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Civil War Resources

CyberSleuthKids Civil War pages

Abraham Lincoln Timeline

The History Place - a timeline of the Civil War with links

American Civil War page with primary and secondary sources

From Revolution to Reconstruction

African American Troops in the Civil War (thanks to Aly)

American Civil

Camp Life Civil War Collections from Gettysburg - excellent site!

Civil War Diaries

Civil War for Kids from Mrs. Huber        

Civil War Flags

The Civil War for Fifth Graders

Civil War Home Page

Civil War Homepage - a project of University of Tennessee

Civil War Military Leaders from Georgia students

Civil War - Internet activities from SC

Civil War maps from American Memory

Civil War Music and Poetry

Civil War Photographs

Civil War Potpourri

Civil War from Kidskonnect

Civil War sites suggested by Jerrie Cheek

Civil War Studies at the Smithsonian Associates

Civil War on the Web

Civil War Women - Diaries, Letters, Documents, Photos

Coal Creek School  in Colorado - The War Between the States - Civil War URLs

The Civil War from Germantown, Illinois

The Civil War from Social Studies for Kids

The Time of the Lincolns from PBS 

Suffolk County Public Libraries sites about the Civil War

The United States Civil War Center - Internet links for kids

The Valley of the Shadow - Two Communities in the American Civil War

Weapons of the Civil War

Emancipation Proclamation
Transcript -

Gettysburg Address -

For Teachers:

The Civil War Through A Child's Eye

The Civil War in Children's Literature from Carol Hurst

What Do You See? Analyzing a Civil War photograph

Mr. Donn's Lesson Plans for Teachers

American Civil War - Webquest for Grade 11

Civil War - Battle of Gettysburg ThinkQuest

The American Civil War Thinkquest

Civil War Battles - Webquest

Civil War Crier - Webquest

Civil War Webquest -

Civil War Herald Webquest - 

Civil War scrapbook -

Civil War Lesson Plans from ProTeacher!

Civil War Lesson Plans, Quizzes, and Activities

Before Brother Fought Brother lesson plans from EDSitement

Civil War Personal Journal Webquest

Civil War Webquest for 8th grade

Lesson Plan for Fifth Grade from Small Planet

Civil War Lesson Plans

Civil War Lesson Plans from the Teacher's Guide 

Eduscapes sites and activities for the classroom