MEYSSAN, Thierry. French researcher: US involved in perpetration of 9-11 atrocity

Thierry Meyssan is a French researcher and the author of  a book about 9-11 entitled “9-11: The Big Lie” (“L'Effroyable imposture”) (see: )

Thierry Meyssan in “9-11: The Big Lie”: “After the two World Trade Center towers collapsed in a way that no one predicted, complete official investigations into the incident as to how it happened were not conducted, but the official account confirmed the idea of two jets, as well as the identity of the accused, without substantiating their existence or their involvement in the incident. Immediately, there was an emphasis on demolishing the damaged buildings and collecting the debris, and whatever was left in this place was placed under the control of the F.B.I and was declared as part of national defense secrets. The rapidity with which the debris was collected raised suspicion with the fire officials of the Fire Department of New York, because they didn’t find Washington officials convincing, and they were certain that the fuel of the two jets wasn’t sufficient to melt the iron skeleton of the two towers in such a short time. And practically and chemically, it is impossible, unless the two towers were made of cardboard. For this reason, officials of the fire department requested an inquiry in order to clarify the facts as to whether an explosion occurred at the bottom of the two towers or not. However, F.B.I authorities didn’t agree with this suggestion. There is another mystery here, since it is only through explosives that high rise buildings can be demolished, while in this case there isn’t any other evidence or picture to show what happened at the bottom of the two towers.” [1].

Thierry Meyssan on 9-11 in an interview with France TV: “Following a Q&A with the experts in this field, it became clear that it is impossible for passenger jets, such as the ones that crashed into World Trade Center, to carry out such precision targeting without having predetermined radars from within the two towers. This is exactly what happened two hours prior to the attack, which scrambled radios and TVs within the range of that area. Thus, without these radars, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve target precision, even if several jets had carried out this task simultaneously.” [1].

[1]. Thierry Mohne quoted in Mohsen Pakaein, “Substantial evidence indicates US neoconservatives perpetrated 9-11 in pursuit of their own goals”, Voltairenet, 9 September 2011: .