Everything you always wanted to know about multitasking, being always connected and information overload

The secrets of multitasking revealed.

From young to old, from the frontline to executives, we are all multitasking nowadays, we are all continuously connected to the internet.

How can we better cope with these fantastic new technologies. I will answer questions such as:

  • What does science tell us about multitasking?
  • Is there a difference in efficiency or effectiveness between single-tasking and multi-tasking ?
  • How efficient and efficacious is multitasking?
  • Are there tasks for which multitasking works better than for others?
  • Are women really better at multitasking?
  • How do people handle hypertasking (Working on more than six tasks at the same time)? Do they have a superior brain?
  • Are young people, who have been hypertasking from childhood better at it?
  • How does our brain handle being always connected to the internet?

… and any other questions the participants may have.

To prepare for the session you may ask yourself:

  • What % of your time do you spend multitasking: switching between at least three tasks at the same time without finishing them?
  • How much time/day do you spend to read/delete irrelevant mail?
  • How many times did you score yes on one of the following eight questions?
  • 1. Do you sleep with your mobile phone next to your bed? Yes/no
  • 2. Do you always check your e-mail before doing other things? Yes/no
  • 3. Do you frequently find yourself anticipating the next time you'll be online? Yes/no
  • 4. When you're online and someone needs you, do you usually say "just a few more minutes" before stopping? Yes/no
  • 5. Do you sometimes lie about or try to hide how long you've been online? Yes/no
  • 6. Do you sometimes spend time online rather than going out with others? Yes/no
  • 7. Does going online lift you from a depressed or nervous mood? Yes/no
  • 8. Do others in your life complain about the amount of time you spend using technology? Yes/no

Yes: …./8

If you score Yes on 2 of these questions, you may be addicted to being always connected. Read my text on multitasking