Biography in a Bag

Biography in a Bag


Students will create a brief and interesting presentation that…

(1) Informs the audience of some of the important elements of a particular individual from history

(2) Attempts to “capture the essence” of that individual.

What you need:

Paper sack, grocery bag, or shoe box (per student)

Miscellaneous other items gathered by students.


Students will, after researching a person’s life and contributions, and after producing a written report, prepare a” formal” presentation that will tell the rest of the class about the person. But, instead of making a standard report to the class, you are to gather items you will pull out of a bag while explaining how these items represent aspects of the person’s life.

*Gather 8-10 ordinary items to represent your person.

*For example if your person was an author, you might use a pencil to represent that person, if your person was a teacher, you might include an apple, etc.

*Put all your items in a bag or shoe box.

*Pull these items out, one by one to discuss important aspects of your person’s life

* Total presentation will be no less than 30 seconds and no longer than 60 seconds.

Written Report:

-Cover Page that includes student’s name, date, the person’s name, and the person’s picture.

-Font-12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced

-Length- ________ page(s)

-Works Cited Page & Items to be used and what they represent in your presentation.

Total of 25 points

10 points for appropriate length of time

10 points for 8-10 items

5 points for formal introduction and clarity of speech ( no umms, ahhs, like, etc)