Uldor's MUME log page

Welcome. This is a page of my MUME logs; blame Verminaard for convincing me to make it.

I never claimed to be a good player. Anyone who wants to fight it out for being the most 1337 can do it without me. I am just a lucky newcomer enjoying the fireworks too much, sitting here with a huge grin on my face, watching the changing shapes and colours.

My respects, thanks, and credits go to the keepers of the following pages:

Fankil's log page          Ringwraith's log page          Welder's page

Some temporarily pastebin'ed stuff (1 month expiration) that I don't feel so good about:

Telp's random logs, old and new, will be here:

March 18, 2016. Don't mess with the armourer. Or with lowbie chars made powerful by the level change, I suppose.

March 12, 2016. Eq recovery. It's what you try to do after a whitie finally enters a closeable.

February 10, 2016. Door handling. Because I already used "Underslept" and "Reading skills". Another extremely messy fight, Telp and Ogrit vs Aicha and Berol.

January 30, 2016. Level change. Aiming for the most educational log of the year.

January 16-17, 2016. Rocks! Telp doing something for the very first time and screwing up horribly.

September 11, 2015. Lowbie BN power. Telp, 2 eagles, and a lev 20 BN thief charging 2 whities. Now what can possibly go wrong?

May 13, 2014. Definition of boredom. And now for something completely different... A log to make you feel for Snakr.

May 7, 2015. Alirn's zoo. A previously pastebin'ed log - apologies to those who read this before.

May 13, 2015. The log Lenwë will never post. Another previously pastebin'ed log.

May 14, 2015. Not my usual team. Yet another previously pastebin'ed log. Telp is walking around with an odd set of charmies.

An Aramarth log:

December 14, 2015. Welcome to MUME. Not a pk log. The weirdest session I ever had.

Telperién's latest:

June 15, 2015. Underslept. I am going to yet again blame lack of sleep for making the same newbie mistake for the second time in the same month.

February 25, 2015. Manaless. How long can a manaless BN survive?

February 12, 2015. Albrax dies. Once in a blue moon, probably never to happen in a similar way again.

August 3, 2014. Marvels of MUME. A magic warhorse and an invisible elf in a really weird ending to a very boring session - possibly, the weirdest I've ever seen.

June 4, 2014. Not sure what to call this. A fight with Aghneidon turns into an epic screw-up by both sides. Not enough people rated this on ER, but it came up to #44 when posted.

And back to Aramarth:

April 14, 2014. Reading skills. On request, to show how not being able to read can occasionally work out for you.

April 4, 2014. Lithes ftw! On request only, because I know how much everyone loves BNs with lithes. (I don't mind them, but not everyone is as overpowered as this elf.)

Telperién's latest:

March 24, 2014. With such allies... If you never screwed up, you flame him.

February 17, 2014. Timing! When, just for once, the gods of clocks aren't angry at you.

February 9, 2014. Sorry, Zigurun! A foreman quaketrap didn't go exactly as planned.

Aramarth's latest logs are here. Uldor's original logpage is below.

Random logs from Aramarth's career from 2011 till now will be just below. Let me know if you want me to cut more. 

January 9, 2014. How not to raid NOC. Bunnud owes me a zorc flask for this.

August 11, 2013. Screwup of the month. (Or escape of the month.) Aramarth + eagles and Khazoad hit Fallout + eagles and Khuzur + uruks.

July 18, 2013. Naagro vs Aramarth. Got my hands shaking - I hate fighting that kind of char. Happened the night before the fight vs Creon and Nelle.

July 18, 2013. Aramarth miscalculates. Creon and Nelle vs Aramarth - with a predictable ending.

July 17, 2013. Special effects overload. Nelle and Crûlo vs Aramarth and lev 21 Radiance.

June 8, 2013. Wake up already! Zimrathon and Svin pick on sleepy Aramarth (and on some other people who don't all look that awake either).

May 11, 2013. How to kill a BN with an eagle. Rather than dying to a BN with an eagle without a chance, Aramarth enlists a fearsome pack horse to help him.

April 30, 2013. Free 100K. Aramarth and his opponent both set out to get free 100K - in different ways.

March 21, 2013. 5 Zaugurz Orcs in MA. Eiluvial takes on 5 zorcs with an engraved broadsword and a bit of help from Aramarth.

January 5, 2013. Target the elf. Mutabor, Thelxinoe, and Zakzirak take on Eiluvial and Aramarth.

October 16, 2012. A how-to on killing overpowered whities. Credits to Belegûr. (Other BNs, take note!)

September 27, 2012. Avi's pbs. What happens when a primarily darkie player decides to get a pbs.

November 30, 2011. When your computer is trying to kill you. Elceser picks on an elf with severe client issues and without much clue.

November 27, 2011. Aramarth learns his commands. Aramarth, who has not pkilled much before, meets a BN with a lithe orc for the very first time. (When I first cut this log, I called it "How I did not kill Ugurz".)

Most of these logs are here because I find them funny or, at least, absurd. It is true that mostly they feature the rather simple humour of the situations when somebody walks off a cliff, but in some of the logs the humour is more complex. I believe that the fact that I walked off various cliffs numerous times myself has earned me the right to laugh when somebody else does the same. In most of these logs I also screw up horribly.

I do have 'normal' logs, including some close fights, but, with very few exceptions, I have not found them interesting enough to post.

I hope you enjoy some of the fireworks I managed to catch on camera.

Note: The logs I find fairly amusing are now marked with yellow. The unmarked logs are only recommended for reading if you are a log addict or particularly interested in the subject.

July 25, 2011. The quest for the spear. Comedy of errors, MUME style. Name of the main character replaced for obvious reasons.

December 26, 2010.  How not to do well, about everything. I think this log holds some kind of record by the number of screw-ups per line of log.

October 10, 2008. A bear at FoY. Uldor eats most bears for breakfast, but this time something went wrong. In Nâgak's words, this log is here "If only to show that if you don't even try you can fail miserably :)".

 July 10, 2008. I just want my warg. I am sure this is not the first time this happens, but perhaps it is still somewhat funny.

June 6, 2008. Aramarth steals exp. Playing without caffeine is bad. If I had some tea before, maybe I would have shared the exp.

May 31, 2008. Lured into Redhorn Pass. Yet another creative way to dig your own grave.

March 5, 2008. Portaltrapped. I went through this log a few times, trying to figure out who did all the damage there. I guess the quaker did help a bit.

February 14, 2008. Kernel and brain panic. Just a normal day. A BN and an orc track a dwarf into Amanrandil's temple.

November 23 2007. Smart orcs. I tried to save the day, but my group would not let me.

July 27, 2007. Rescue at the roots. Just another clumsy attempt at a trap.

July 7, 2007. Diamonium to rescue. I really should not play without caffeine.

June 21, 2007. A call trap how-to. Or how not to, you decide.

May 6, 2007. 6 vs 7 in Moria. As seen by the BN who missed most of the fight. Thank Gloomer for the boring log title.

April 28, 2007. While Jimmy is AFK. Don't you just hate it when people promise to switch sides together with you, get you to rent and wait 30 minutes, and then fail to login, so you wait for them, and wait, and wait, and wait? (By the way, he told me later that it was only a small tractor.)

April 17, 2007. Quake ftw. Just a normal FoY group ambush...

March 20, 2007. Khuzur portaltrap. I had a rock, and I had seen most of their group before at Brolg, so that was not really brave on my side. Was brave of Taarsh and Baruch to enter with me, though.

February 19, 2007. Locked up in prison. Very surprised darkies vs very lost whities.

February 8, 2007. Playing without an amulet. After dying linkless to Pompel, I was playing without an amulet when this happened. People tell me I have way too many hps.

February 9, 2007. Just keep that shroud up! A level 19 zaugurz orc was tping in Vale when this happened. (Have I yet mentioned that sneak and hide are overpowered?)

January 22, 2007. Yelling can kill you! What can I say... Thanks for killing yourself?

December 19, 2006. Silly lowbie. Keep talking, giggling, and thinking you are safe. The sun will not save you.

December 15, 2006. How to warlord in 6 easy steps. You probably guessed it. I was just walking around, when... And I also screwed up, but...

November 28, 2006. Try and beat my exp rate. Yet another of those I-just-logged-in and I-was-just-walking-around Uldor logs. I am sure someone once got 100K exp faster, but it certainly was not me.

November 7, 2006. I am not Uldrak! Blame Kevin - I was not going to post this, but he insisted.

November 5, 2006. Trapped in the roots. Some whities commit suicide, and I am left wondering what we were supposed to get hit by and how, since it seems unlikely that all of Alarandil's redshirts just happened to be around by an accident...

November 5, 2006. Whities are scary. Somehow I cannot help feeling that 4 darkies jumping 2 whities should not end quite like this.

November 3, 2006. Seethe gets a taste of his own medicine. Sometimes the roles get reversed. I might have felt bad about this if it turned out to be someone else...

October 17, 2006. Ever consider walking? Featuring Porter and his trademarked storeport.

October 11, 2006. Who needs actionhunt, locate, or even track? Watch a dwarf without track kill a midlev BN in a 4-exit area.

September 24, 2006. How many legends does it take to kill one smiter? I don't know; you tell me. Nothing special, just another escape log.

September 20, 2006. Thank you, Nocks. Reikor wanted to fight the Nock group in stonedoor. He was the only one with the key; he narrated to come, and we did. Enjoy watching me panic.

September 15, 2006. Wannabe trappers in the hidden camp. I can see why that group didn't want to fight us. I can't see why they thought we might enter there without bashing the exit.

September 15, 2006. Outnumbered, outequipped, and outlinked. Nothing special - just continuing to learn beating foreman trapgroups. Posted partially because I like it when idiots die, even though killing them may be no great achievement.

September 13, 2006. How to miss 100K. Watch another idiot offer me a 'fair' fight (I love sending such people straight to Mandos or frozen north), me fail to get 100K due to autowimpy, and bored orcs spam me to hell because they think I'm entertaining.

September 12, 2006. Alian's group gets pwned. Both sides screw up, and Alian's overpowered group loses (but mostly lives). Note the two useless leaders (I did warn my group!) and some interesting intercepts.

August 25, 2006. Mass suicide in foreman's office. We all like seeing people walk off various cliffs, don't we? Don't miss the explanation of what happened at the very bottom of the log.

August 21, 2006. Lucky Zackle. Quintus was trying to trap in rubble. As it turned out, he had charmed pack horses and some practices in escape, but of course Zackle just had to find out what the deal was. (After this happened, bastard Zackle posted this log without my permission, having edited my info so it showed me as level 94, making people ask me if that was the case...)

August 19, 2006. An exper overkills an exper. Telperién was testing how different charmies work for exp and found that these particular ones were great for damage but really impractical for walking the mountain paths.

August 1, 2006. Sancted and invulnerable... or not? A group of 4 whities was doing scaly beast, and a group of 3 darkies decided to charge. (Note, by the way, that I had just aged, gaining 4 hps.)

July 19, 2006. Visiting Tharbad. Assassins, spiders, lack of area knowledge, an elf with too much defense, me hitting wrong keys, and a backup that came too late. I am almost sorry for the elf who retired after this.

July 5, 2006. A ruby for Telperién. A zorc stabber took my old ruby, and I really wanted a new one. I guess sometimes wishes come true.

June 30, 2006. Hi, I'm Mormaeg. Or at least I like it when people think so.

June 30, 2006. Nanduin gets mad. Just for you, Fankil. I thought it was somewhat funny when it happened, though.

June 23, 2006. A ruby for Scad. After Fingolan died in evil priest area, I wanted to give his ruby to a deserving BN.

June 23, 2006. 'Help me, guards!' You can break the exits, sleep the mobs, and deflect my hits with your megadefense, but does that really make you safe?

June 10, 2006. Ankor traps me. Way to go, Ankor.

June 5, 2006. I steal Orhzul's exp but pay him back later. Seems to be my day for absurd logs. (In case someone doesn't know it, I don't like Orhzul.)

June 5, 2006. Brave Bragollach gets lucky. Bragollach was fighting Griand, who was already low from a fight before, when this happened.

June 5, 2006. How to kill a mage. Vardamir's deadly roadkill group on the rampage.

May 31, 2006. Bregolund pkills at NOC. Can I say 'whiner'?

May 26, 2006. Brave or foolhardy? My excuse here is that I just woke up and logged in without getting caffeine first. I wonder what everybody else's excuses were. Poor Nockurzh - he deserved to get at least one kill out of that.

May 9, 2006. Massaker dies. It was one of those days when I was very badly outnumbered until Spoff logged in and rescued me from what looked like a certain death. Nice work by Spoff, quite a screwup by me. Watch me overspam kill and watch both me and Massaker stand there like total newbies, none of us able to flee.

May 4, 2006. Blip's group suicides. I don't know what they were thinking.

April 1, 2006. Just an April 1st log. Nothing special, just a log from April 1, 2006.

March 29, 2006. Pwned by safe climb. Safe climb had just been implemented when this happened.

March 23, 2006. Too predictable. Nothing really happens in this log, but it made me smile anyway.

March 16, 2006. In defense of having an autowimpy. One of the most common mistakes I am still making is having wimpy set too high (or at all). The reason I usually do it is that you never know when backup will come out of nowhere. In this log I screw up again, but it pays.

March 15, 2006. Sweet dreams? One very bad case of panic and of darkies getting easy exp.

March 07, 2006. Ljon walks off a cliff. When you are very badly outnumbered, sometimes you can lurk and hope your enemy makes a mistake.

February 19, 2006. Donovan misportals. Misportals can be nasty...

February 15, 2006. Aelihel's and Cormax' luck. I guess first Aelihel's armour dropped, and then they were waiting for the exit to pop on me.

February 9, 2006. Otto dies around Eoghha. Yet another log where I did not do anything besides setting the sheer power of spamhit to work for me.

February 1, 2006. Ankor vs Athmallen. A 'fair fighter', 40+ mage, takes on a hero combo orc in daytime.

January 21, 2006. Luzifer dies. I tracked Luzifer into Filthy Cave, and Zarg said he had a key. Everyone in this log plays as if they were drunk, but Luzifer is the only one to admit to it.

January 19, 2006. Falling bouders. I only wanted to get the key...

January 17, 2006. I went west alone and found myself very much outnumbered. Here is the short version as seen on whitie narrates with some commentary from me - these are probably the best part. The extremely long log is here.

Daimon snippets from the long log are here. You may want to read this even if you won't read the rest.

January 16, 2006. What the heck, Aelihel? Yet another of those incidents where I was quite sure I was supposed to die and could not understand why I didn't.

January 09, 2006. Athmallen reequips. Athmallen had just died to a Tahkr group in DT. I tried to recover the equipment, found it almost all looted, and ran back to NOC with one of the zorcs on my tail.

December 28, 2005. I need to learn Bree. A Bree raid goes wrong - twice. Did you know they had built so many new rooms in Bree?

December 20, 2005. Ughdash won't leave me alone. Sometimes people really ask for it, and it does not even take any effort. Also featured in the log is Ankor at his best.

December 4, 2005. Two orcs and a BN vs some dwarves and some buggy mudlle. I was redshirting for the great Donk when we tracked a dwarf into archway.

November 22, 2005. Portaltrap. This is a log posted on mume.net. Three orcs walk onto Aelihel and Khulak into what may well be a portaltrap. If you read it, read the first comment after it!

November 5, 2005. Walter dies. The cost of a kill on a moveless elf was me running moveless...

October 3, 2005. Get the salad! Lodril tells me I suck - and pays for it a few seconds later.

September 30, 2005. Whodunnit? I was going to go to sleep when someone triggered guardian.

September 21, 2005. Kabo traps me in foreman. In my defense I have to say that I was pretty sure he was alone, and that I had never seen anyone do that solo before.

September 18, 2005. A hobbit stabber meets a sleepy orc in NOC. Lack of sleep, silly hobbit, powwow, orkish chieftain... Last spoiler - this log is an ad for local editing.

September 9, 2005. It's a quaketrap! A naked mage quaketraps a wrong orc and his warg.