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Is it recyclable in Hyattsville? Check out this site and see what you know!

The Hyattsville Community Wiki is an editable website by, and for, residents of Hyattsville, MD. On this website you can create your own webpages on any topics you like, engage in discussions on any issue, post images and videos, manage calendars and create links to outside resources. Create or edit to your heart's content . If you want to edit you do have to sign in first (see very bottom of page in footer to do so - you don't have to have a gmail account, but you do need to register with Google to edit) and send an email here to get full access to edit.

To get a better idea of what's on this site, check out the sitemap (bottom left column) which puts all the different pages in an easy to read format.

Help build a community resource for everyone. Please scroll through the pages and add your comments. We especially need your help on:

    • Stop Whining, Start Dining - I removed the google spreadsheet because it was woefully outdated. Check out the Hyattsville CDC for a comprehensive list.

    • New to the City of Hyattsville? - Remember when you moved to Hyattsville and wished there was a place to get all your questions answerered? Now there is! Check out this page and add your own tips, hints and other information about the City of Hyattsville for new residents

    • The News and Recent Post page was created to put all the sites that deal with the City of Hyattsville government and politics directly in one place - including HOPE posts and a search for Hyattsville in the general news. Also recently added was the feed to the Hyattsville Patch latest articles.

  • Hyattsville Aging in Place (HAP) is building a community where every resident is valued and seniors get the help they need to stay in their homes and be active a long as possible. HAP provides volunteers to drive and run errands. We have social events, provide caregiver breaks and run informational meetings to help all of us age happier and healthier. Click the link above or call us at 301-887-3101 to volunteer, find out about services or join HAP!

Significant site changes regarding organization will be posted here on the front page when they happen.


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