Work-Life Balance is a misnomer

Work-Life Balance is a wrong concept, as if work is not life.

It is about Life Balance with yourself in the middle.

How is your Life Balance

How is your Life Balance at this point in your life? How is it for your partner?

Life Balance is not important

Listening to what managers say: work life balance is very important “I do it all for my family” “My family is what is most dear to me”

Looking at the strange life many managers are living, their life balance is not on their priority list at all.

In matters of Life Balance: the postman never rings twice

If you never changed the diapers of your daughter when she was a baby, you wont get a second chance when you discover you missed out on something once she is 18.

When you try to invest in a relationship after many years of neglect, you risk finding out that it is too late

Life balance is problem for most of employees

There is much more often a negative influence of work on home than the other way around, but problems at home have bigger impact on your wellbeing.

Why more often unbalance than not ?

Not because of a lack of time, but because you see the balance as a zero-sum game, because your priorities are not explicitly discussed, because of a lack of communication skills…

The keystone and the four cornerstones of your Life Balance

The relationship with your spouse, with your boss and colleagues.

Clear insight in your priorities and in what gives you most pleasure, passion, drive… which probably is work.


1. The cornerstones of happiness

2. Partner feedback