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When should I start planting?

The last frost occurs in Hyattsville anywhere from April 2 to May 4, with April 13 as the final date 66% of the time (occurs 2 years out of 3) as the most probable date. (Source)

1. Little House in the Suburbs

This is an amazing little guide that shows exactly when and where (in vs. outside) to plant different veggies. A really simple, great resource. There are two other GREAT resources at the very bottom of the page that are attached - scroll all the way to the bottom to see them.

2. University of Marland Planting Dates For Vegetable Crops in Maryland (.pdf)

Even though it's from 2001 and global warming was just a blip on the radar (if you believe in that sort of thing), this is a thorough guide for when to plant specific kinds of vegetable crops in Maryland. 

Can I just plant directly in my soil or do I need to prep it?

Should I add fertilizer? What kind, how much, where do I get it?

Should I use rail road ties to block my garden in?

Should I use pesticides? 

How do I keep bugs and critters away from my crop?

Where should I get seeds?

What grows in this climate?

The Bay State wants you to plant trees! Coupons, mapping, tips, all right here!