HNM History

It started in a living room.

Or, did it start in a yoga class?

Could it have started in a glance on the street? (You know, that glance between two preggos who notice each other and feel they have to immediately start comparing notes.)

Okay, so the absolute genesis is kind of hard to pin down. But in general the group started because some friends and neighbors all found themselves with a new infant in their arms or one on the way at the same time and felt an irrestible need to start talking about it.

After months of spur of the moment playgroups and email traffic between ourselves we realized that something a little bit more formal was called for, if only so we wouldn't have to remember too many email addresses. So, we began the Hyattsville Nurturing Parents Group. HNMoms is now a listserv where members share information, stories, questions, rants, raves and of course, set up playgroups, outings and parties.