World History

Western Civilizations

Your Mid Term Exam & Website will cover:

Neolithic vs. Paleolithic Eras

5 Themes of Geography

Anthropology & Archaeology

Middle Eastern Civilizations

Hammurabi's Code/ Ten Steps of Civilization

Ancient Egypt

Ancient India

Ancient China

5 Artifacts of Civilizations

Ancient Greece

The Ten Characteristics of Civilization

The following concepts will be used to study various cultures for the rest of the year. Partial definitions are

provided for each term or concept. As we discuss them in class take notes in the space provided to help you

better understand each concept. List at least one example of each term.

1.Urban society: Living together in communities.

2.Religion: Beliefs that provide answers to “unanswerable” questions.

3.Literacy:The ability to read and write.

4.Government:Having a set of rules, leaders or organization to society

5.Specialization: Using unique skills to benefit all.

6.Social classes: Groups of people with common characteristics.

7.Tool-making: The ability to problem-solve.

8.Concept of time:Understanding of patterns like the seasons, sunrise and sunset or tides can be used to your benefit.

9.Leisure:Recognizing the value of the arts and entertainment.

10.Education/criticism: Striving to improve as an individual or as a culture.