Renaissance Essay

Western Civilization

Renaissance Project

Biography of an Important Renaissance Figure

As part of our unit on the Renaissance you will be writing a biography on a person from that time period who had great influence on the world. You will be provided with a list of important people from which you will choose one individual. Then, you will research the life of that person, the role that they played in Renaissance society, what they did that was important, what impact did their role, writings, or invention have on society and how does their accomplishment display Renaissance ideals? This could serve as a basis for your character study in Language Arts.


2 - 3 pages MLA Format

Double spaced

12 point font - Times New Roman

Cover page with title, you name, date and period

Works Cited page w/ in text citations

Begin typing at the top of the page for your paper, not ⅓ of the way down

1” margins

Remember..this is a biography but your focus should be on the impact your Renaissance figure had on society and how their accomplishment displays Renaissance ideals. This means that naming their siblings, their dog, their favorite color or the street they grew up on should not be included in this biography

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