Field Work: School Visit

Psychology Class Project

Field Work: School Visit

Pose as a new student at one of the local area schools for one day.

After prearranging with Administrators from WHS and the Host School, “enroll” as a new student and spend the day attending classes, lunch and visiting in the halls.

Observe and document all of (but not limited to) the following Social Psychology-related variables:

Treatment, interaction with, and reactions from other students and staff

o School “climate“

o Cliques, Subcultures

o Social stratification

o Prejudice, Bias, Discrimination

o Non-verbal communication

o Interpersonal relations (student-student, student-staff)

o Values and norms, etc.

Collect data and prepare a report identifying the day in journalized format, followed by an in-depth analysis of

the results.

This is a big undertaking, needing courage, professionalism, confidentiality and follow-through.

It may also be the most enjoyable and rewarding psychology project available.

Field Work projects will be assessed for extra credit value according to:

 Depth of involvement

 Initiative

 Conduct at host institution

 Completeness/timeliness

 Depth

 Scope and relevance of analysis

 Final paper quality and organization

The following items are required before visiting:

 Initial briefing with Mr. Nichols

 Prepare Plan-of-Action: top six school choices, and any additional variables for observation.

o School Choice requirements/exceptions:

 Further, plan to visit schools where you do not know any staff or students.

 2nd meeting with Mr. Nichols: review Plan-of-Action, Process and Protocol.

 1st meeting with Principal: review Plan-of-Action, Process and Protocol.

 2nd meeting with Principal: conduct Guided Call to Host Administrator.

 Complete a Signed Prearranged Absence form.

o Signed by parent/guardian and all teachers/classes affected that day.

o Please note: although this will be an excused absence, you will be expected to complete all work .

 Make Visit.Psychology

Field Work: School Visit part II

Upon return: complete debrief and provide one copy each to Principal, Host Administrator and your teacher.

The following items are required before receiving any credit:

o Signed (by Host Attendance Office) arrival time and exit time.

o Signed documentation of exit meeting with Host Administrator.

o Confirmation of a formal ‘Thank You’ to Host Administrator and Student Escort.

o Confirmation of a Sent copies of paper to Principal and to the Host Administrator.

Please remember, as a visitor, you will represent your school and your community. Maintain respect for your

host school’s student body, staff and property.

Thank you for participating,

Mr. Nichols