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Renaissance Scavenger Hunt

Renaissance Scavenger Hunt

1. Basic Renaissance Beliefs
Who was the perfect renaissance scholar?
What does anthropocentric mean?
How did humanism view humans and the idea of perfection?

2. Michaelangelo Buonarroti
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When was Michaelangelo born?
What was his most famous painting?
What was his most famous sculpture?

3. The Early Years of Michaelangelo
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Were Michaelanangelo’s parents supportive in his decision to be an artist? _________
What was the Pietà? Describe the details of this great work of art.
Who was David? What significance of the history of Florence does he provide?

4. The Mid Years of Michaelangelo
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The painting of the Sistine chapel ceiling involved what artistic form of painting?
Name and describe the central figure in the Tomb of Julius II? Describe its’ horns.
What do the Medici Tombs portray? Name and describe one of the statues in the tombs.

5. The Final Days of Michaelangelo
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What details does the Last Judgement involve?
What happened to the Last Judgement a decade after completion?
What form of art does the famous St. Peter’s Basilica showcase?

6. Visit the Web Museum of the High Renaissance Period.
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What does the term Renaissance mean?
What other artists were well known during this time period?
What are some of the significant achievements of this period?

7. Leonardo DaVinci
Why do people think da Vinci wrote this way?
Which reason do you think is true? Why?

8. Leonardo's Travels
What did he do in Rome?
What did he do in Florence?

9. Advances in Printing
How could a student acquire books at the beginning of the Renaissance?

10. Bubonic Plague
How many people lived in Europe in 1352?
How many died of the Plague?