Student Resume Project

You are 21st Century Students—You are competing with thousands of other high school students for positions in the college of your choice, for placement in the best tech school, culinary arts, etc. You may not go to a place of higher education but you want the best job you can get. One step that will help is creating a resume.

Step 1. Visit and view the examples of digital portfolios and resumes at

Step 2. Visit and view the examples of digital portfolios and resumes at –look for student portfolios.

Step 3. See below and complete your resume.

Student Resume Project


First & Last Name, sometimes enter middle (full or initial if this how you want to be known)

Contact Information:

Your full address including the FULL zip code

Email, Phone, Fax


This is where you will state what your future goals are immediately after high school.

Special Skills:

This is where you will put the skills you have learned in high school to date that will help in the job market—such as typing skills, computer skills. You would also want to enter information that will help show that you can do the career/ college major that you want such as “I am good with/at…”.

Work & Volunteer Experience:

List your work and volunteer experience with month and dates of experience.


Woodsville High School August 2008-Present

Wesley Chapel High School August 2001-June 2008


List you education experience to date. You can include outside educational experiences such as classes in pottery during the summer. You should be putting in classes that pertain to your skills and development of your intended major or career. You should also include your tentative graduation date.

Extra Curricular Activities:

List your activity and dates that your participated. Include any leadership positions.

You should also include two letters of recommendation.