Hyattsville Bikers Unite!

Hyattsville Bikers Unite was formed in the late summer of 2005 when a group of involved citizens and local bicycling enthusiasts got together to discuss ideas about how to improve facilities for biking and walking in the City of Hyattsville. HBU is dedicated to providing information and sharing ideas about bicycling in the City of Hyattsville and surrounding communities with a special focus on safety, access, trails, exercise and fun. In November of 2006, Hyattsville Bikers Unite became an official city committee...the Bike and Pedestrian Safety Committee, read the resolution and check out our meeting minutes.

The Report:

We have recently completed a report for the city council which encapsulates our recommendations for a more bike and ped friendly city. The report is the result of almost two years worth of work involving field surveys, community meetings, your suggestions, and work with city representatives. The initiatives and infrastructure improvements outlined in the document will be going before your city council member soon, to be adopted as a bike and ped masterplan. Please contact your city council member and support our suggestions. This wiki environment played a major role in the generation of the report, functioning as a work space for all of the collaborators on the project. As the report is now complete, many of the old HBU wiki pages are replicated in the final report and have been moved into our "Archive" section. One of our major goals is to get the City of Hyattsville’s certification as a "Bicycle Friendly Community". Passage of a bike and pedestrian master plan is the first major step in achieving that goal!

Click HERE to view the final report, our Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan.

Important links: - National Center for Bicycling and Walking - 2006 Bicycle Friendly Community Presentation (22mb) - Washington Area Bicyclist Association