Biography Template

Please use this outline questions to aid you in composing your personal biography for the reunion.

Class of 1959 Handley High 50th Anniversary Reunion Biography

---------- Important Template Use Instructions ----------

(Please Read Before Using the Template)

     This template was prepared to assist in the preparation of a brief biography for sharing some of our selves and our experiences from the last 50 years since graduating from Handley High School.

     The template outline is structured into eight parts as a means of encouraging each of our classmates to address all areas of their lives rather than dwell on some while skipping over others.  That’s the reason for the outline and the broad topics associated with each outline element.

     The questions were provided as an aid to discussing each topic in the outline.  The questions are intended only as triggers to your thought processes.  They are intended as helpers, not as masters.  Please do not feel that each question must have a response, that each question must be considered separately, or that each question must be considered in the order given.  None of these ideas were intended. 

     If the given questions do not work for you, please feel free to change the questions, ignore questions, or form new questions to fit your particular circumstances and what you would like your classmates to know about you.  Above all we would like each of you to share things from your lives since graduation that have been meaningful to you.  Please cut and paste the outline below into your word processor, change them any way that better fits your particular circumstances, and begin writing your biography.

     The biography template in Microsoft Word will be available until the reunion by clicking on the following link.  After the reunion all non-downloadable files will be removed to make ready the preparation of a DVD disk download of the web site.

---------- The Template ----------

Class of 1959 Handley High 50th Anniversary Reunion Biography

Name:          <enter name as: first middle (maiden) last>

Address:        <mailing address>

City, State Zip:    <city>, <state>  <zip>

Home Phone:    enter as < nnn-nnn-nnnn>

Cell Phone:        enter as <nnn-nnn-nnnn>

Email Address:    <name>@<domain name>

1.  Introduction
* We know who you were in high school (jock, beauty queen, football hero, intellectual, nerd, etc.), but tell us in two or three sentences, who are you now?
* What do you think your classmates would be most surprised to learn about you?
* How has the direction of your life changed since high school?
* What has contributed most in impacting the course of your life?

2.  Present Reality
* Are you retired (or anticipating retiring)?
* From what vocation are you retired (or anticipate retiring from)?
* When did (or, will) you retire?
* How will/has your daily life change/changed after/since retiring?
* What are your present avocations or involvements?

3.  Family
* What is your family situation (spouse, children, grandchildren)?
* How did you meet your spouse?
* Please provide some highlights about your family?
* What have been your most treasured memories and valued family mementos?

4.  Educational and Professional Preparation and Accomplishments
* How did you continue your education or training after high school?
* Tell us about what you studied or what you did to enhance your potential?
* What were the things that influenced your study or training choices?

5.  Professional and Work Experiences
* What did/do you do for a living?
* What job changes have you made?
* How did your job changes contribute to your life experience?
* What were your successes or accomplishments during your working years?

6.  Avocations and Leisure Time Activities
* How do you choose to spend your time when the choice is fully yours?
* How has that changed over your life so far?
* What travels have you done (work or pleasure)?
* What have you read that has been an inspiration to you?
* What gives meaning to your life and makes you look forward to tomorrow?

7.  Philosophy of Life and Goals for the Future
* Describe briefly your philosophy of life?
* How has your philosophy of life changed or matured over the last 50 years?
* What have you experienced that you would like others to experience?
* What have you learned since high school that you would like to share?
* What are your ambitions or goals for the future?
* What have you found to be the ingredients for a satisfied and fulfilling life?

8.  Things You Would Have Told Us Had We Asked the Right Questions

* What question should we have asked?
* What is your answer to the question?

~~~~~~~~~~ End:  Biography Template ~~~~~~~~~~