Hemp CAN help save the world. It provides high quality clothing, food, fuel, paper, textiles and much more. Most of which can be produced locally, if you approve. Industrial hemp is the legal form of cannabis. It contains virtually no drug ingredients - it has less than 1% THC, when drug cannabis contains 10-15% THC. You could smoke a field of it and all you would do is get a headache.

Growing hemp is legal to do in most countries in the world. The USA is one of the last places to allow this. Hemp products are legal for use. In Australia, as an example hemp foods are illegal yet they can grow industrial hemp legally. With the work of VoteHemp hemp is likely to be legal to grow soon...

Hemp is so useful as it requires nearly no toxic chemicals to grow. Whereas cotton that is 2.4% of the world's crop consumes 24% of the world's pesticides.

Hemp can be made into many products that include:

Hemp Plastic - as an alternative to petro-chemical oil based materials, hemp plastics are blends of 50-100% hemp with other ingredients such as PP, PLA and more. Useful in laptop cases, iPhone cases, electrical items of all sorts, toys, railway industry, household and gardening products, hemp plastic is cost effective and better than plastic reinforced glass fibre and where heat resistance is required.

Hemp Textiles - due to it's cellular content hemp is very strong. With a history of thousands of years, hemp fabrics are now widely used though qualities vary from suppliers.

Hemp Food - hemp seed is very nutritious. 24% protein (quality, high in amino acids) and contains all the essential fatty acidss omega-3, 6 and 9. Used in hemp ice creams, hemp snack bars, hemp oil and more!

Hemp Building - Hemp is used by builders as an infill in walls. Hemp houses over 300 years are pictured at www.thehempbuilder.com. Hemp is great for building as it locks up carbon, is a great insulator (sound and heat), breathes and stabilizes inside air is rodent proof and fire proof

Hemp Body Care - the same nutritional properties from hemp foods and absorbed through the skin, which is the bodies largest organ. Great for assisting in silky hair and shiny skin.

In fact there are many small hemp business opportunities available today. You may learn more at www.startahempbusiness.com and more on hemp at www.hemp.co.uk