Walking/Biking/Around Town

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    • Biking - Always wear a helmet and make sure your kids do as well. More deaths and injuries from bike accidents could have been prevented if the biker was simply wearing a helmet.

    • Biking - Be safe! Observe all traffic rules. Ride under control. Assume the car is not going to stop. Take a bike safety class. Wear reflective clothing and have lights on the front and back of your bike if riding at night.

    • Walking - The word is out not to wear headphone while walking around town (or biking!) because you may not hear someone come up behind you. This is probably not realistic, so at least keep the volume down and don't be a zombie. Pay attention to your surroundings.

    • Cell Phone - Be sure to have the Hyattsville Police phone number on your cellphone. Put it as "A Police" so that it is on the top of the list. If you dial 911 for a police emergency, it will take longer than dialing the City of Hyattsville.

    • Beware of Dogs - there have been a few attacks over the years of dogs that got out or just strays. Keep an eye out and don't approach a dog out on it's own. You can call the Hyattsville Police and they can assist the animal.

    • Observe the speed limit - 25 mph is the posted speed limit, but "20 is plenty".