WPB, her course to revisionism, teacher of negative example

8th congres WPB/PVDA/PTB (2008) was in fact FIRST congress of New Belgian Social-Democratic Party

In MS 78: Peter Franssen(WPB) as revisionist as Deng Xiaoping
In Marxist Studies 78 (2007), a national cadre of the Workers Party of Belgium (WPB/PVDA/PTB), Peter Franssen is allowed to develop a point of view about the policy of “Reform and Opening” started by Deng Xiaoping, which can be considered as the point of view of the leadership of the WPB in 2007 about this subject, as it is approved by Herwig Lerouge (another national cadre of the WPB) in the “editorial” of that number 78 of Marxist Studies. (read further here)

The WPB/PVDA/PTB: On 5th Congress “Party of the revolution”; on 8th Congress “New Social-Democratic Party”(1)

I – as former militant in the WPB, expelled in 2005, so I think I am well-informed...- will here
analyse how it is possible that in spite of the awareness on development of revisionism in the International Communist Movement (and in his “own” organisation, the WPB,to which Ludo Martens was devoted, and in spite of his efforts to fight against the germs of revisionism in his “own” organisation (the WPB), he was not able to prevent that the WPB made a turn to reformism which was affirmed by a majority of the 8th Congress of the WPB in 2008. (read further here)

The WPV/PVDA/PTB: On 5th Congress “Party of the revolution”; on 8th Congress “New Social-Democratic Party” (2)

Acknowledged by the conclusions of the Fourth Congress of the WPB, Ludo Martens further made more concrete and more elaborated review of how revisionism developed and how “young” communist organisations (as the WPB herself) made opportunist mistakes in political analysis. He made (as you will see) a critical review on “early” analyses of Mao Zedong and affirmed how Mao Zedong later corrected some weak and non-consistent points in his “early” analysis. So the later positions of Mao Zedong are considered to be correcter.
I am explaining this because this differences noticed between the political analysis by the “earlier” Mao Zedong (in the years 49-57) and those made by the “later” Mao Zedong” ( in the sixties) is used by conscious REVISIONISTS in the WPB (and so it just SEEMED to be in concordance with the political positions made by Ludo Martens and approved by the Fourth Congress)..... in a REVERSED way (as I will explain later): by first just “suggesting” and later on clear affirming that the “earlier” Mao Zedong is the most correct Mao and the “later” Mao is the “leftist” and “utopian” (it is just not said “revisionist”) one.(read further here)

2008: 8th congres WPB or 1th congress NSDPB?(3): How a bourgeois mole introduced development of revisionism in a communist party

In 2003, in n° 64 of Marxist Studies (the instrument of the WPB of formation of cadres and militants in Marxist analysis, on marx.be) appeared an article about China of Boudewijn Deckers, on that moment the highest cadre in the WPB beside president Ludo Martens. This article is a good example of how introducing revisionism into the party and make it possible that one by one taken positions of the party (affirmed on congresses) are changed and the end make it possible that the whole party changes of class-character, almost without protest of any cadre or militant.(read further here)

8th WPB-congress (2008): affirmation of loyalty to “kautskyanism” of Second International

I wrote on Friday, March 21, 2008 “Analysis within the WPB: No historical materialism , but revisionism”, on my blog in those days, called wetenschappelijksocialisme.blogspot.com. I am here retaking it, but now in English (as it was here in Dutch) It was an analysis of some of the documents of the 8th congress of the WPB in February, 2008. among other themes there was the “New” Party-concept. In fact there is nothing “new” about it. So we can read in the congress documents ( 8th congress documents from the WPB/PVDA/PTB , 2008):...(read further here)

Peter Mertens (WPB):”Socialism is 'redistribution of today'; parliamentary representation is needed 'to raise funds for the working of the party'.”

On the blog “otheraspect.wordpress.com/” I read an article “Workers Party of Belgium’s new revisionism – Peter Mertens attacks the CPSU (b) under Lenin and Stalin (...) I remembered that I wrote already an analysis of this interview (in Dutch)...... So I translated my analysis now in English, which I will now send to the blog “Other Apect” (read further here)
On 17 August 2015 on the website of Solidair (the former weekly appearing but now monthly appearing newspaper of the Workers Party of Belgium – WPB/PTB/PVDA) the interview of Peter Mertens (president of the WPB) and Raoul Hedebouw (elected WPB-parliamentarian) with KNACK-journalist Walter Pauli can be read1 (the interview is even translated in French for the French WPB/PVDA/PTB-website2). So the statements of Mertens and Hedebouw in that interview has to be seen as in line with the official party-line. The interview appeared in the KNACK the week before.
Walter Pauli knows the WPB very well. When he was a student in Louvain he was journalist for the student-newspaper VETO. In that time the student-organisation of the WPB, the Marxist-Leninist Movement (Marxistisch-Leninistische Bewegiing -MLB) was very active, certainly at the Catholic University of Louvain (KULeuven).VETO was in fact the newspaper of the General Student-Council in which on different levels (yearly)chosen delegates of the students were active in a syndical structure. In the actions, demonstrations, meetings organised for democratisation of university-education, against racism, against the increase of the registration fees, .... the MLB played a vanguard-role. Although Walter Pauli had sympathy for the MLB, he never would be a member nor of the WPB. In fact he likes now more the “new” WPB. So his questions are in a certain way “prepared” and “provocative” in order to give Peter Mertens and Raoul Hedebouw the opportunity to propagate the “new” WPB.( read further here)