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Dead White Guys

Assignment****  In groups of 2-3 select a psychologist and research about them.  Each student will present a part of the person and their contributions to the field.  The presentation should include:   1. Who the person was.   2. The thoughts and theories of the psychologist.  3. What theories did the psychologist find or represent.

Each student will need to have a two minute speech.  A group of two should have a 4 minute speech and a group of 3 should have a 6 minute speech. (15 pts)

1.  Students will need to have their speech written out in their own words to turn in. (15 pts)

2.  Each group should have a bibliography with at least 3 sources. (15 pts)

3.  Each group should have some type of visual to accompany their presentation. (15 pts)

                                                                                      Total pts—60

Psychologists to choose from:

1. Wilhelm Wundt                     2. William James

3. Sigmund Freud                     4. Sir Francis Galton

5. Rene Descartes                     6. Ivan Pavlov

7. John Watson                         8. B.F. Skinner

9. Carl Rogers                          10. Abraham Maslow