Major Political Parties

Those parties that have “an independent state organization… in a majority of the states”[1] is listed as a major party.

This does not include Independent Democrats or Independent Republicans.

Political PartyStates*Founded inFormer TitlesInternational Affiliations
Democratic Party50 + DC1828Alliance of Democrats
Republican Party50 + DC1854International Democrat Union
Libertarian Party50 + DC1971Interlibertarians
Green Party37 + DC[2]1991Global Greens
Constitution Party37[2]1992U.S. Taxpayers’ Party

Minor political parties

This does not include independents.


Political PartyFounded inFormer TitlesInternational Affiliations
America First Party2002
American Conservative Party2008
American Populist Party2009
American Third Position Party2010
Americans Elect2011
America’s Party2008America’s Independent Party
Christian Liberty Party1996American Heritage Party
Citizens Party of the United States2004New American Independent Party
Communist Party of the United States of America1919International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties
Freedom Socialist Party1966
Independence Party of America2007
Independent American Party1998
Jefferson Republican Party2006
Justice Party2011
Labor Party*1996
Modern Whig Party2008
National Socialist Movement1974World Union of National Socialists
Objectivist Party2008
Party for Socialism and Liberation2004
Peace and Freedom Party1967
Prohibition Party1869
Raza Unida Party1970
Reform Party of the United States of America1995
Socialist Action1983Fourth International
Socialist Alternative1986Committee for a Workers’ International
Socialist Equality Party1966Workers LeagueInternational Committee of the Fourth International
Socialist Party USA1973
Socialist Workers Party1938Pathfinder tendency (unofficial)
United States Marijuana Party2002
United States Pacifist Party1983
United States Pirate Party2006Pirate Party International (observer)
Unity Party of America2004
Workers World Party


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