Share My

Over the last few months, a new digital website for educators is now live, allowing educators to share resources for their classrooms as well as other innovative ideas. One of the best benefits of this new website, is its emphasis on resources to help teachers in implementing the new Common Core State Standards.

The website claims it has almost 200,000 resources and is constantly growing as more and more educators sign up for free and begin to contribute to the site. I have used many of the lessons in my classroom already and I grow more excited each month as more and more resources are added.

This press release by Dan Gursky sums it all up best: ”For every teacher who has stayed up late into the night thinking about how to help a student struggling to understand a concept, or who has wondered about a fresh way to teach a lesson, Share My Lesson offers access to vast resources, right when teachers need them,” she says. “Great ideas that enlighten and engage students in an individual classroom now will have a pathway to countless teachers and their students.”

Michael Herlan

Mike Herlan is a French, Social Studies, and computer technology teacher who enjoys learning and sharing his love for all things tech with students and other people. You can follow him on his blog.