At Home

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    • Keep your doors locked - There have been instances of "bad people" walking up to someones house. A locked door can't hurt!

    • Windows - if you have easy street access windows, you probably want to keep them closed and locked, especially if you are out of the house or not in that room (i.e. basement window). Bars on the windows are always an option if you feel it necessary, but usually just having them locked will suffice.

    • Smoke Alarms/CO2 Detectors - You obviously should have several of these around your house and change the batteries, even on hard wired models, twice a year (when the time changes for DST and back is a good idea). You can request a free smoke alarm AND someone to review your house for FREE here: CO2 Detectors have a different kind of battery that does not need to be changed as often. Not everyone has one of these but you should have at least one or two. Here is a link about placement of CO2 detectors-

    • Phone Numbers - Keep a list of important number NEAR YOUR PHONE! You can print this one out.

    • Report Suspicious Activity - I understand there is a fine line between being paranoid and not. However, in these times the general rule is report anything that does not look right and have the Police decide.

    • Guns - Data clearly shows that NOT having a gun in your house is better than having one and that the whole "protect my family" theory is bunk. However, the laws of the land preside and if you are going to have a gun, keep it locked up, out of sight, unloaded with a gun lock. Please take a gun safety class and be responsible.

    • Snow Shoveling/Ice - It is YOUR responsibility to clear off your steps and sidewalks from all snow and ice. Please take the time to do this, get some good deicer to throw down and help out your neighbors if they need it (if they are just being lazy, give them a hard time!)

    • Solicitors - If someone comes to your door to sell whatever, know that they HAVE to have a license from the City to do so. Tell them this and if they do not have it, call the City (301-985-5060) and tell them immediately.

    • Shred - You get lots of mail that you throw into the recycling bin. If you don't have a shredder, at least rip it up. Most financial institutions offer electronic statements which are great alternative.