aerobic gadgets will introduce a cerebral challenge to any dog exercise routine. Books informing the dog owner on how to teach dog tricks and how to train your dog, will help the dog owner get to know how a dog’s brain works and enhance their relationship. Furthermore, canine lullabies may encourage music appreciation and even calm a fraught dog.


Fun Gifts for a Dog


Fancy dress for dogs can be found to suit Christmases, Halloween or a birthday party. Great outfits such as pirates, Dracula, glow in the dark glow bones, hotdogs, reindeers, elves or devils can be found. Different sizes and colours can be found to suit any dog and provide mirth on the day.


Affordable Gift for Dogs


A simple and inexpensive gift for a dog can also serve well, such as a favoured doggie treat, a dog blanket or simple toy. Simple cookbooks to help inspire the dog owner on what to cook for dog or a DVD on how to train your dog could provide years of use. The point being, the sender does not have to spend a lot of money to please both dog and owner.


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