On the Brain and Brainchains

The combination of a computer and a human brain is unbeatable if we take into account our brain's manual, but ... the way most professionals use their ICT completely ruins the potential synergy between their ICT and their brain

There is nothing wrong with the wonderful technology. The problem is the way we use them.

The danger of ICT is not a future superior artificial intelligence but today's artificial stupidity, as we see demonstrated everyday in the algorithms of the antisocial media

Without standing still, you will not progress.

Why didn't chimpanzees fly to the moon when their brains are so similar to ours.

The smartphone is by no means a good tool for professionals who need to find, select and process relevant information; but a gadget for consumers who like to lose themselves in an endless stream of interesting but irrelevant information.

Modern app, game and anti-social media developers misuse the results of the best scientific research to make their apps as addictive as possible, so you can keep working for them for free for hours and help them earn billions.

Multitasking is like treading water: you just keep your head above water, you are tired of pedaling continuously and you don't move forward.

Multisking is the special ability to ruin many tasks at once.

Multitasking takes a lot more time, you make more mistakes, you forget more, you are less creative and more stressed.

Never call while driving. The risk of an accident is eight (8!) Times greater and hands-free calling makes or voice commanded calling makes NO difference.

It's not because of something is technically possible, that it is better like taking notes on a tablet or laptop, or calling while driving.

Nobody ever got a burnout from working too much, but from working in the wrong way.

Coffee does not improve the loss of cognitive functioning, due to lack of sleep; it only decreases the loss of alertness and drowsiness, it helps you do the wrong things faster and with more energy.