Hyattsville Wildlife

Wildlife in the City of Hyattsville

Though located inside the Beltway, the City of Hyattsville and surrounding areas are home to many species of birds and wildlife. Perhaps due to our proximity to the Northeast Branch of the Anacostia, Greenbelt Park and the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, our area not only has indigenous birds and mammals, but many "stop overs" during migration periods.

As you walk around the neighborhood, keep your eyes open! Eagles have been spotted in Magruder Park. Foxes roaming the streets. Snakes slithering through back yards. Have your camera ready to snap a shot or to at least report what you have seen to the HOPE listserve!An incredible local resource is the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. Located just outside the Beltway near Laurel. There is a huge display area that shows natural habitats and species, a movie theatre, a bus tour around the lake and much, much more. An incredible gem just minutes away!Another great resource is the Bladensburg Waterfront Park, which you can easily access via the bike trail through Magruder Park, where you can take out a canoe or paddle boat and explore the Northeast Branch. Unfortunately, you will see a large amount of trash which is a real educational moment for any children you take with you. You will see many different kids of birds and maybe even some amphibians (a huge turtle has been spotted closer to the Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens) and other wildlife.