Personal SWOT Analysis

Assess your current personal skills, communication patterns, networks, and resources.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is a professional tool that enables an overall review of any given subject matter. The SWOT analysis facilitates a broad perspective of a topic. By analyzing all aspects of the topic, a plan of action for achieving determined goals becomes much more obtainable. The SWOT analysis is a useful tool for assistance in achieving both personal and professional ambitions.

SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These qualities can be internal (personal) or external. By utilizing the SWOT analysis, you can:

· Recognize your strengths.

· Identify and reduce weaknesses.

· Pinpoint opportunities.

· Avoid threats and potential pitfalls.

· Strengths are your current assets, including issues and social conditions that can help you achieve your professional aspirations. These strengths can include your personal talents, knowledge base, environment, and expertise.

· Weaknesses are your current disadvantages and shortcomings, including personal issues and social scenarios that can prevent you from achieving your goals. Weaknesses can include personal abilities that are lacking, fears, or knowledge that is yet to be acquired.

· Opportunities are emerging effects, circumstances, and conditions that can assist you in achieving future goals. Opportunities can include potential training, studies, academic communities, and external situations that can prove supportive of your professional success.

· Threats are developing difficulties, pressures, and social conditions that could prevent you from achieving your goals. Threats can include competition, economic effects, and other pressures such as family and finances.

A SWOT analysis forms a bridge between your current situation and your future success. By using information gleaned from a SWOT analysis, you can increase positives and diminish negatives. Most importantly, a SWOT analysis must be completed in an open, objective, and factual manner. The completion of a realistic SWOT analysis can serve as the foundation for crafting a personal mission statement and outlining a supportive plan of action.

Personal Mission Statement:

Action Plan: